Blake Lively Unveiled Her Baby Bump at Forbes’ Power Women’s Summit in NYC


Blake Lively is relieved that the public is now aware that she and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their fourth child.

“Now that the secret is out, Blake feels relieved. She suppressed it till she could no longer.” She enjoys accessorizing her growing baby and wants to make a statement. She really glows.


Lively, 35, who has three children with Reynolds, 45, including James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2, disclosed she is having a fourth child on September 15 during the 10th annual Forbes Power Women's Summit. The Gossip Girl actress flaunted her expanding baby belly while posing for pictures on the red carpet in a sparkling gold short dress.

Blake Lively Unveiled Her Baby Bump at Forbes' Power Women's Summit in NYC

The Simple Favor actor and Canadian native, who started dating in 2011 and wed a year later, have developed a practice of coming up with creative ways to share information about their children while zealously guarding their anonymity.


The couple's third kid is named “Betty,” as quietly revealed by close friend Taylor Swift, who utilized all of their daughters' names for songs on her album Folklore in July 2020. The next year, Reynolds talked about the nomination, telling Jess Cagle that he and his wife “implicitly” trust 32-year-old Swift.

She is really sensitive to any of that. And clearly, other than the names of our kids, the song has nothing to do with them,” he said. “But what an honor, I mean. We considered it to be pretty great. Still, we do. I still shake my head as I go down the street and think, “I can't believe that occurred.

The couple's first child, James, was mentioned in the Grammy-winning artist‘s 2017 album Reputation. In the first few seconds of the song's title, the young one can be heard repeating the word “Gorgeous.”

Blake Lively Unveiled Her Baby Bump at Forbes' Power Women's Summit in NYC

The Deadpool actor said that living in a home with only girls is “total mayhem,” despite saying that he “loves being a girl dad” and wouldn't have it any other way in a November 2021 interview. The Cutest Sayings Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Have About Their Three Daughters

In an interview, he made fun of the situation, saying, “Every day, you're just hanging on by the skin of your teeth.” “I always feared having males, but now that I had girls, I guess I should have been terrified forever. They are equally harsh.

The couple put a lot of effort into adopting a “protective” parenting style to make sure their children grow up out of the public eye. According to the insider, “Blake and Ryan have done a really excellent job of raising kids away from the public glare and leading as normal a life they can.”

They've always aimed to protect the privacy of their kids' lives. Lively told in 2016 that she didn't want to “rob” her kids of a typical childhood. The Shallows actress said, “My husband and I picked a profession, and a side effect of that is your personal life is public.”

“Our child hasn't got the chance to decide whether or not she wants to make her private life public. We want her to grow up as we did so that we can give her as much normality as we can. We would feel really ungrateful if we ever stole from them what we had.

When Reynolds revealed his intentions to stop acting in October 2021, he mirrored his wife's comments. According to the Free Guy actor, “I'm just trying to make a little bit more space for my family.” You really can't get that time back, you know.