Bladedance of Elementalers Season 2 | Release Date and More

Bladedance of Elementalers (Seirei Tsukai no Bureidodansu, lit. Spirit Elementalist’s Blade Dance in Japanese), also known as Blade Dance of Elementalers is the action-comedy Japanese anime series based on the Japanese light novel series of the same name. The novel is written by Yū Shimizu and consist of 20 volumes. The 1st fourteen volumes are illustrated by Hanpen Sakura, 14th to 16th volume is illustrated by Yuuji Nimura, and 16th to 20th volume is illustrated by Kohada Shimesada (volumes 17-20).

Hyōju Issei adapted the manga which was serialized in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive between June 27, 2012, to January 27, 2017, TNK adapted the anime television which was aired between July 14 to September 29, 2014. The story revolves around a teenage Elementalist Kamito Kazehaya who become the sole male Elementalist in 1000 years. It has a total of 13 episodes.

When will Bladedance of Elementalers season 2 release?

The makers of the show have not renewed the anime for its second season. There is even no buzzing regarding season 2 of the anime. Its been more than six years since the release of its last episode and the makers did not decide to renew it to date.


It may also be possible that makers decided to renew it but there is no official announcement regarding the same. However, seeing the below-average rating of the manga, it is unlikely for the production house to renew the series and take further risk.

What character Will We See in the Bladedance of Elementalers season 2?

The series can not be imagined without our sole male Elementalist, Kamito Kazehaya voiced by Makoto Furukaw. Other characters of the series are –

Claire Rouge voiced by Ibuki Kido

Ellis Fahrenga voiced by Shizuka Ishigami

Rinslet Laurenfrost voiced by Kana Yūki

Fianna Ray Ordesia voiced by Saori Ōnishi

Greyworth Ciel Mais voiced by Mai Nakahara

Freya Grandol voiced by Yumi Kakazu

We may see other exciting characters as well.

What is the Plot of Bladedance of Elementalers season 2?

The story takes you to the world of spirit where only pure young girls are blessed with the ability to form the contract with the evil to enslave them. They are called Elementalist. They use the spirits in the battle against each other. The Areishia Spirit Academy is a famous institute where these young girls get training to become instrumentalists.


The institute is for only females as only they possess the quality to enslave spirit. Later a young boy, Kamito Kazehaya, stole that ability from a shrine princess named Claire Rouge. That makes him a single male Elementalist in 1000 years. When the headmaster of the institute came to know about his power, he called him to the school to fight the battle with other Elementalists.

On the other hand, Claire is continuously asking him to return his power. What will Kamito do now with so much pressure of the tournament and Claire? Being, a single male Elementalist, will be able to survive in the world of fantasy and magic? Will, he able to return the power to Claire?

Is there any trailer available for Bladedance of Elementalers season 2?

We can not even think of any trailer as the series is not renewed for its second season. We will update you here if any trailer comes.


What is the IMDB rating of Bladedance of Elementalers season 2?

The anime failed to clinch the interest of its viewers and received a below-average rating of 6.6 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Question

Where can we watch the Bladedance of Elementalers season 2?

Season 1 released on Crunchyroll, and Amazon. Season 2 will also be released on the same platform.

Who is the strongest in Blade Dance?

Kamito is the strongest in the Blade dance. He participated in the Blade Dance three years ago and won the title of Strongest Blade Dancer.

How Many Episodes are there in Season 1 of Blade Dance?

There are a total of 13 episodes in season 1.

Final Verdict

The manga is quite good, but the anime failed to maintain the interest of the viewers. The anime with 13 episodes failed to develop inquisitiveness among the fans. It even failed to promote manga. The situation can be changed by the release of season 2 with an interesting and unique plot. The rest of the things are great. It has great production, quirky characters, and an awesome soundtrack. However, the story is the soul of any tv series. If you are not impressed with the anime, read the manga once before coming to any conclusion.

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