Black Spot Season 3: When will the New Supernatural black Spot Season Tv Drama Comes on Netflix?

Is Popular Thriller Drama Black Spot set to be released in 2022? This Thriller Drama series storyline, excites fans and viewers so much that, now they are waiting for season 3rd of this thick forest where murders are increasing day by day.

French-Belgian Series, Black Spot is a thriller Drama series which is set in a small and dark town of Villefranche. The first season of Black Spot Surprised the fans with its Suspenseful plot and it was first released in 2017.

Police officers of the Black spot are busy in solving some murders and crimes in the town in the story as the rate of murder goes high which is six times more than in other regions.

They are struggling to find who is the murderer in that small town by joining small loose ends by struggling in their routine time.

You also see that Laurene Weiss, protagonist, is also on her journey to solve the crimes in that small town which is covered with dark forest.

Let’s move forward to Know about Black Spot season 3, firstly by a simple brief discussion of the summary of Black Spot Season.

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Summary of Black Spot Season

Black Spot Season 3

French Town, which is covered with thick dark forest where sunlight doesn’t enter and only few people reside in that thrilling fictional town due to the rise in the death rate. Major Laurene Weiss, a protagonist who has lived her whole life which is far from the habitat of everyday people in Villefranche and is on the way to the truth.

Scenes of the town make the places most dangerous with the plot twist of discovery of dead bodies and also with Mayor’s daughter’s disappearance in the season and in each episode the forest is taking more lives.

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In the finale of season two, you see that the DNA connection of the creature is revealed in the woods which is somewhat related to Laurene.

Black Spot Season 3 Cast Members

Black Spot Season 3

If the Show renews then these two main members would come in the new season and these include Suliane Brahim as Laurene Weiss and Laurent Capelluto as Frank Siriani.

There are also other members who will be expected in the new season if it renews-

  • Martial Ferrandi as Nounours
  • Samuel Jouy as Bertrand Steiner
  • Renaud Rutte as Louis Hermann
  • Tiphaine Davio as Camille Laugie
  • Suarez as Lea Steiner
  • Naidra Ayai as Barami
  • Camille Aguilar as Cora Weiss
  • Brigitte Sy as Sabine Hennequin

Release Date of Black Spot Season 3

There is no official confirmation about Black Spot Season 3 release date. But if the season gets renewed in near future then it is likely to be renewed in 2022 or 2023. All want the new season of Black Spot Season 3 as it is thrilling and more suspects are to be released in details if it renews.

What Will Be the Expected Plot for Black Spot Season 3?

Black Spot Season 3

If the new season comes then complete details of the past and the characters will come out or maybe with more murders with no clues are to be seen in season 3. But officially no plot is announced for the new season.

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Is there any Trailer for Season 3 of Black Spot?

Sorry, there is no new Trailer for the Black Spot Season 3 but you can Watch Season 2 Netflix Review of Black Spot.

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