Black Bullet Season 2: Is Burakku Buretto or Black Bullet Coming in 2021!


Looking for the most awaited anime Black Bullet Season 2 and you searching here and there as it was set to be released in 2020 but it didn’t happen?

Due to pandemic this anime did not come in that time but will the anime series which is also known as Burakku Buretto come in 2021 or 2022 as half of the 2021 has completed and still there are no official updates about the new season given on the google.


So what do you think when this anime comes out and how long you have to wait for the next installment to watch it on the big screen.

You can also write in the comment box as to that one series which is loved by most of the anime fans and they are still waiting for it after 7 years and if you check its google trend then here you see its trend is increasing.

Black Bullet Season: About


Black Bullet season 2

Is the Burakku Buretto Japanese anime series also loved by you? If yes then you already know about this series which is taken from the light novel by Shiden Kanzaki and Saki Ukai illustrated this series.

If you check its first original anime release then you see that it came back in 2014 and from that time 7 years gap is there and it is a long one to wait to see its new season.

There are still some fans who are waiting for Black Bullet and they wanted more to engage them in some good anime. So, let’s have a look for the second season whether it is coming or not?

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Black Bullet: Release Date

Will the New Season of Black Bullet Come?

Black Bullet season 2

At the time of writing this article there are no official words or announcement about the upcoming season of this Black Bullet.

There is equal chances of coming the anime as the trend on this anime is high at this moment and before covid it was announced that this anime is set to be released on 2020 which didn’t happen at that moment and all are expecting that this will come in 2021 or 2022 if they started and decide to make it later in 2021.

But there is no official information about this Black Bullet Season 2 in 2021, so we can only expect or hope that it will come in near future.

According to me there is also little chance for its coming as its first season came 7 years ago and there's a huge gap between the series to come for the next season.

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What Will Be the Expected Plot of the Black Bullet Season 2?

If the new season comes then there are many twists and turns in the new season and this time there is no official plot about the season 2 of Black Bullet as there is no release date nor cast so until the official announcement there is nothing to say what should be its actual plot.

As the first season came full of surprises and many questions are left behind which are to be solved in the new season. So it is hoped that something different and interesting will come up and we are also surprised with thriller and entertaining scenes.

Black Bullet Season 2: Cast

Black Bullet season 2

Details regarding who is coming back for the Black Bullet 2 is not confirmed as no official information regarding the production and its released date came out. So without any official news we can’t say who are coming back.

Black Bullet Anime Total Seasons

If you are checking how many seasons there are of Black Bullet then unfortunately it has only one season which consists of 13 episodes with no special episode or any kind of OVA and gripped by Kinema Citrus anime studio.

Is Black Bullet Anime Finished?

Black Bullet manga ended in 2014 with its 4 volumes.

Is Black Bullet Worth Watching Anime?

Yes, due to its characters and action scenes it is worth watching anime series. The story of the anime is not original or the same but it is explained in a right way which attracts your mind to read this series completely.

What Genre is Black Bullet?

Black Bullet is an action fiction anime series which is loved by most.

Where to Watch Black Bullet Anime Series?

You can currently watch this anime on Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, VRV and on Apple TV.

Last Lines

No official updates regarding this Black Bullet season 2 came on social media or on internet which simply means no season 2 of black bullet came until this time, but we can’t say about its future release and all release date until the official are only expected one. So keep watching its previous season and also read other animes on our website.