Who is Bill Russell’s Wife? Children, Previous Relationships!

Bill Russell was married to Jeannine at the time of his death. Although the couple frequently shared images on social media, they strove to keep their relationship private, and nothing is known about Jeannine.

However, in January 2021, Bill shared an Instagram photo of the two renewing their vows.

What Was the Name of His Previous Wives?

Marilyn Nault 1996-2009
Dorothy Anstett 1977-1980
Rose Swisher 1956-1973

Who Was Rose Swisher?

Rose Swisher, Bill Russell's ex-wife, is a former NBA star. Boston Celtics center Russell was a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA) who played from 1956 to 1969. Russell had four wives, the first of whom was Swisher.

On December 9, 1956, Swisher and Russell were married in a civil ceremony. When they met in college, they were inseparable, and they remained so until their divorce in 1973. Aside from William Russell Jr., they had three children together: Jacob Russell and Karen Russell.

It was Rose Swisher's first public outing. She lived a quiet life, out from the public eye, away from all the attention. Her daughter Karen Russell, on the other hand, is a TV analyst and a lawyer.

Russell and Dorothy Anstett divorced in 1975, and he married Dorothy in 1977. In 1968, Anstett won the title of Miss USA. Even though they divorced in 1980, Anstett's race was a point of contention throughout their marriage.

Marilyn Nault, Russell's third wife, died in January 2009 after a short illness. He married her in 1996 and they had two children. Russell and Jeannine Russell were married until Russell's death in 2022.

Rose Swisher, 78, passed away on September 11th of that year.

Russell was one of the NBA's earliest high-earning players. In 1956, he signed a rookie contract worth $24,000, making him slightly less wealthy than top earner Bob Cousy, who made $25,000.

Who Is Marilyn Nault?

Marilyn Nault was born on January 14, 1950, in Concordia, Kansas to Quentin Nault and Helen Nault. She attended Catholic primary and senior schools while growing up in Kansas with her four brothers.

Marilyn used to sell jewelry before meeting Bill Russell. Nault and Russell kept their romance private and out of the public spotlight. Their marriage lasted until January 2009, when she died.

Marilyn Nault Russell died on January 25, 2009, after a lengthy battle with cancer. On January 26, 2009, a private funeral ceremony was held in Seattle.

The University of San Francisco issued a statement upon her death, stating, “I join with the whole University community in extending Bill Russell our sadness and condolences, as well as our prayerful support at this time of terrible loss.”

“We hope that he may feel God's embrace through the love and support of his family and friends,” said USF President Stephen A. Privett, S.J.

Who IS Dorothy Anstett?

Dorothy was born on June 28, 1947, the daughter of a factory worker in the aviation industry.

In July 1967, she competed in the Miss Washington pageant and finished as the first runner-up in that year's contest. She was crowned Miss Washington USA 1968 in April of that year. She was crowned Miss USA 1968 the following month and went on to represent the United States at Miss Universe 1968, where she finished as the fourth runner-up. Dorothy

When she won the competition, she was a University of Washington English major.

Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell was her husband. However, three years later, they parted ways. They do not have any children as a couple.

Billy Russell was married to Rose Swisher, his undergraduate sweetheart, from 1956 to 1973, before marrying Dorothy Catherine Anstett. Karen Russell, William Jr., and Jacob were their three children.

Since their wedding in 1996, Russell and Marilyn Nault have been married for over two decades.

Russell married Jeannine Russell, a professional golfer, and they had two children.

How Is the Name of Bill Russell's Children?

Bill has two kids, William Felton Jr. and Jacob, who kept their personal life secret.

According to NBC News, William Jr was born in 1957 and died from cancer in 2016 at the age of 58.

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