Big Shot Season 2 – What Are the Updates?

A brash basketball coach who throws a chair at a referee may not seem like the type of guy you’d want to hang out with, let alone coach at an elite all-girls high school. However, there’s a chance you’ll like him as the Disney+ series Big Shot progresses—and it’s not only because he’s played by John Stamos.

Big Shot, a hybrid of Mighty Ducks and League of Their Own that tells a redemption story, isn’t exactly a comedy while having comic aspects. David E. Kelley is one of the show’s co-creators. (Yes, this is the same Kelley that brought us Ally McBeal, Doogie Howser, The Practice, Big Little Lies, and a slew of other hit shows.)

“This isn’t Sesame Street or Breaking Bad. In a June interview, Stamos, who portrays Marvyn Korn, stated, “It’s somewhere in the middle, and it’s excellent.” “Instead of being edgy, this show replaces edginess with love.” “It’s a very warm, heartfelt show that isn’t too corny or sentimental,” says the author. While this may be true, in Big Shot Season 1, Korn was far from warm and fluffy. 

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He arrives at Westbrook School for Girls after being sacked from a high-profile NCAA job and doesn’t get off to a good start with his new team, telling one of his players that she needs to lose five pounds. “Everyone claimed you were a psycho,” she responded. They were incorrect in their assumption. “You’re nothing more than a tyrant.”

Big Shot Season 2

Korn, fortunately, begins to pull himself together, becoming more of a mentor than a taskmaster as he begins to form ties with his players. When his ex-wife (Korn’s ex-wife) accepts a job in Italy, he learns to be a better father to his own teen daughter, who moves home (and attends Westbrook!). According to Disney, Coach Korn eventually “becomes the guy he’s secretly always wished to be and the father he never had.”
Big Shot won over fans and critics alike, with one describing it as “one of the finest original Disney+ shows in 2021.” 

One reason for this could be that the show is about more than simply Korn; it also features the young women he mentors. On and off the court, the show chronicles their lives. “It’s about young females discovering their voice and unashamedly going for what they want out of life,” Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays the school’s dean, explains.

Another reason for the show’s success could be that having a show centered on young female athletes is still uncommon, even nowadays, and the young women on the Westbrook Sirens had to teach themselves to play. “There was nothing phony about it.” “There were parts I wished were not true, but they were,” actress Nell Verlaque said in April 2021.

Big Shot Season 2

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Big Shot Season 2 will premiere on September 2nd, according to Disney. Stamos is giddy with anticipation. “At its core, Big Shot is about guts and heart,” Stamos wrote on Instagram, thanking fans and critics alike for their support. “I’m very pleased to continue playing Coach Korn, a man who learns to let go of preconceived judgments and learns from a wonderful group of women, who help him mature and grow,” he later added. Despite this, he still has a long way to go… Thankfully, Season 2 will provide him with that opportunity.”

When Is Season 2 Going to Be Released?

Big Shot Season 2 isn’t set to premiere until 2022, so when it does, it will be a long wait. The show is expected to premiere later in the year.

What Are the Cast Members of Big Shot Season 2?

Stamos, who is still best recognized for his role as “Uncle Jessie” in the Full House franchisee, didn’t expect to play Coach Korn at all. He envisaged himself in a darker role, perhaps as a lawyer, when he learned about the “new” David E. Kelley show he would be a part of. “I’m not athletic at all.” He told Collider earlier this year, “I’ve never been into sports or ever watched sports.”

Fortunately, he succeeded—and Kelley is relieved that Stamos was hired. “John Stamos’ genius as Coach Marvyn Korn, in particular, has touched so many hearts,” the writer/producer stated. Of course, Stamos will be back for Season 2 of Big Shot, and it appears like the following players from Season 1 will be joining him on the court:

Big Shot Season 2

Big Shot 2 Takes Place in Which City?

While the Westbrook Sirens appear to be performing in a genuine high school, Big Shot was really shot on the Paramount lot in Los Angeles, California. COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the set, causing it to be shut down multiple times due to positive COVID testing. Stamos said in January that his son “went to bed crying last night and woke up crying because he can’t be with his father.” “I’m grateful for a job; it’s a blessing at this time.” 

For the third time, I’ve been exposed to the virus, and I’ll have to isolate for another 10 days!”
On Twitter, Stamos urged people to pay attention to the pandemic. He wrote, “I feel my responsibility is doing all possible to keep us safe.” “However, please adhere to the guidelines; your actions have far-reaching consequences that influence much more lives than your own.” Thanks.”


The second season of big shot may premier some time in late 2022. Also, Stamos will return in season 2 as well and fans will definitely enjoy the season due to his role as “Uncle Jessie”.