Big Little Lies Season 3 Will It Happen or Not ?

When Big Little Lies originally aired on our television screens back in 2017, we were completely sucked by the story. Seasons 1 and 2 of Monterey, California, followed the lives of the ladies who lived there through some truly *enthralling* drama, and viewers have naturally expressed a desire for more.

It’s been more than two years since season 2 premiered in June of this year, but will a third season ultimately be released? Here’s what we know thus far about the situation.

big little lies season 3

Is There a Third Season of Big Little Lies?

HBO has not yet confirmed whether or not Season 3 of Big Little Lies will air. However, the show’s well-known cast appears to be interested in returning for Season 3, as they have stated on numerous occasions. During an interview with SiriusXM radio host Andy Cohen, the series’ co-star Nicole Kidman expressed her enthusiasm in the possibility of a Big Little Lies Season 3.

“I believe we’d all love to do a third season of Big Little Lies, you know?” she shared her thoughts. Season 3 is now “not in the works,” she added, but she did not rule out a return in the future. However, the cast members would like to participate. The cast members, who are well-known for being close friends, appear to enjoy their time on set together.

“The concept of being together and, you know, reaching a place in your life where you think, ‘It’s good to be around the people I enjoy being around and working with the people I enjoy working with,’ especially on a big show like that,” she explained. That is not the case, and it is not in the cards for the time being, but we would like to do it,” says the team.

Meanwhile, at the launch of the second season, novelist Liane Moriarty, who wrote a novella that served as a prequel to season two, informed The Hollywood Reporter that she was finished with the show. Her words were sincere this time around, despite her having previously stated the same thing after the first season. “However, I have a feeling that season two will be the final season for me,” she stated.

Who Might Appear in the Third Season of Big Little Lies?

Nicole Kidman recently expressed optimism about the notion of a third season of The Walking Dead, and she hinted that the show’s other major stars would be interested as well.

In an interview with Marie Claire Australia in October 2020, she stated, “Once a week, Reese [Witherspoon] and I communicate on the phone or text each other. She has recently returned to Nashville, and we are really close. We all just want to be able to collaborate once more. I texted Zo [Kravitz] and Laura [Dern], and they confirmed that they would be attending. A pretty wonderful notion for it has been hatched by [writers] David E. Kelley and Liane [Moriarty]. Keep an eye on things!”

big little lies season 3

The film’s former cast members featured Shailene Woodley, Meryl Streep, and Alexander Skarsgrd, and it’s hoped that they will all reunite in the near future.

Season 3 of Big Little Lies is Now Airing. What Can We Expect in terms of the Plot?

Season 2 of the critically acclaimed programme ended on a somewhat underwhelming note. While Mary Louise and Celeste battled it out in the courtroom for custody of Celeste’s twin sons, we got to see the final showdown between the two. Furthermore, Celeste was taking a significant risk by representing herself in court. The video footage of Mary Louise’s son and her husband abusing her was captured by one of her children, and Celeste was successful in presenting this proof.

Even though Celeste was awarded custody, she still want to have Mary Louise as a part of her life, correct? Consequently, how will they resolve their love/hate relationship? Meanwhile, Madeline and Ed Mackenzie made the decision to reunite and repeat their wedding vows after a long period of separation. However, the more pressing concern is what charges will be brought against them now that the Monterey Five have admitted their involvement in Perry’s death. Is Bonnie going to be sentenced to a lengthy prison term? These are the questions for Season 3 of the game show.

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How Many Episodes will there be in the Third Season of Big Little Lies?

Seasons one and two each had seven episodes, so we can expect the third chapter to follow a similar format as the first two.

When and Where Can I Listen to the Soundtrack for Big Little Lies Season 3?

Liars, Liars, Liars (Music from Season 2 of the HBO Limited Series)

When Will the Third Season of Big Little Lies Premiere?

In February 2017, HBO broadcasted the first season of Big Little Lies, and the second season was released only in June 2019. In light of the two-year production time commitment and the tight schedules of the performers, a third season is unlikely to be published until 2023 or later at the very latest.

big little lies season 3

When and where can you catch the third season of Big Little Lies?

Seasons one and two of Big Little Lies were shown on HBO in the United States and Sky Atlantic in the United Kingdom. All of the episodes of the show are presently available for streaming on Hulu and HBO, as well as for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

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Is There a Trailer for Big Little Lies Season 3 Yet?

Of course, because season 3 hasn’t been confirmed, there will be no trailer, which is a disappointment.

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