Big Hero 7 – Confirmed Sequel| Know Everything About It

When it comes to animated movies, Disney will always be there to make its way to your list. They are simply animated movies that are heart whelming and will create a long-lasting effect of love. Disney has always amazed the viewers with its amazing yet simple story. No matter who you are, these movies are made for all ages. Beyond reminding us of the possibilities of life, these animated movies will give us the hope that everything will be alright. 

Disney has always come with the best-animated movies and one of them is Big Hero 6. The movie is not like every Disney movie and I will rather say that they want to try something different and that’s when Big Hero 6 came. Luckily, the movie had done amazing at the box office and even secured the position of the highest animated grossing movie of the release year. 

Not only this but the movie has gained the achievement of being the third highest-grossing non-Pixar movie. Well, that’s a lot for an experimental movie. 

Now, the movie was released in 2014 and became an instant hit. The movie has already attracted a lot of people, making many people go crazy over it. Big hero 6 stimulates the audience emotionally as the movie has some unforgettable characters. After the end of the film, people are looking for the news about the sequel of Big Hero 6. Well, in this article we’ll be sharing all the things which are out yet and also the possibilities for the movie. Without any delay, let’s move ahead. 

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What is Big Hero 6?

Big Hero 6 sequel

The Disney movie, Big Hero 6 which was released back in 2014 was actually a collaborated movie of Disney and Marvel comics. I know many fans are aware of this collaboration fact but if you don’t then yes, the story is actually from the Marvel Universe Comics while Disney has executed all the animation and Visuals. 

Big Hero 6 is centralized around Hiro, who is the main protagonist of this story. The movie involves him and his not-so-living friend Baymax, who is actually a healthcare Robot of Hiro. The robot is the creation of Hiro’s Big Brother Tashadi. 

As I said earlier that this movie is actually an adaption of the MCU’s comic which has the same name. After the release, the movie has done amazingly great and even won the Academy Award for the best-animated movie. 

Moreover, the movie was able to get the Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations. With all the awards and the blockbuster hit, one can possibly think of the sequel of this movie. 

There is already a series of Big Hero 6 is running on the Television but it is still not able to satisfy the demand of the people. It is already confirmed that if there will be a sequel of this movie, it would be named Big Hero 7. Now in the next sections, we will look at the sequel details. 

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What will Big Hero 7 be all About?

Big hero 6 2 image

The super emotional yet overwhelming story of Big Hero 6 is perfect for the people who want to feel the need to watch something Cute. The show ends with the villain Robert Callaghan being caught by the police and finally, the world was in peace. The needing was quite emotional as we lost our Baymax and the fans shed some tears.

While everything was getting back to normal, Hiro was living with his friends. One day, Hiro found the Half Hand of Baymax suit, he got emotional and started to remember all the good old days. Then suddenly he saw that there is something in the fist of that robot. 

After he opened it, he found a chip which was titled, Tadashi Hamada. The chip was actually the microprocessor of the Baymax. Hiro starts to make Baymax again and the show ends with everyone getting back together. 

Hiro lived in the fictional city which is a mix of San Francisco and Japan because Hiro is himself a Japanese who is living in America. His older brother, Tadashi, was a College student who is into gadgets and technological stuff. Hiro thinks of his brother as an idol and he was also a genius in all these things. Being just a 14-year old boy, he was amazing in tech stuff. In the technical showcase, Tadashi dies because of saving other people. 

Now, Hiro wants to take responsibility. The last dialogue of the Big Hero 6 was,

“We Didn’t set out to be Superheroes but sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned. The good thing is, my brother wanted to help a lot of people and that’s what we’re gonna do”.

The ending of this story really opens the need for the sequel. 

What will be the storyline of Big Hero 7 all about?

big hero 7 updates

The movie ends and after that, the people wanted to know more about the life of Hiro. Disney has already made quite a sequel to their famous movies like Frozen and the Lion King after these movies got immense popularity among the audience. We can clearly guess that there are a lot of chances of the sequel of Big Hero’s Sequel. 

Even the director showed their interest in the sequel. Don Hall and Chris Williams, who is the writer said in an interview, 

“We love these characters, and the thought of working with them again someday definitely has its appeal … [A sequel] has to feel like a story that really has to be told, or deserves to be told. It can’t just be cashing in on the success of a previous film.”

The popularity made the creator Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley make a TV series which is titled Big Hero 6 – The series. The series started the storyline from where it ends in the movie but it isn’t enough for the people. People supported and loved the show but they are still looking for the movie.

There are many rumors that stated that the sequel of the movie will make the return of Tadashi, who died in the first part. The comic book has something similar to it and the audience is thinking that Tadashi will be returned as Sunfire. 

The character of Tadashi was actually made in the movie by Disney to give it a little tint of their production. The comics don’t have any character similar to him. In the comics, there was a character named Sunfire, who is amazing for his Tech-related skills. Hiro, who is a big fan of his, used to idolize him. Sunfire died in an accident and Hiro gets sad after hearing all the news. But he later got to know that Sunfire was actually alive because of his generating heat-plasma Membrane Abilities. 

Tadashi and Sunfire’s thoughts resemble each other as the storyline of both the characters are similar. So, the fans are suspecting that they might see Tadashi again. 

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What will be the Cast of Big Hero 7?

The voice behind these characters will definitely be the same as the characters are already working there for the Big Hero 6 series. The main protagonist, Hiro being voiced by Ryan Potter, and his healthcare companion Baymax will be voiced by Scott Adsit.

Coming to the next character GoGo Tomago which will be voiced by Jamie Chung. Genesis Rodriguez will be voiced by Honey Lemon. T.J. Miller will voice Fred.

Moreover, Damon Wayans Jr. will voice Wasabi. Coming to the last one which is our favorite Aunt Cass and Maya Rudoph is behind this character. 

As the main character is confirmed, there is no news about the villain. The sequel means another villain and there is no confirmation about it. 

Is Big Hero 6 Coming With Sequel?

The news regarding the sequel is not new because people have been asking for it for 7 years. The last time we saw Big Hero 6 was in 2014. There are certain times when the celebrity and the creators hinted at it. 

One of them is by Genesis Rodriguez. She has stated in an interview about the possibilities of a Big Hero sequel. She said that after the movie won the Academy award, there were chances for the Sequel. The creators are constantly talking about it and they are also happy with the achievement. 

“We spoke during Oscar night and were like, ‘Well, maybe now that we got the Oscar, this might happen,’” 

She further added, “There’s nothing definitive. There are talks of something happening. We just don’t know what yet.”

The show is a collaboration between Marvel and Disney and that’s why fans were kind of shocked to see Stan Lee as the father figure in the story. Now, looking back at the old good times and being an honest Marvel fan, I miss Stan Lee. May his soul rest in peace. 

Stan Lee also said in an interview that there are chances of Big Hero 6 Sequel,

After Ant-Man, we’re going to start playing around with Doctor Strange, the Black Panther, the Inhumans, and then we have to come back for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Big Hero 6, The Avengers, Captain America”

All these things are really direct towards the possibility of the sequel of Big Hero 6’ sequel or Big Hero 7.

What will be the release date of Big Hero 7?

The release date of this series isn’t out yet. There is no official confirmation and also not news about the release date. The people are wanting to see the series as soon as possible and if everything goes right and the production starts this year, we might see the show in the upcoming year. So, you can hope to see the show in 2022 or 2023. 

If there will be any more updates regarding this show then I’ll surely update this section, Till then keep reading more articles from our website Keeperfacts