Big Bang Theory Season 8: Facts You Must Know

It’s been a long summer of pausing, however, presently the opportunity has, at last, arrived to welcome back The Big Bang Theory for its Season 9 debut. Last we saw, our darling characters had arrived at a few pretty huge junctions in every one of their particular connections.

So I’m anxious to see where things go from here once the new season makes its fabulous presentation. However, before we plunge recklessly into this new and unfamiliar landscape, I think it’ll help for us to return and recap the big minutes from The Big Bang Theory Season 8, so we feel totally invigorated and made up for lost time with each character’s given storyline.

Sheldon (Jim Parsons) gets ransacked during his train excursion, and Howard (Simon Helberg) is irritated by the companionship between Stuart (Kevin Sussman) and his mom. Leonard (Johnny Galecki) goes to the medical clinic to go through an activity, and this leaves Sheldon stressed. Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) take their folks shopping, while Sheldon and Leonard examine their living game plans.

Amy and Sheldon take their relationship to a higher level and get a pet, while Sheldon uncovers that he is electing to go to Mars. The team likewise gets a proposal for a film. During this, Howard finds that he has a stepbrother. Raj (Kunal Nayyar) is as of now tense about his folks’ separation and is likewise considering parting ways with Emily (Laura Spencer).

big bang theory season 8

What Does the Story Follow?

From incredible love to extraordinary misfortune, this sitcom’s most recent season figured out how to cause us to feel things on various levels – some of which could likely, in any event, carry Sheldon to tears. (Alright, indeed, perhaps that is taking it all in all too far, yet you get where I’m going with this.)

So venture back with me, maybe, to a TV universe far, far away, and remember some of Season 8’s most significant minutes that will assist with reminding you why you went gaga for the show in any case – bazingas what not!

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Penny Gets A Big Kid Job

Following quite a while of battling with her acting vocation (we as a whole recall that gorilla film, regardless of whether we need to), Penny finds a new line of work as a salesperson at Bernadette’s drug organization. This permits Penny to turn out to be less dependent on Leonard monetarily, which at first causes erosion between them.

Yet in the end gets streamlined, particularly subsequent to perceiving how broken Howard and Bernadette’s marriage is with regards to the subject of funds and, indeed, essentially anything. (However, I actually love those two insane children!)

big bang theory season 8

Howard’s Mother Passes Away

After the shocking passing of Carol Ann Susi, who depicted the never-seen-yet consistently. Heard Mrs Wolowitz for such an extremely long time. The series chose to give proper respect to the late entertainer by having her personality kick the bucket calmly in her rest.

Furthermore, after a power outage happens, the group choose to get together and eat each of the extras. Mrs Wolowitz had frozen in her cooler, causing it to feel like she was preparing them supper one final time. (No, I’m not crying. YOU’RE crying!)

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Raj and Emily Take a Big Step Forward

However their relationship advances at a consistent speed for the majority of the season, Raj in the long run begins to re-think his sentiments since both of them share so little practically speaking. Notwithstanding, when Emily faces him about said sentiments Raj does the main intelligent and mature thing: he lies.

Rather than cutting off the friendship, he really drops the L bomb and proclaims that he cherishes her. In this way, better believe it, that is certainly going to head down a sound way.

Amy and Sheldon Take A Break

It was a big year of development for Sheldon. In addition to the fact that he let Amy know that he cherished her at prom (which was lovable times endlessness, BTW), he additionally permitted her to rest over when they fabricated a stronghold together in the lounge room.

Indeed, this probably won’t appear to be a major ordeal to us, however, for Sheldon, these are really huge advances. Tragically, however, Amy didn’t view it as such. After Sheldon neglects to zero in on her during their fifth-year commemoration as a team (he was too caught up with discussing if he ought to begin watching The Flash).

Amy feels so disregarded that she tells Sheldon through Skype that they ought to remove some time from one another to reconsider their relationship. Sheldon acknowledges her solicitation and is left confounded about how he ought to manage the wedding band he expected on giving her. Would you be able to say O-M-G?!

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big bang theory season 8

Leonard and Penny Head To Vegas To Elope

Burnt out on becoming badgering about picking a wedding date, Leonard and Penny immediately choose to run off to Vegas all things considered. Notwithstanding, during their vehicle ride to the church, Leonard (with expectations of beginning their marriage with a fresh start) admits to Penny that he unsteadily kissed another lady two quite a while back during his endeavour toward the North Sea.

And keeping in mind that Penny seems to excuse him. Since they weren’t locked in at that point, you can’t resist the urge to contemplate. Whether this will make her reassess their elopement or give them conjugal issues in the extremely not so distant future. I surmise we’ll find out soon enough!


While the initial two episodes of season eight could at first seem, by all accounts, to be detached. There was a typical subject: Sheldon would have expected to dunk himself into a tank of sanitiser. In order to manage all the yuck that happened to his body during these two excursions.

From being required to gallivant around a public train station with one unshod and sans jeans to safeguard his “swimsuit parts” to having Wolowitz impeccably land. A spitball from his mouth straight into Sheldon’s neck was an intense way for the fastidious Mr Cooper to completely begin another year.

big bang theory season 8

Besides, the changes. After his 45-day cross-country train trip – which he started as a method for managing every one of the progressions previously occurring in his life toward the finish of last season. Finished while his voyaging assets (see: pantsless and shoeless, above) were taken as he rested on a train.

Sheldon got back to observe that Penny cleaved off the entirety of her hair and will fill in as a drug salesman. Wolowitz’s mom is cohabitating with Stuart. Raj is as yet involved with Emily, and the college is causing Sheldon to turn into an instructing teacher.

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