Beware of Fake Tarot Readers: How to Choose the Right Love and Relationship Tarot Card Reader


Did you know that the psychic services industry is valued at $2.2 billion in the US in 2021? There are as many as 98,074 psychic services providing businesses in the US alone. These businesses typically offer services like tarot card reading, astrology, mediumship, and palmistry, among other metaphysical fields of psychic and fortune-telling services.

Picking the right psychic or tarot reader is very crucial. For example, a website like Kasamba has a total of 275 love and relationship psychics listed. However, before you zero in on one of these readers, it would be best to read online Kasamba reviews and psychic reviews to make an informed decision. Otherwise, how would you know if the website and the expert listed are reliable?

To save your precious time, money, and emotions, it’s imperative to do due diligence and find the right psychic/tarot reader for your purpose. However, with over 98K active businesses, how would you know which one is the best suited to serve your purpose? Here are top tips curated to help you locate the best readers, which will provide accurate and insightful readings.

Look For Specialized Tarot Readers

Decide the purpose of reading before looking for a psychic or reader. It could be anything from trauma, loss of a loved one, job troubles, or relationship issues. Pinpointing the problem will help you find a qualified tarot reader specializing in relevant fields and topics.

They’ll be available on various mediums and offer options like one on one interaction in person, telephonic sessions, Zoom calls, or online chat sessions. Moreover, since they specialize in their field, you’re likely to get an accurate reading and be satisfied.

Finding a specialized and accurate reader is crucial since we already know the vast number of psychic service providers in the market. Just like every other industry, the psychic services industry has rogue and scam businesses as well. To save your time and money, it’s imperative to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Don’t Fall For Scams

Remember this golden rule, nothing good ever comes for free or cheap. You need not necessarily pay through the nose for an accurate reading, but don’t fall for too good to be true deals. A skilled and honest reader will always charge a reasonable fee, and most of them often offer a welcome price for first-time clients.

On the other hand, if a psychic or reader is offering their services for free, that’s a huge red flag. The chances are high that you might end up more confused after a reading with such psychics than when you started. Most often, such scam readers pass on the same reading to each client.

However, this doesn’t automatically mean that an expensive reader might be more skilled or accurate. Therefore, it’s pretty essential to do your diligence and find out what the market-accepted rates are.

Research About the Psychic

As mentioned before, not every psychic will prove to be a suitable medium for what you’re looking for. Before zeroing down on a particular reader, find out everything you can about them. Scourge through their websites and social media handles to figure what they specialize in and what they offer.

Some readers are dedicated to one particular field like money, career, and relationship. Moreover, some psychics point out the kind of psychic services they provide, such as future predictions, spiritual guidance, or counseling. To avoid disappointment, ensure that the reader is offering what you’re looking for.

Go Through Reviews and Testimonials

In this digital era, most businesses are online, and it’s pretty easy to find out how authentic a reader is. Opt for readers or psychics who are listed on a website or have their own website. Go through the reviews and testimonials left by the past clients on their webpage.

Bear in mind a happy and upset client will always share their experience. Scourge through the testimonials on their website or read comments on their social media pages. However, be on the lookout for paid reviews or vendetta reviews.

Read the Fine Print

One of the most important steps before deciding on a psychic or reader is to go through the fine print of the terms and conditions. Ensure that you find out every cause and effect in the terms and conditions document. This will help you know whether the reader provides a refund if you are not happy with the session.

Things like the number of cards during a session, the payment mentioned is for an entire session or a part of it, the medium for the session, and more are often listed on the terms and conditions page. Going through these will help you avoid any surprise expenses.

In the end, it’s you who has to decide precisely what sort of information you’re expecting from the reading. Unless you’re clear about your goal from the reading, the psychic will be unable to pick up any information.