Best New Movies on Hulu: Can I Tell You a Secret Movie?

Early on, Hulu had some problems, but now it’s a major player in the streaming market. Even though Netflix is still the best and you already have Amazon Prime, you should check out Hulu. The streaming service isn’t just adding good TV shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock; it also has a surprising number of movies.

So, if you don’t like anything on Netflix or Amazon or just want to get the most out of your subscription, check out some of the best movies you can watch on Hulu right now.


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best new movies on hulu

When it comes to modern movies about dating, Fresh is one of the craziest. In Mimi Cave’s first film as a director, we see Nora (Daisy Edgar-Jones) struggle with online dating until she meets the handsome and charming Steve at a grocery store and they hit it off (Sebastian Stan). But what could be the start of a romantic comedy quickly goes downhill when Steve’s true colours come out.

He’s not just a guy who met a girl in the produce section; he also buys human meat, which is the most taboo kind of meat. Stan is surprisingly fun to watch as a cannibal who kidnaps women and keeps them alive while he cuts off their breasts or limbs to eat. Try Fresh if you’re looking for the most unusual movie for a date night, but save dinner for after the movie. — Thérèse Lacson

Nightmare Alley

best new movies on hulu

When Edmund Goulding’s version of Nightmare Alley came out in 1947, it was softer than William Lindsay Gresham’s book, which came out the year before. That’s not the case with Guillermo del Toro’s version, which is a dark, bleak, and often disturbing look at life in a travelling carnival.

Cooper gives a strong performance as Stan Carlisle, who moves from the circus to his own clairvoyant act, which leads to greed, deception, and lies that could be his downfall. Del Toro gives Nightmare Alley an excellent cast and a dark, ominous look. Del Toro is all about showing the monsters inside normal people, and with Nightmare Alley, these monsters may be scarier than they have ever been. — Ross Bonamie


best new movies on hulu

Like Princess Diana, Kristen Stewart gives a performance that stands out. Spencer stands out in a sea of Princess Di movies because it is both gothic horrors and because Stewart’s performance as a woman stuck in a loveless marriage and with cold in-laws is so moving. Diana feels more and more alone at the cold, foggy castle of Balmoral.

She compares herself to the English Queen Anne Boleyn, who was killed, and the people there become more and more hostile. Spencer’s book isn’t very accurate about the past, but it wins in terms of mood and tension. Stewart’s Lady Di impression isn’t perfect, but she comes pretty close, and her scenes with Sally Hawkins and Sean Harris are reason enough to give this movie a try. – Therese

La La Land

best new movies on hulu

Even though it didn’t win Best Picture at the Oscars, Damien Chazelle’s musical about lovers in Los Angeles still holds up. The mistake made when the winner was announced will be remembered forever. The movie follows aspiring jazz musician Seb Wilder (Ryan Gosling) and aspiring actress Mia Dolan (Emma Stone) through the seasons of their relationships.

With its beautiful visuals and great music from Justin Hurwitz, La La Land pulls you into this brief, lovely affair that must end because when you’re young and have career goals, you might have to choose between your goals and your love for someone else. It’s not easy, but La La Land perfectly mixes bittersweet melancholy with songs that make you tap your toes. – Matt Goldberg


best new movies on hulu

Pig is one of the best movies of 2021, and it also proves that Nicolas Cage is one of the best actors alive. It is also a wonderful reminder that some of the best movies can come out of nowhere. It tells the story of Cage’s Rob, a former chef who lives alone in the woods of Oregon with his truffle pig after a terrible loss. Alex Wolff’s Amir is his only connection to the wider world he used to know.

He sells truffles to him, but if his pig gets stolen, he will have to go back to his old life in Portland to find it. With Amir as his guide, the movie becomes a journey through loss and forgiveness as Rob must make peace with the past he left behind.

Still, it’s hard to believe that this is Michael Sarnoski’s first feature film because it’s a beautifully shot meditation on grief that defies expectations to become one of the most moving works of art in recent years. – Chase Hutchison


best new movies on hulu

Hustlers are proof (if anyone needed it) that having different people working behind the scenes can make movies that are more interesting and new. Based on Jessica Pressler’s award-winning New York Magazine article, the movie is about a group of strippers who decide to take back control by “hustling” their clients to make more money.

What these women do is illegal, but they are stuck in a world and a system that doesn’t care about them, so why should they? This movie is directed with care and good taste by Lorene Scafaria. The pole-dancing scenes show how physically fit and hard-working the cast is.

Jennifer Lopez plays veteran dancer Ramona with a lot of nuances, and her chemistry with her student Destiny (Constance Wu) sells the story of sisterhood. Cardi B and Lizzo, who are both singers, are part of the supporting cast and add a range of body types to the movie.

This is very funny, but it never forgets how hard it is for these women to get along in the world and be successful. – Monita Mohan


best new movies on hulu

Flee is one of the few movies that really shows how terrible things are for refugees. In this animated nonfiction work, documentary filmmaker Jonas Poher Rasmussen helps his childhood friend Amin tell the true story of how he escaped from Kabul. He does this by following Amin on his scary trip to Russia and his nightmare attempt to get into Western Europe in a shipping container.

The story ends in Copenhagen. Flee is very personal, and that’s why it works so well. The animation takes you back to Amin’s childhood and does a great job of making you feel the highs and lows of his life. In many ways, it’s not just a story about Amin’s problems; it’s also a story about his successes.

This film, which won an award at Sundance, stayed with me long after I saw it at the festival. It will change the way you see and understand the struggle of refugees forever. – Therese

Another Round

best new movies on hulu

Another Round, which won the 2021 Academy Award for Best International Feature Film, starts out as a funny idea between four friends and quickly turns into a sad look at life. It starts with Mads Mikkelsen as Martin, a teacher with a normal life. He is mesmerizing as he talks about his life.

Martin, on the other hand, is not happy and wants something more. That’s when he starts drinking all the time with his friends and fellow teachers to stay high and see how it affects their lives. It’s a sweet story about friendship that turns sad as their lives start to fall apart because they pushed themselves too far.

It’s another great movie starring Mikkelsen and written and directed by Thomas Vinterberg, with whom he worked on the scary movie The Hunt. But Mikkelsen does an amazing and cathartic dance sequence in this one, which makes it a must-see on its own. – Hutchinson, Chase

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar


best new movies on hulu

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, a comedy that didn’t get much attention, is one of the best movies of 2021 and one of the funniest comedies you’ll see. The story seems to be based on a simple idea: Barb (Annie Mumolo) and Star (Kristen Wiig), who have been friends for a long time, decide to take a vacation in Vista Del Mar.

Oh, and there’s a supervillain (also Wiig) who wants to send a deadly plague of mosquitos to the town as an act of revenge. She sends her henchman Edgar (Jamie Dornan), who is also in love with her even though she’s not really interested in him.

So maybe it’s not that easy, but Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar is one of the craziest, silly, and fun comedies I’ve seen in a while because of its chaotic, happy energy. – Matt Goldberg

Black Swan

best new movies on hulu

Ballet. Horror. Ambition. Queer awakenings. Everything is in Black Swan. This movie is driven by Natalie Portman’s powerful performance as Nina, a troubled but determined ballet dancer whose overbearing teacher and mother push her to the edge. You’ll feel like you’re on stage with the dancers because of how close the ballet scenes are shot (ballet IRL may never feel enough after this).

Then there’s Nina’s competition with Lily, who is her understudy (Mila Kunis). Who is this woman? Nina and the audience both want to know. Every shot in this movie is important, so every time you watch it, you’ll notice something new. The point of this movie is that you can’t tell what’s real and what’s made up.

The audience is supposed to feel just as lost as Nina. In Black Swan, there are some really scary parts that will make your skin crawl. But that’s what this whole thing is for. Nina’s descent into madness isn’t just something we’re watching, she’s dragging us down with her. Have a good night’s sleep. – Monita Mohan


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