Best Marvel Series to Watch


Over the years Marvel has released a large variety of spin-off series for some of our favourite superheroes. The reason we love these spin-offs so much is how they can give us a deeper understanding of some of the beloved characters that we have seen in movies.

We have dove into the backstories of many heroes in the Marvel series. If you’re looking to get into a new Marvel series then look no further today, we have compiled a list of some of the best Marvel series to watch today! If you want to watch the series named on this list then it might be a good idea to buy a subscription to Disney plus, this is because the marvel series are exclusive to this platform.


Therefore, sadly you will not be able to watch these shows on Netflix or Amazon. It's also worth mentioning that there is unquestionably no better way to immerse yourself in shows like these other than watching them on a large TV screen. Click here for TV wall mounting services. Anyways, let's jump straight into the list!


Despite being a villain in the Avengers movies, Loki has always been a fan favourite. A lot of Marvel fans have gained a large soft spot for him due to how a hero dies in Avengers Infinity war. Loki is the brother of “Thor” The god of thunder. Although Loki himself is the god of mischief.


The show as a whole is filled to the brim with great performances and visuals. We can say without question that the TV show “Loki” definitely did the character justice. The storyline is based on the villain’s adventures after he used the space stone to escape from the avengers.

Throughout the story, Loki finds himself in trouble with the Time Variance Authority. At the moment there is just one season of this show, so we don’t want to spoil too much but you can definitely trust our recommendation when we say that “Loki” is one of the best Marvel series to watch today!

Moon Knight

The newest marvel series that has been released is moon night, and so far it's been highly praised by fans. Moon knight is a character who we have seen for decades in the marvel comics, so it's been very exciting for a lot of fans to be able to see him on the big screen in a live-action series.

Even just how the sheer coolness of moon knights suit alone is worth giving this series a watch! The storyline is all about a man named Steven Grant. Steven is your normal average guy, although he’s started to realise that he sleepwalks a lot. It soon comes to light that Steven hasn’t actually been sleepwalking.

He has actually been sharing a body with Marc Spector, a ruthless mercenary. They both must uncover the mysteries of Egyptian gods with the help of an ancient Egyptian ability to summon a white, cloaked warrior. You may have seen moon knight advertised recently, we recommend you give it a shot.

Considering its brand new, moon knight is without a doubt one of the best Marvel series to watch. Why not give it a go?


Wandavision is a great show with many twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat, you'll probably already be familiar with a Scarlet witch. Both Scarlet Witch and Vision have appeared in many Marvel movies so far. We were ecstatic when we found out that Wandavision was being released.

The show has a whole lot of action as you would imagine from a series set in the MCU which is as good as always. You can be assured that this one is worth watching! What’s so interesting about Wanda vision is that it's set after the events of Avengers – Endgame.

You can really see the development in Scarlet Witch after what she’s been through which makes for a very entertaining watch. As you probably know, Vision died in the avenger’s movies. After avenger’s endgame, everyone that died due to the blip was brought back to life.

Although, the vision did not actually die due to the blip so he doesn’t come back. Wanda (being Vision's wife) is distraught by this and Wanda's vision dives into what her life is like without him.


Hawkeye is one of the most classic Avengers, it’s no surprise that he was given his very own series. If you are a big fan of the original movies, then Hawkeye is one of the best Marvel series to watch now. Like a lot of recent Marvel series, Hawkeye Is also set after the events of Avengers – Endgame and is part of the MCU phase 4.

The show is based around Hawkeye switching his identity to the “Ronin” and partnering with Kate Bishop in order to take on some enemies from his past. Everyone knows how family-oriented Hawkeye was in the movies, and this shows in the series too. Clint Barton does whatever he can to get back to his family in time for Christmas in this fantastic MCU show which will have you glued to your seat throughout.