Best Horror Movies on Netflix Which Are Trending Right Now!


When evaluating Netflix's horror selection in 2023, it becomes apparent that the service's choices are a true mixed bag in terms of quality. Netflix's catalogue is becoming increasingly static and dependent on Netflix Originals while monthly competition from other services increases the availability of horror films.

You can experience the thrill of the spooky at any time of year. The excitement of a good shock is something that fans of horror films and television shows like us want all year round. There is a wide variety of terrifying stories available, from traditional horror to ghost stories to existential terror. Nonetheless, we're here to assist you in navigating the 10 horror movies trending now on Netflix.


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Best Horror Movies on Netflix

5. The Privilege


Best Horror Movies on Netflix

The Privilege, a German horror film, has just been added on Netflix (originally titled Das Privileg). Max Schimmelpfennig, who played the lead in Dark, plays Finn, a young guy who was a child when his older sister died. Now that he's a teenager attending a strange and exclusive private school, otherworldly incidents start to plague him and his classmates. Finn needs to find out what is causing all the problems in their town.

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4. Incantation

Incantation, written and directed by Kevin Ko, is now available on Netflix after making a killing at the Taiwanese box office when it premiered in the spring of 2018. It quickly rose to the top of the genre's domestic chart and became the highest-grossing horror film in the country's history. Ko's found footage exercise follows a mother's desperate attempt to rescue her little kid from an old and fatal curse that she and her ghost-hunting college friends accidentally released. Do her attempts bear fruit?

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3. Choose or Die

A lady holding a kitchen knife and her teenage son argue over his father's fascination with the 1980s early on in Netflix's unashamedly derivative new horror flick Choose or Die. Eddie Marsan's reclusive father has a “man cave” filled with old video game systems.

A question, “His tongue or her ears?” flashes up on his ancient computer screen. Choose or die. What at first appears to be a morbid role-playing game quickly escalates into a horrifying reality: the punishment he chooses will actually be performed on his wife or son.

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2. Raw

Raw is a French-Belgian coming-of-age horror drama film from 2016 that stars Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf, and Rabah Nait Oufella and was written and directed by Julia Ducournau. In the story, a young vegetarian spends her first year as a veterinary student, when she experiences meat for the first time and develops a hunger for flesh.

The film was well-received by critics, who praised Ducournau's direction and writing but expressed concern at the picture's gory subject matter.

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1. Umma

Iris K. Shim is the writer and director of the upcoming American supernatural horror film Umma (2022). Oh portrays Amanda, a mother and a single mother who moves to a rural area with her little daughter in search of peace and quiet. When her mother's body arrives from Korea, carrying what appears to be a curse, the situation takes a dramatic turn for the worst.

On March 18, 2022, Sony Pictures Releasing released Umma in the United States. Critics were divided on this one, with some praising Oh's acting and the film's themes while others lambasted its formulaic screenplay, overuse of jump scares, and general lack of tension.

Watch it only on Netflix.

Streaming services like Netflix have made a wide variety of relaxing options easily accessible. It's easy to find a scary film that suits your tastes, what with all the independent productions and licenced titles available. We've done some legwork for you and located some of the best horror movies which are trending right now that you can watch on Netflix to get you started.