10 All Time Best Disney Villains: Updated List

Walt Disney Studios has developed some of the most famous characters to appear on the big screen, both in animation and live-action. They have designed a number of Disney Princesses and loyal sidekicks who represent joy, beauty, and strength.

However, for every hero, there is a terrible adversary who represents envy, greed, and fear. Some are more physically dangerous than others, while others are more brains than brawn. But they’re all valuable, scary presences in the realm of animated fairy tales, and they’ll get you if you’re not cautious! We’d like to present our top ten list of all-time Disney villains.

1. Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty

Your favorite villain has committed some heinous crimes throughout the years, but are they also a dragon? Maleficent has all the hallmarks of a legendary villain. She’s a skilled sorceress, an unfeeling opponent, and she maintains a grudge like no other. Sure, the latest live-action Disney spinoff will tell you that she was simply misunderstood, but her portrayal in 1959’s Sleeping Beauty portrays an evil against which all other evil-doers should be compared.

Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty

Her rage over being left off a party invitation list was so long-lasting that she concocted a revenge scheme that would take 16 years to come to reality, from her horned headwear to her throaty, heartless voice. In the end, she was so desperate to harm the King and Queen who had mistreated her that she went full monster and nearly burnt down an entire country. That is commitment.

2. Scar – The Lion King

There’s little doubt that the other villains on this list were all spectacularly evil. Some may be more charming or frightening than The Lion King’s villain. There’s no getting around it: Scar is the finest villain Disney has ever created.

Scar - The Lion King

His malicious tactics took on a Shakespearean quality (fitting given the film’s original material), elevating him beyond others who came before and after him, particularly in terms of the catastrophic damage he inflicted. His murder of Mufasa was an undeniably terrible event in the lives of many young children, and it was one of the most obviously violent deeds ever taken by a Disney villain.

Then he used his own brother’s death to take Simba’s position as the new king and bring the people of Pride Rock to their knees. Scar’s demise seemed like there had never been an animated villain more deserving of death. Nonetheless, his wicked plot arc is a big part of what makes The Lion King so memorable.

3. Ursula – The Little Mermaid

When it comes to blending comedy and evildoing, Ursula from The Little Mermaid may be the most wonderfully wicked villain. Her outsized personality and excellent abilities at enchanting her prey made her an almost invincible antagonist for Ariel, Eric, and King Triton.

Ursula - The Little Mermaid

She used two of Disney’s most terrifying antagonists, the evil-eyed eels Flotsam and Jetsam. Ursula was particularly cruel because she preyed on her victims when they were most vulnerable, and she never hesitated to steal the exact attributes that made them distinctive.

Her garden of crushed souls revealed a lot about her terrible methods. The fact that she exploited her brother’s children to cause him pain demonstrates how thoroughly evil she was. To make matters worse, she’s still one of the most amusing characters from Disney’s animated renaissance of the 1990s, one we love to despise even when she’s at her worst.

4. Jafar (Aladdin)

Jafar (Aladdin)

Mystical abilities are undoubtedly a trump card that Disney’s evil stable has monopolized. But, in addition to his mind-control talents, ALADDIN’S Jafar possesses something far better: He’s a ruthless political operator. Smooth chat gets him most of the way there, but his enticing staff finishes the deal. It’s a risky tactic that almost always pays off.

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5. Claude Frollo – Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Despite a predilection for taking off our favorite characters’ parents, Disney’s animated films seldom go that dark. There are exceptions, of course, and one of the most prominent was The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which produced one of the scariest and most terrifying Disney villains to date.

Claude Frollo – Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Claude Frollo was a pious guy and the fact that he justified his heinous actions by thinking he had God’s permission made them all the more heinous. He’s a poster kid for those who feel that power corrupts, because he never utilized his position of influence for good, but rather to achieve what he wanted.

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His sick ambition to exterminate the gypsy community arose from his obsession for Esmeralda, and it eventually converted him into both a genocidal monster and an attempted rapist. On top of that, his brutal cruelty toward Quasimodo cements his place in Disney villain lore.

6. Dr. Facilier – The Princess And The Frog

Dr. Facilier, the Shadowman of New Orleans, is the only person who could ever conceivably compete with Ratigan in terms of showmanship. The not-so-good doctor draws his authority, like Ratigan, from his appearance and personality. Of course, some assistance from his friends on the other side is always helpful. Dr. Facilier is the epitome of charm, charisma, and wicked intent—right down to the soles of his wing-tip shoes.

Dr. Facilier - The Princess And The Frog

Although Facilier makes it out to be a jazzy good time, anybody who connects with the spirits of the afterlife can’t possibly be good news. Of course, anything sounds nice when Keith David’s smooth vocals are supporting you. even striking a nefarious agreement with the Shadowman.

7. Syndrome – The Incredibles

These are the quotations that make Syndrome the most threatening bad guy in the whole Pixar canon. The overgrown jilted fanboy Syndrome may be, but he’s an overgrown jilted fanboy with genius-level intelligence, access to a veritable arsenal of superpowered weapons, an army of thugs with plenty of firearms, and a lethal robot that only he can beat. That definitely earns some points in the supervillain category. Even Dr. Doom would be in awe of you.

Syndrome - The Incredibles

However, Syndrome’s sympathetic motivations and the oddly sensitive side that he reveals in his monologue are what make him deserving of a place on the list. Buddy Pine passed away the evening after Mr. Incredible instructed him to travel home. Viewers may see from his memory that he wasn’t just a fan; he idolized the subject. Anyone who has ever been disappointed by someone they admire—whether it be a love partner or a superhero—will eventually turn evil.

8. Professor Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)

Professor Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)

Professor Ratigan nearly had the crown of England’s royalty on his head. He was one of the sharpest Disney villains of all time, if not the smartest. His smarts are slightly limited by his fury and propensity to hire the wrong kind of minions to complete tasks. He still has a talent for getting the whole audience to sing along, which is undoubtedly helpful in a Disney film.

9. Chernabog – Fantasia

Moviegoers all across the globe now identify the well-known composition by Modest Mussorgsky with opening a pair of enormous black wings because of this Disney villain. The “Night on Bald Mountain” segment from the 1940 movie Fantasia was one of the most exquisitely horrific things ever created using ink and paper. This individual is exactly how Disney portrayed Satan. On Walpurgis night, Chernabog, the Slavic deity of darkness, summons spirits from the depths of the underworld for a black magic bacchanal on Bald Mountain.

Chernabog - Fantasia

Chernabog is a tough customer with his enormous horns, batwings, well-known theme music, and kaiju-sized physique. But he is not alone in his endeavor. In comparison to a Walt Disney movie, his army of demons, terrible spirits, and horrifying creatures would appear more at home in a copy of the Necronomicon. These men are so much more than nightmare fodder.

10. Randall Boggs – Monsters Inc.

When it comes to sneaky, there’s only one Randall Boggs. Monsters Inc.’s major nemesis, he’s a chameleon-like creature that’s envious of people who do better than he is. Sure, being in Sully’s shadow and witnessing his dominance on the Scare Floor rankings had to be difficult. However, this was not a basis to develop a technology capable of causing harm to children. That’s a low number.

Randall Boggs - Monsters Inc.

Randall Boggs’ transformation into a madman was a long time in the making compared to other villains. That Randall had always harbored a wicked side and was jealous of Sully and his companions date back to their fraternity days, according to Monsters University. That doesn’t justify his lack of morality, but it does make him one of the most intriguing villains ever created by Disney and Pixar.