Best Anime on Netflix Currently Trending!


While it can be difficult to pick up the rudiments of the Japanese language only by exposure to anime, it can be a very useful tool. The vast selection of animated works available through anime series is a common motivator for people who aren't already familiar with Japanese to start studying it.

With the proliferation of streaming media platforms like Netflix, it is now easier than ever to see a large selection of anime episodes and films, which has contributed to the genre's meteoric surge in popularity. There are a wide variety of anime available on Netflix, from those focused on high school drama to those focused on fantasy worlds.


The latest addition to the canon demonstrates that animation and character design serve as a foundation for anime rather than a barrier to the medium's development. Here is a list of best anime on Netflix which are trending right now.

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Best Anime on Netflix Currently Trending


5. One Punch Man

The popular webcomic that inspired the anime One-Punch Man centres on a hero who has grown tired of his superhero identity. The problem is that he has become too powerful, and a single punch from him can kill anyone.

The manga has been nominated for multiple awards and has sold over 30 million copies in print. The cartoon has been praised for its parody of the shounen genre. It's a short and sweet series, with only 24 episodes spread across two seasons. One-Punch Man's wonderful sense of humour, quirky hero, and unique animation have earned it rave reviews from critics and made it a fan favourite.

Watch it on Netflix.

4. Record of Ragnarok

The Gods' Council meets once per millennium to decide the fate of humanity, and every time it does, it's an extravagant show where legendary and religious luminaries square off on behalf of humanity.

Given the concept that the Valkyrie Brunhilde decides to give humanity a chance by hosting the Ragnarok tournament, it's easy to see that Record of Ragnarok isn't afraid to wear its bombastic nature on its sleeve. Even though the first season was met with middling reviews, a new animation company is taking the reins for the second.

Stream it now on Netflix.

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3. Kakegurui

The 2017 anime series Kakegurui has been very well received by fans. The show, which was adapted from a manga of the same name, takes place in an elite high school where students elect their representatives to the student council based on their skill at gambling. Yumeko Jabami, a new transfer student, is introduced to the high-stakes gambling culture of her new school.

The psychological manipulation and mind games played by the characters against each other, as well as the characters' addiction to gambling, are key elements in Kakegurui. The series delves into the seedier side of humanity, with characters who have complicated and often ethically ambiguous drives and goals.

Watch it exclusively on Netflix.

2. A Silent Voice

The 2016 Japanese animated film “A Silent Voice,” directed by Naoko Yamada, received widespread critical acclaim. Yoshitoki ima adapted his own manga of the same name into this film.

The protagonist, Shoya Ishida, is an ex-bully who seeks redemption by making apologies with the deaf girl he tormented in elementary school. Throughout the narrative, we learn about bullying, handicap, empathy, and redemption.

The animation and graphic style of “A Silent Voice” are gorgeous, with a soothing colour palette and breathtaking settings that perfectly capture the characters' internal states of mind. The score is likewise excellent and serves to heighten the film's dramatic intensity.

Available to stream on on Netflix.

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1. Baki

Keisuke Itagaki's “Baki” is a well-known manga series. High school student and underground fighter Baki Hanma aspires to surpass his martial arts champion father and become the world's greatest fighter in this action series.

Over-the-top brutality and violent fight sequences showcasing a wide range of martial arts styles and techniques have made the show famous. The characters have depth as well, with layered histories and goals. “Baki” has excellent animation and visual style, with realistic character designs and fluid fight choreography. A suitable and dramatic soundtrack complements the series.

Be ready to watch it on Netflix.

You can find a lot more excellent anime shows and movies on Netflix outside the ones listed below. Everyone can find a movie they like, from thrilling thrillers to touching dramas.