List of Best Amazon Prime Horror Movies

Best Amazon Prime Horror Movies: Faint the lights and pop the popcorn. Amazon Prime has a full record of horror movies right since will cause your hair to stand on end. Regardless of whether you're inclined toward slow-building anticipation or abrupt jump alarms that will make you recoil in your seat, this list of creepy flicks incorporates both the violence and guts just as brain bowing suspenseful thrill rides.

With storied top choices like Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Nosferatu the Vampyre just as acclaimed newcomers to the class (counting instant works of art Midsommar and The Lighthouse), there's something special for each horror buff. Indeed, even the most eager fans can observe something they haven't see before with titles crossing the last 70 or more long periods of film making and the globe with many basically revered unfamiliar movies. Bonus: This streaming assistance comes included with your customary Amazon enrollment, so you don't have to pay any additional rental expenses for these movies.

So while there's nothing bad about slowing down with a feel-good rom-com or getting comfortable for a storied drama, it's hard not to cherish an adrenaline boost that stays with you later the credits roll. Zombies, ghosts, vampires … Whatever gets your heart hustling, one of these horror movies will possess all the necessary qualities. What's more on the off chance that you're searching for something somewhat more child cordial, head right this way for the best movies to watch on Halloween and beyond.

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Best amazon prime horror movies

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

It is time to have all the stuffy history nonsense to get passed onto Steven Spielberg fans and to watch and have a look at the Abraham Lincoln movie that had turned out in the year 2012. In light of the book by Seth Grahame-Smith, who adjusted it himself, this silly film envisions what might occur assuming that one of the most renowned forerunners in world history likewise ended up hunting vampires. This is ended on top 5 of the Best Amazon Prime Horror Movies.


Movies changed perpetually with the 1979 arrival of Ridley Scott's science fiction/horror exemplary. Sigourney Weaver drives the team of the Nostromo, noting a distress bring in the far of spans of room that places them in contact with a definitive killing machine. In addition to the fact that Alien launched an establishment, it made a format for horror set in space, revamping the rulebook such that's still unbelievably strong more than forty years after the fact.


James Ward Byrkit composed and coordinated this 2013 jewel that has grown a significant faction following throughout the years since its Fantastic Fest debut. The thought is one that Rod Serling would have adored. A gathering of individuals get together for an evening gathering when the entire area goes into a power outage aside from the house at the opposite finish of the street, wherein a similar evening gathering seems, by all accounts, to be occurring. Strap in.

Come to Daddy

Here and there you're looking horror a gnawed off the most common way to go. Go on the outing to this Ant Timpson film that debuted at Tribeca in April of 2019. Elijah Wood stars as a young fellow who searches out his estranged dad (the incomparable Stephen McHattie), and the two endeavor to bond, yet, indeed, something isn't exactly right with daddy. For certain shrewd twists and turns, this could become a faction strike on administrations like Amazon Prime.

The Deeper You Dig

Charged as an Adams Family Production, this is a genuine work of DIY independent filmmaking love for a spouse/wife composing/coordinating group, who likewise star alongside their girl. It's the story of a single parent whose little girl is killed one night in a side of the road mishap. The driver conceals the inadvertent demise, prompting a tear in the texture of powerful happenings. Frightening and viable.


Essayist/chief Richard Bates Jr. burst onto the class scene in 2012 with this odd horror film that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. It's a dim and bleeding story of franticness in a young girl (AnnaLynne McCord) that finishes in outright containers of blood. We out to know that the movie has an amazing supporting cast the likes of which include Traci Lord, Ray Wise, Malcolm McDowell, and most importantly the famous John Waters himself.

The Fog

John Carpenter utilized the achievement of Halloween to make an altogether different sort of horror film, one that wasn't all around generally welcomed when it came out however has filled in esteem throughout the last forty years. The unbelievable Adrienne Barbeau stars in a ghost story about a group of sailors who dive on a humble community in California when the fog come in. The issue is that they've been dead for a century.


The late Bill Paxton coordinated and co-stars in this stunning spine chiller that didn't stand out enough to be noticed in 2001 yet has fostered an after throughout the long term. Matthew McConaughey stars as a the youngster FBI that his sibling is the man behind a string of sequential killings, roused by their childhood because of a man (Paxton) who let them know he had been visited by God and told to destroy demons in human structure on Earth.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Indeed, it's more thrill ride than horror, yet you get a dull, horrendous, terrible perspective on the world — particularly assuming you watch the whole Millennium set of three (The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest are on Prime as well). This film was broadly changed by David Fincher, however this is the strong, unfamiliar unique, the film that made Noomi Rapace a star.

Hard Candy

The film stars Elliot Page as a youthful vigilante who has arranged an intricate snare for a sexual stalker, played flawlessly by Patrick Wilson. Alarming and serious, it feels like this is a flick prepared for a re-appreciation.

Hell House LLC

A religion pursuing has been developing around the savvy 2015 found-film independent by chief Stephen Cognetti. (To such an extent that there have effectively been two continuations.) It's a keenly made film about a gathering of documentarians investigating a misfortune at a haunted house when they understand that the spot may really have a couple of genuine heavenly privileged insights.


Disregard that new Clive Barker film on Hulu and dig once more into the establishment that aided make the creator a household name, essentially in households with horror fans. Hellraiser is still an extraordinarily strong film, the only one truly to get that blend of dreamlike horror and human frailty that characterized the Barker brand. (Also they just reported they're redoing it!)

House of 1,000 Corpses

Loot Zombie's first time at the helm shook the horror world when it dropped in 2003. Obviously roused by gore masters like Lewis and Argento, yet with his own hillbilly horror style, Zombie was a producer who felt like he had a dedicated after from his absolute first shoot.

House on Haunted Hill

Not the messy change but rather the 1959 unique with its wonderful landscape biting execution from the solitary Vincent Price. The horror legend plays Frederick Loren, an unpredictable millionaire who welcomes five strangers to his haunted house and lets them know that he will pay anyone who can stay the night an incredible $10k. It turns out poorly.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Recollect these movies? Later the accomplishment of Scream, author Kevin Williamson became one of the hottest voices in Hollywood, and this 1997 contribution turned out to be close to as well known as Craven's film. The concept is so lovely in its effortlessness: A lot of companions conceal an auto crash and afterward languish over their transgression. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, and Freddie Prinze Jr., I Know What You Did Last Summer is an incredible illustration of how this resurgence of the slasher pic worked in the mid-to-late-'90s. How huge was the destructive angler? Sufficiently large to stay at No. 1 for a very long time and produce two spin-offs (the two of which are additionally on Amazon Prime) and in top 10 of the Best Amazon Prime Horror Movies.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

There's a reason that this story of unit individuals has been changed basically for each generation. It takes advantage of something ageless with regards to the dread of distrusting our kindred man (and appears to be prepared for a 2020 update). The '70s version by Philip Kaufman is ostensibly the best, secured by one of Donald Sutherland's best exhibitions and that unpleasant sense that the feeling of community fostered by the last part of the '60s was being destroyed from the inside.

The Island of Dr. Moreau

Actually no, not the genuinely insane one with Marlon Brando but rather the first immediate film adaptation of the exemplary novel by H.G. Wells. This one was delivered in 1977 and stars Burt Lancaster and Michael York in the story of a created scientist an island of creature/human half and halves. It's really dated, however the strength of the source material keeps it interesting enough for a pass on Amazon Prime.

Ju-On: The Grudge

It's hard to overstate what a juggernaut the Ju-On establishment has become in the course of the last twenty years. There are more than twelve movies in this establishment and three American versions, including one recently. There's likewise a Netflix prequel series (which is in reality very good). In any case, this is still the tentpole of all, the 2002 flick that truly characterized the style of these horrendous ghost movies. It still functions too today as when it came out.

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Lake Mungo

Scarcely seen on its delivery, the last 14 years have transformed Lake Mungo into a genuine clique hit. It feels like more individuals are watching this astute horror mockumentary each and every day. You ought to be one of them! Dissimilar to a ton of observed film films, this one has a genuine emotional center as a family manages the drowning demise of their girl, and the likelihood that she's not totally gone.

The Last Exorcism

Before observed film films were overdone, Daniel Stamm made one of the best in 2010 in this unexpected raving success. Patrick Fabian stars as a man who consents to take part in a narrative with regards to his expulsion business, one that is generally a trick. The issue is that the con artist stumbles onto a genuine possession when a rancher connects and lets him know that his little girl is acting, indeed, strange.


Who might have thought about the amount Leprechaun, a low-financial plan 1993 horror flick about a dangerous leprechaun who accepts a family has stolen his treasure, would get on. In addition to the fact that it featured a pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston, yet it prompted seven spin-offs, the last of which was delivered in just 2018. It's the cheapo horror establishment that won't kick the bucket; see where everything started on Amazon Prime.


Amazon's horror selection is stunningly better in the event that you have the Shudder add-on, yet they in all actuality do have elite streaming privileges to Ari Aster and A24's incredible Midsommar, the story of a vacation gone terribly amiss. Here, we can see a couple, Jack Reynor and Florence Pugh who have gone to Sweden to attend a festival. A comedy of societies gives way to something a lot more obscure when the genuine reason for the festival is uncovered in a progression of conclusive scenes that you'll always remember.

Monkey Shines

Each time there's a George A. Romero horror film accessible on Amazon Prime, it will make this list. The class master helmed this 1988 spine chiller starring Jason Beghe, Kate McNeill, and John Pankow, about an incapacitated competitor and needs to depend on the assistance of a partner monkey named Ella. Things turn out badly when Ella is infused with test serum and becomes maniacal. This definitely is in the top 15 of Best Amazon Prime Horror Movies.

Mulberry St.

Well, you all must be digging hard for this film, which in initial phase was debuted as a part of a DTV series from After Dark Films named 8 Films to Die For. This was the best of the eight, helmed by a youthful Jim Mickle, who might proceed to coordinate We Are What We Are and Stake Land. It's the story of an episode of a destructive infection in midtown Manhattan however it works more with state of mind and tension than action. A non mainstream diamond.

The Neon Demon

Nobody makes movies very like Nicolas Winding Refn. The overseer of Drive conveyed one of his most remarkable flicks in this horror film about the fashion industry, including a daring exhibition by Elle Fanning. Also Keanu Reeves is in it as well!

Peeping Tom

A majority of the individuals have witnessed the voyeurism masterpiece of Alfred Hitchcok about Mr. Norman Bates. However, we got you a movie from that period that tends to be about a likeworthy sort of lunatic that matches to be as close as good. Coordinated by Michael Powell, the 1960 exertion is about a photographic artist who has a propensity for shooting individuals he's killing, recording their last minutes. So controversial at the time that it wrecked Powell's eminent vocation, Peeping Tom is a milestone piece of workmanship that was a generation somewhat revolutionary.

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Best amazon prime horror movies

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