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Beowulf Season 2: Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Beowulf Season 2

Last Update On 27th January

Are you waiting for this ITV show to get back so that you can watch it? Waiting to know about its additional season? ITV has recently adopted numerous TV Series and one of them is Beowulf. The first season was premiered on the screen and became an instant hit. Following 13 episodes revolve around the story of Beowulf, played by Kieran Bew. the ending of the first season was quite dramatic and it was not enough for the fans to conclude everything. Fans are struck with the question about Beowulf Season 2.

In this, we have covered things that would make you believe in the future possibility of the show. So without talking more let's jump into the Beowulf series.

What About The Beowulf Is?

Beowulf is a British drama which is created by the broadcasting channel ITV. The endorsed names behind the show are James DormerTim Haines, and Katie Newman. The show has a number of stars in it, Kieran Bew as Beowulf, Lee Boardman as Hane, David Bradley as Gorrik, Lolita Chakrabarti as Lila, and Elliot Cowan as Abrican.

The story focuses on the Beowolf who returns to his mother-land, Herot. When he appeared he discovers out that his father Thane Hrothgar died. Thane is not Beowolf's biological father in fact he adopted him when he was small.

This amazing plotline is inspired by a poem written by Dormer. The story is small but a good and well-written work of James. The first season ranked 71% from Rotten Tomatoes and 59% from Metacritic which is, unhappily, a low one for the creators.

The show is suppressed for its second installment by its officially broadcasting channel. Here we have the official propaganda-

Beowulf Season 2 Official Statement by ITV

“That was a true trophy which the battle-brave Beowulf set down before them, under the hall-roof—the hand, arm, and shoulder, with Grendel’s claw, all connected together.”- A Beowulf Memory!!!

C21 Media canceled the show releasing this announcement- “ITV had high hopes for the £17m (US$23m) adaptation of the epic poem but the program ultimately failed to achieve high viewing figures. An ITV spokeswoman told C21 this morning: “ITV regularly refreshes its drama portfolio and consequently Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands isn’t returning to the channel.”

To conclude the above statement, ITV confirmed that the series will not move further with the channel. The series have already released its first season and the second season is not going to happen. Beowulf Season 2 is cancelled by ITV.

Is Lower Rating And Less Viewership The Only Reason Behind Cancellation of The Show?

Yes!!! It is officially proclaimed that the show is canceled because of the lower rating and decline audience. It only got only 1.4 million average viewership which is fairly to make an additional season.

Moreover, it is a piece of present-day news but maybe in the future other channels sign up for the show and renewed it. We will keep spying on ITV or another executive of the show to get the latest news, so when we get more then we will drop more erudition in this post, till then stay tuned.

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Drama Name Beowulf
Category Fantasy Drama
Release Date Canceled
Director Jon East, Julian Holmes, Marek Losey, Stephen Woolfenden, Kerric Macdonald
No. of Seasons 1

Final Verdict

Well, the show is dropped but the fans are not happy with this announcement. The faithful fans can stream and enjoy the show on Amazon Prime Videos. You can also check some of the latest shows and series on our site,

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