Below The Deck Mediterranean: Filmed On A 150-Foot Yacht| Real Or Reel Life?

In this post, we are going to talk about this 100% genuine show, Below The Deck Mediterranean. The show will take you into the mega-yacht…

Below The Deck Mediterranean-

Below The Deck, Mediterranean is an American reality show produced by Mark Cronin, Courtland Cox, and Nadine Rajabi for Bravo Tv. The show aired for the first time on May 3, 2016, which is set on a boat. The series focuses on the peoples working on the 150-foot yacht.

The story revolves around nine members working on the ship named, Sandy Yawn — Captain, Hinrigo “Kiko” Lorran — Chef, Tom Checketts — Chef, Hannah Ferrier — Chief Stewardess, Lara Flumiani — 2nd Stewardess, and more we have listed them below…

The show becomes quite popular and later follows with some spin-offs and more seasons in just a short period of time because originators said that it would take only six weeks for them to make a show.

51 Minds President Christian Sarabia recently made a statement about “Below The Deck Mediterranean”-

“It’s just the ultimate reality show,” he said. “We always talk about producers always want to create bubbles and put people in situations. There’s no better bubble than a ship that you can’t leave if you’re going to get in the middle of a fight and the furthest you can run is the front of the bow. It’s really an Upstairs, Downstairs, or the reality version of Downton Abbey.”

below the deck mediterranean

How Many Seasons Below The Deck Mediterranean Have?

There are a total of 5 Seasons of this show. Every season starts on a new location:

  • Season 1 Greece
  • Season 2 Croatia
  • Season 3 Itlay
  • Season 4 France
  • Season 5 Spain

One more season is going to be added to this list soon, confirmed by the creators. The release is not established at this time… when we get the dates then we will surely gonna give you an update, till then you can enjoy the former seasons on the channels that we have mentoned below.

Where to Watch Deck Below The Mediterranean?

This show is available on two platforms one on Amazon Prime Video and the other on Bravo T.V. Although British Channel 4 has renewed the show on their platform since February 22, 2021, so you can enjoy it!

Deck Mediterranean Season 5- Characters

  • Sandy Yawn — Captain
  • Hinrigo “Kiko” Lorran — Chef
  • Tom Checketts — Chef 
  • Hannah Ferrier — Chief Stewardess 
  • Lara Flumiani — 2nd Stewardess 
  • Christine “Bugsy” Drake — Stewardess and Chief Stewardess 
  • Aesha Scott — 2nd Stewardess
  • Jessica More — 3rd Stewardess
  • Malia White — Bosun
  • Peter Hunziker — Lead Deckhand and Deckhand
  • Alex Radcliffe — Deckhand and Lead Deckhand
  • Robert Westergaard — Deckhand


Is Below The Deck Mediterranean A Real Show Or A Fake One?

The majority of the audience is willing to know the answer to the above question whereas many already believed that the show is a fake one but is it? Well, according to the creators and originators the show isn’t really, in fact, it is a hundred percent genuine they claimed whereas some minor changes are done in the show which is scripted.

 Rosbach show’s his concern and guides the audience by mentioned the statement-

“I think it’s a pretty accurate snapshot, I really do,” he asserted. “What happens and it’s all caught on film. Some people may disagree with that assessment, but you’ve always got drama on board a boat.

“Any time you get people that are living and working together in that close proximity, you’re going to have issues.”

Now it’s your turn have you seen the show? Do you think it’s a scripted one? Share your reviews with us!

Last Lines-

This kind of show is quite popular because you don’t have to see tons of tears and drama, it’s a simple go with the flow!

The show is loved by the audience and when we talk about the rating scale the recent season has more US viewers per episode as compared to the former one.

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Now it’s time to leave, hope you find our post helpful, if so then let me know in the comment section 🙂 Also, share your reviews with us.

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