Below Deck’s Crew Confessed to Feeling Uneasy About This Reality Star’s Public Displays of Affection During the Charter

Drama in reality television is common. The main reason most viewers watch a reality show is to witness the drama unfold on screen. There are moments when this drama is put up and sensationalized to draw in more viewers. It can also be sincere and give the audience a harsh reality check.

Many people were talking about Alexis Bellino, star of Real Housewives, when she appeared on Below Deck.

Her castmates were uncomfortable with her excessive PDA with her then-boyfriend Andy Bohn, and they weren’t afraid to show it. It wouldn’t be the last time, either, that Bellino’s connection made news. Her other cast members wouldn’t be the only ones to voice their opinions on it either.

The ‘below Deck’ Cast Members Were Uncomfortable With Alexis’s Pda With Her Then-boyfriend Andy Bohn

The Real Housewives of Orange County was Alexis Bellino’s first reality TV role, appearing in five out of the eight seasons. For the forthcoming 18th season of RHOC, she will be returning to the show. After her breakup with Jim Bellino, Bellino made an additional appearance in the seventh season of Below Deck.

That year marked Chief Stew Kate Chastain’s final season on Below Deck. Bellino went to the charter with her then-boyfriend Andy Bohn.

Before becoming engaged in December 2020, Bellino and Bohn dated for a year. Considering their notoriety on Below Deck, it is surprising that the couple was regarded as largely private.

Chastain and the rest of the crew were uncomfortable with the couple’s level of intimate behavior toward one another. This persisted throughout the whole of the journey. Everyone was aware of Bellino and Bohn’s persistent PDA, and Chastain wasn’t afraid to confront Bellino about her actions during the confessional interviews.

“I don’t know if she’s trying to prove to her ex or her friends that she is doin’ fine, but she just got divorced.” Chastain disclosed to the cameras. “But you can be doin’ fine without having a tongue down your throat.”

In an interview with Life After Bravo after that specific episode aired, Bellino justified her and Bohn’s relationship.

“PDA is OK to us. I am aware that some people oppose it,” she remarked.

In September 2023, the pair called it quits, and Bellino issued a statement acknowledging the breakdown of her relationship with Bohn.

“Drew and I have lovingly chosen to separate as a couple,” Bellino stated in a letter. “Our love for one another is unwavering in spite of this, and we both genuinely want the best for each other. We understand that it would be best for us to go down different paths.”

Alexis Started Dating the Ex of One of Her Cast Mates, and They Openly Expressed Their Disappointment

Alexis Bellino

But this didn’t mean Bellino would permanently leave reality TV behind. She would return to the Real Housewives series and start seeing John Janssen, Shannon Beador’s ex-boyfriend.

During a December 2023 episode of the podcast Two Ts In A Pod, which Teddi Mellencamp co-hosts, Tamra Judge, a cast member of Real Housewives of Corona, expressed her thoughts about the new coupling.

The judge expressed that she “just really feel[s] bad for Shannon.” She also left a remark on a video that had recently started making the rounds online, showing the two kissing. Judge claims that her initial thought was, “Oh no.” She added that she would be angry if Eddie Judge, her husband, started seeing Bellino after they split up.

All I want is for these photos to stay hidden,” Judge remarked. “It is their business to do whatever they are doing. It is none of their business how they met. However, I am feeling awful for Shannon because I tried to put myself in this situation. I don’t want to see it happen if Eddie and I broke up and it was just Alexis and him, or him and [Mellencamp], or anyone. It should not be in my face. It’s challenging to see it, even if I already know it exists.”

Mellencamp interjected, stating that she thought the actions of the new pair were “mean-spirited.”

Judge revealed that she wasn’t in a good place with Beador despite defending her, stating, “I’m not very happy with her right now.”

Judge left a series of clapping hands emoji comments on Bellino’s Instagram post, in which she advised her fans not to “believe rumors.” Beador interpreted this as the judge endorsing Bellino. Judge argued that this was untrue, nevertheless.

“It’s because one of her photos caught my attention. images of Alexis,” Judge remarked. Yes. That is all. [Beador] became enraged with me for liking one of Alexis’ photos. I put a clap of hands next to “Don’t believe rumors” in the comments area. For that reason, I believed that I was endorsing the fact that they weren’t dating. Not at all.”

Judge did appear upbeat about her future with Beador, though.

She implied that they will get back together later, saying, “As you’ve seen, we’ve had ups and downs.” “We got into a little tiff.”

In an interview with E! News that same month, Beador herself offered her thoughts on Bellino and Janssen’s connection. Beador claimed that Janssen was particularly offended by the circumstances as she was aware that Bellino’s ex-husband was suing her.

“John is very well aware of a lawsuit that I was involved in with Jim Bellino, and Alexis was involved in that lawsuit,” Beador stated. “For years, I was in emotional and financial ruin. And I prevailed. But it broke me financially. I am also a single mother. John is conscious of that.

Beador questioned Janssen’s decision to enter into a romantic connection with another Bravo celebrity.

“I’ve been deeply hurt in the past few weeks, mainly because John claimed he didn’t want to be in the public eye, yet now he’s putting himself out there even more,” she said. “This has left me very confused.”

In an Instagram Series of Pda-filled Photos With John, Alexis Attacked Haters

The PDA-filled social media posts that followed this maneuver were not shocking, despite the fact that it was. Bellino celebrated her 47th birthday in January 2024, and the celebration included a romantic trip for the two of them.

“So much fun and so much love to share from this weekend, and the pics are soon to come!!!!!” Bellino shared a post on Instagram. “I am quite grateful as I begin this year 47 years wiser. And on this birthday of yours, I am very grateful.”

Bellino published several pictures from her birthday celebrations not long after that tweet. Among them was an image of her and Janssen sharing a kiss on a balcony with a view of the sea.

“My favorite part of my birthday celebration,” she wrote next to one other image. “Just missing [John’s] kiddos.”

She also sent them a picture of Janssen’s dog with the caption, “Get to know Banks, [John’s pet].” Just like I adore his dad, I also love him. Because he is involved in this bizarre love tale, Banks will also be featured on my Instagram. Now he’s also my fur baby.”


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