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Beastars Season 3 Release Date: Here You Need to Know Everything

Beastars is based on the manga series by Paru Itagaki and is set on a planet populated by anthropomorphic herbivores and carnivores. Even though this world looks to be civilized, there is still friction between the two classes of life and an undercurrent of violence as certain carnivores succumb to their cravings to consume prey species.

Legoshi, a reticent teenage grey wolf, seeks to balance his romantic feelings for Haru, a white dwarf rabbit, with his predatory tendencies. In the meantime, the murder mystery grows as Legoshi looks for the carnivore that brutally slaughtered Tem, his companion alpaca.

Release Date of Beastars Season 3

The release date for Season 3 of Beastars has not yet been determined. Beastars seasons 1 and 2 both broadcast on Fuji TV in Japan a few months prior to their availability on Netflix and season 3 will likely follow the same distribution pattern. Beastars season 3 will likely premiere on Netflix in the fall of 2022, following the premieres of seasons 1 and 2 in March 2020 and July 2021, respectively.

Beastars Season 3: The Plot

Riz, a brown bear and fellow member of Cherryton Academy’s theatre club, was revealed to be responsible for killing and consuming Tem at the conclusion of Beastars season 2’s murder mystery plot. Instead of submitting this information to the authorities, Legoshi chose to confront Riz directly.

Beastars Season 3 Release Date: Here You Need to Know Everything

Working with carnivore therapist Gouhin, Legos was able to suppress his predatory tendencies, but his hard training and abstinence from eating meat left him too weak to defeat Riz in a fight. In the season finale, Louis begged Legoshi to consume the lower section of his leg, which not only kept Louis alive but also provided Legoshi the strength to compete with Riz in a battle.

Riz and Legoshi were both jailed, and while Legoshi was eventually released, the incident of consuming remained on his permanent record. Haru warns Legoshi that she will find another boyfriend if he doesn’t make a decision about dating her by the conclusion of Beastars season 2, indicating that their relationship will develop in season 3.

The next story arc in the manga is titled “Interspecies Relations,” in which Legoshi leaves school and must simultaneously learn to survive in the outside world while maintaining his relationship with Haru when she enters college.

Who Might Voice the Beastars Season 3?

No new voice actors have been announced for season 3 of Beastars. Nonetheless, the majority of the series’ central characters may return. The following Japanese and English voice performers from Beastars Season 2 are anticipated to return if Beastars Season 3 is commissioned:

Beastars Season 3 Release Date: Here You Need to Know Everything

  • JackJunya EnokiBen Diskin
  • JunoAtsumi Tanezaki / Lauren Landa
  • PinaYûki Kaji / Kayleigh McKee
  • GouhinAkio Ôtsuka / Keith Silverstein
  • RizHiroshi Shirokuma / Patrick Seitz
  • LegoshiChikahiro Kobayashi / Jonah Scott
  • HaruSayaka Senbongi / Lara Jill Miller
  • LouisYuki Ono / Griffin Puatu

The Official Trailer of ‘Beastars Season 3’?

In a few months, if our release date estimates for 2022 are accurate, the official trailer for the third season of “Beastars” will be available. We will continue to monitor Season 3 updates for ‘Beastars’ and revise this site when new information becomes available.