Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date: Has the Anime Been Renewed or Cancelled?

Fans of the action-fantasy anime Beast Tamer, which debuted in the winter of 2022, have been waiting with eagerness for the second season. The anime has captivated its fan following all around the world. In this article, we look into the support for a second season of Beast Tamer in 2023 and predict when it will premiere.

What Happened at the End of Beast Tamer Season 1?

Fans of the series got all they wanted in the last episode of Beast Tamer: a funny and touching conclusion to the story. The show’s real strength was not in its plot, which didn’t try anything particularly daring, but in its superb primary cast, each of whom leaves an unmistakable stamp in this last chapter.

After developing a close relationship with Nina, the reticent kitsune demigod, Rein and the rest of the party realized that their sleeping quarters were getting too small.

Natalie went to the Guild for help and suggested they buy a house. After a long search, they found the perfect property, but they didn’t realize that the low price was due to an uninvited inhabitant: a ghost.

Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date

The group generously pledged to get rid of the ghost once and for all. After venturing inside, they learned that the ghost caused only minor disruptions and posed no significant danger.

The apparition introduced herself as Tina Holy, a housekeeper who had died 30 years prior in a different city. Though she hadn’t bonded with Rein just yet, by the end of the episode Tina had become just another beloved member of the party.

There were brief episodes of emotional intensity in Beast Tamer that could have felt excessive or forced, particularly with specific character conflicts. Instead, they stuck to their guns and gave viewers what they wanted from the show from the get-go. Since it was based on a light book, this season just scraped the surface of what could be done in the anime medium.

Beast Tamer Season 2 Expected Release Date

There has been no formal confirmation of a second season of Beast Tamer, hence there is no set premiere date at this time. If the renewal is approved, however, the new season will likely premiere in the second half of 2024.

Season one of Beast Tamer aired from October to December of 2022, therefore a return in the middle of 2024 is possible given the typical time frame between seasons for production.

Beast Tamer Season 2 Release Date

Who Will Be in the Second Season of Beast Tamer?

As of now, there is not any official announcement related to the release date of the show. However, At this point of time, it is not possible to tell you exact cast and characters of the show. Furthermore, we may expect to return the cast & characters from the season 1 of the show.

Character Voiced By English
Voiced by Japanese
Rein Kevin D. Thelwell Shōya Chiba
Kanade Jalitza Delgado Azumi Waki
Tania Molly Searcy Rumi Okubo

What to Expect From the Second Season of Beast Tamer?

Season 2 of Beast Tamer follows Rein, the animal tamer, who was formerly a member of the hero’s group, on his ongoing adventures. He was forced to strike off on his own as an adventurer when his ineffectiveness in combat led to his expulsion from the party.

A young woman from the cat tribe, said to have the strength of the strongest animal, helps Rein on his journey. Meanwhile, the hero’s party has no idea how instrumental Rein has been in their previous wins. The story of a hardened beast tamer and the loyal friend he meets in the season to come.

Trailer of Beast Tamer season 2

As of now, there is not any teaser or trailer of Beast Tamer Season 2. How ever you can watch and enjoy the trailer of previous season here.

Beast Tamer Ratings

Due to its recent release date, the Beast Tamer series has not yet received a sizable amount of reviews. Ratings for it are now about average, with an 8.5/10 on IMDb and an 8.26/100 on Myanimelist.

Number of Episodes in Season 2 of Beast Tamer

The second season of the critically acclaimed television series Beast Tamer is finally on its way. The producer has announced that there would be 13 episodes in the upcoming season. Audiences have been waiting with bated breath for the next episodes since the Season 1 finale left them hanging.

Where to watch Beast Tamer?

If you’re wondering where you can watch Beast Tamer, you have a few choices. The program is available via video-on-demand via cable companies or for download from services like iTunes or Amazon.

The shows can also be viewed on Crunchyroll and other streaming websites. Crackle and Snagfilms offer a way for those who would prefer not to pay to stream the show.

Final Words

To conclude, even if Season 2 of Beast Tamer is still a mystery, fans are excited by the prospect of its return. As the premiere date of this exciting anime series approaches, additional secrets and exciting experiences can be expected.

However, you can watch the previous season of the show on streaming services like iTunes, Crunchyroll and Amazon. Furthermore, Do not forget to keep checking back to us as we will update the latest information regarding the show.

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