Be Aware of Rumors On Gravity Falls Season 3

Waiting for season 3 of this animated series, the season 3 is now in online discussions but what about the release date, plot, and more. Is it going to happen? Know complete information here.

Gravity Falls Season 3

You can’t force someone to love you, this is true right. A Dialogue from gravity falls. In this article, we are going to tell you about Gravity Falls 3. Are you excited for the all in one action, adventure, comedy-drama in one pack?

If yes, then be with this till the end of this article to know all the exciting news and updates related to Gravity Falls 3.

So let’s begin with one of this cutest dialogue-

“When There Are No Cops Around, Anything Is Legal.”

Now taking the Gravity Falls three as the main prospect of our article. In this article, we are going to tell you about Gravity Falls 3, its plotline, official trailer, previous year IMDb and a lot more.

Gravity Falls Season 3

The third season of Gravity Falls has been in the online discussion nowadays. A lot of rumors are spreading for the third season, don’t be in the trap of those fake news and controversies be with us to reveal the complete truth on Season 3.

You must have seen the release date of the third installment on many sites but are they true?

Honestly speaking, the answer is no they all are just for catching your attention towards them.

Now, Are you thinking about its cancellation?

Hmmm, maybe Yes, it has been 4years the season 2 ended, I don’t think so they will go to work on this again but maybe they do.

We are not confirmed about this statement but check out these tweets on Gravity falls by its viewers.

Gravity Falls Season 3

Is Gravity Falls Season 3 going to happen?

As we have mentioned already, there is no official information about the gravity falls season 3 will happen but check out this tweet from the creator of falls. He also stated at the end of season 2 that this will be the last season for the gravity falls and the story will end on this.

So what are your thoughts on Season 3, are the creators are doing the right thing by not making season 3, or are you upset with this.

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IMDb Rating on Gravity Falls 

Have you watched the previous 2 seasons? Check out the IMDb rating of the two seasons and reviews of the users, the season one and two is good to watch if you want to know about Gravity Falls.

Are you seeking the IMDB ratings for Gravity Falls? According to The IMDb, it has given about 8.9 stars out of 10. Is it enough according to you for an animated series?


This Is How Users Reacted On Gravity Falls 

Not too much, we have collected some of the reviews from the IMDb users on this animated series. If you have watched this series before also share your reviews in our comment section it will be helpful for other users as well 🙂

Many of the users say that it is an absolute watch, surprisingly great, Awesome show and more. Now you must be thirsty to read the reviews right. So here we go starting with our first review of Panosk and see what he said on gravity falls.

“Its Gravity Falls. There is no point in seeing the ratings of the people. You know there are all great ratings because the show is just great. Again, IT’S GRAVITY FALLS !!!”


“This show was amazing and there needs to be a season three. I have a problem though because I keep watching weird magged on over and over again. 10 out of 10”


“I’ll admit, when I was about 9 years old, I thought Mabel was kinda cute. She was also pretty funny. Well, almost every character in this show was funny! Now that I’m older, this is still probably the only show on TV that I’d watch. The show is so addicting and funny.”

“I’m pretty amazed that this is the only kid’s show that I know on the Top 100 rated TV shows. Well Done! 10/10”

Characters of Gravity Falls Season 3

If Robert changes his mind and agreed to make their third installment with a new plotline, then the characters will be as we have mentioned below.

  • Jason Ritter as Dipper Pines
  • Alex Hirsch as Grunkle Stan
  • Kristen Schaal as Mabel Pines
  • John DiMaggio as Manly Dan
  • Keith Furguson as Deputy Durland
  • Jennifer Coolidge as Lazy Susan
  • Niki Yang as Candy Chiu
  • Will Forte as Tyler The Cute Biker
  • Michael Rianda as Lee
  • Matt Chapman (Additional Voices)

Gravity Falls Season 3

Where to watch Gravity Falls Season 3 If Renews Again?

If you want to revisit the previous season of Gravity falls then they are available for online streaming on Disney+Hotstar but for season 3, If the show renews again maybe it will premiere on the same streaming platforms.

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Gravity Falls

Final Words 

The article is based on the head to toe detail of Gravity Falls Season 3. We have mentioned all the details like will it going to happen, previous years IMDb rating and reviews. We have tried to give all the necessary details in this article.

Hope the article is helpful for you, if yes then show some love and share this article with your friend who is seeking Gravity Falls 3.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Why didn’t Alex make Gravity Falls 3?

A-At the end of season 2, he stated that the 2nd season is enough to end be the ending of season 2, even in many tweets he states that they have no plans for the third installment.

Q-Will Gravity Falls 3 renew by Disney?

A-The possibility of season 3 to be renewed on Disney is likely zero, Disney has no plan for working on the third part.

Q-Where to watch Gravity falls?

A-The Gravity Falls season one and two are available on Disney+Hotstar, you can stream all the episodes there.


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