Bastard Anime: When Is the Dark Fantasy Anime Netflix Release Date?

Heavily metal and dark fantasy (Japanese: BASTARD!!, Hepburn: Basutado!!) is the name of the band Kazushi Hagiwara is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Ankoku no Hakaishin, which translates to “Bastard! The Dark God of Destruction.”

Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump began publication in 1988 and has continued intermittently in Ultra Jump since 2000 with the most recent chapter issued in 2010. As of 2012, there have been 27 tankobon volumes issued. Only the first nineteen volumes of the manga were originally licensed for English distribution in North America by Viz Media.

Heavy metal and Dungeons & Dragons are two of Hagiwara’s favourite pastimes and he incorporates them into the Bastard!! narrative. For example, many of Hagiwara’s characters and locations bear the surnames of members of his favourite bands.

Overview of Bastard Anime

In the story Bastard!!, the Four Lords of Havoc attack the Kingdom of Metallica. This makes the high priest ask his daughter to wake up Dark Schneider, a wizard and former leader of the Riders who is now inside 14-year-old Luche Renren. Bastard!! is set in a world like Dungeons & Dragons, and its history is about magic, revenge, and other struggles for power.

In this dystopian world, people need magic to protect themselves from wild animals and bad monsters. There are four kingdoms, and each one protects one of the four seals that keep the God of Destruction from moving. The first half of the manga is mostly like a Dungeons & Dragons story, but the second half is more about things like beliefs, morals, and religions.


Who Is in the Cast of Bastard Anime Dark Fantasy?

Kishou Taniyama is the actor that will be playing the primary role of Dark Schneider. Taniyama has portrayed leading roles in a large number of well-known anime series, including Attack on Titan, Blue Exorcist, Kuroko’s Basketball, and Detective Conan, amongst others.

Yoko Tia Noto is portrayed by Tomori Kusunoki, who also lends his voice to Assassins Pride. Youko Hikasa (Highschool DXD) will offer her voice to the part of Nei Arshes, and Hiroki Yasumoto (One Punch Man) provides the voice of Gara.

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What Is the Plot of Bastard Anime Dark Fantasy?

The Dark Rebel Army, which intends to resurrect the god of destruction Anthrasax, continues to extend its strength in an attempt to control the globe. The Dark Rebel Army is led by the incredibly strong Four Divine Kings, who are responsible for the expansion of the Dark Rebel Army’s power.

The sorcerer who leads the Dark Rebel Army launches an assault on the Kingdom of Metallica, which is located on the Central Medallion Continent. Tia Noto Yoko, daughter of the Great Priest, must make a decision in order to save the kingdom.

She must choose whether or not to resurrect the ancient great wizard who once plotted to rule the world and who is currently sealed within her childhood friend Lucien Renren. If she chooses to do so, she will be able to save the kingdom.


The only thing that can break the seal is a kiss from a young woman who has not yet given birth. In the face of impending peril, Yoko presses her lips to Lucien’s, and in that precise instant, a dark and potent force permeates the environment. Dark Schneider, the legendary magician, has finally been brought back to life, and he is the most powerful, craziest, and most gorgeous protagonist ever!

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When Is the Dark Fantasy Anime Netflix Release Date?

An original video animation (OVA) series based on the manga was produced by AIC and aired from 1992 to 1993. Pioneer published the OVA in North America in 1998. Liden Films’ original net animation (ONA) adaptation will release on Netflix in June 2022. It will be available worldwide.

What Is the Total Number of Episodes?

It has been stated that there will be a total of 24 episodes for the anime series BASTARD!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy. It is not known at this moment if all 24 episodes will be made available at the same time or if they will be divided into two seasons of 12 episodes each.

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Bastard Anime Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bastard on Netflix?

Netflix was the first to announce the Bastard!! revival back at the beginning of February. Warner Bros. Animation Japan is responsible for the production of the series. Previously, Netflix collaborated with Warner Bros. Animation Japan to deliver Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean to its streaming service as an exclusive.

What Is Bastard Anime?

BASTARD‼ The upcoming Japanese Netflix Original anime series Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy is based on the manga of the same name by Kazushi Hagiwara. The last time the manga was turned into an anime was almost 30 years ago. Liden Films is in charge of making the new anime version.

How Strong Is Dark Schneider?

Power. Strength: His strength is so great that he can stop the True Sword of Mystery of Gara with just one hand. After he comes back to life, his strength grows so much that he can damage Lynch’s Demon Mail with just a few punches.