Baruka Nuts: Benefits, Composition, Taste and Much More!

Baruka nuts have been getting more and more popular because of their nutritional value and their eco-friendly nature. They originate from the Savanna region of Brazil and are known for being useful for a healthy diet and weight loss. They belong to the legume family and increase good cholesterol content in the body  and prevent a myriad of diseases.

Baru nuts are brown in color as they get roasted and sold like any other nut. Their differentiating trait is their low fat content, which is much less than other nuts like walnuts, cashews and almonds. They have high protein content and are a healthy replacement. According to the Gourmet Journal, they have 25% less fat than any other nut and have three times more antioxidants than other nuts.

Baruka Nuts

Antioxidants are basically something that puts a stop to oxidation of food stored in an organism. Oxidation can lead to a chain reaction that can damage an organism’s cells and lead to health issues. Antioxidants are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

What Is the Nutritional Composition of Bauka Nuts?

There hasn’t been any official statement about the composition of these nuts and no experiments are done yet but one can look at the packaging and read the details provided by the supplier. But it is advisable to go through a proper research process. Although the people who have tried these nuts have given positive feedback.

Let us look at the composition :

Calories 140
Fat 10 g
Sodium 0 mg
Carbohydrates 12 g
Fiber 5 g
Sugar <1 g
Protein 6 g
Magnesium  66 mg
Zinc 1.2 mg

What Makes Baruka Nuts Environment Friendly?

Well, these nuts are leading to prevention of deforestation in Brazil. Once it was understood that they can be attained, people stopped cutting the trees. The more popular they get, the better it is for the trees. They also have a low water footprint and hence, the water is also saved as a minimum amount of water is used in their production and the process of making them ready for the market.

Baruka Nuts

Their trees are very important for the wild ecosystem they come from and their consumption might be less for now  but it is gaining popularity every day.

What Do Baruka Nuts Taste Like?

 Their taste is quite similar to cashews and peanuts which means it comes under the realm of referred taste in nuts. Along with that, it also has an essence of coffee. This means it is basically refreshing too because of it getting roasted. This makes the nut special and much more elaborate. It has mastered taste and health and will soon capture the market.

Do Baruka Nuts Have Allergy Problems?

There haven’t been any known allergic reactions but people who are allergic to peanuts or any other member of the legume family must be careful while trying this nut. This is the only complication as allergic reactions haven’t been studied for this nut.

How to Eat Baruka Nuts?

Baruka nuts can be used in smoothies and can be just eaten like a snack. They can be eaten with salads to make them more healthy and nutritious. They can also be grounded into butter and eaten and also can be smashed and added to energy bars for consumption. All in all, they can be consumed the same way other nuts are consumed.

What Are the Major Health Benefits of Baruka Nuts?

The major health benefits of Baruka Nuts would be that it maintains weight. Because of the reduced fat content, if one includes it in their diet, weight loss is easy and fast.The results start showing up after just two months of consuming baruka nuts. 

Baruka Nuts

It also boosts the immune system and leads to making the functioning of the heart better. The increase in the amount of good carbohydrates leads to better metabolism and makes the body fit. The multipurpose use of this nut is also a very essential point.

Where Can One Buy Baruka Nuts?

Baruka nuts are not available in retail stores yet but can be bought online through Amazon. The online market of this nut is growing and the nuts might break in through the trade route and enter the retail market too.

These nuts can be a healthy replacement to cashews and once more people start having them, their sale will flourish and more people will be able to access them.

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