‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Star Barbara Thore Dies at 76: Her Cause of Death Explained

Barbara Thore, a beautifully brilliant actress most known for her role as Whitney’s mother on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, passed away at the age of 76. Her daughter Whitney Way Thore delivered the discouraging piece of information. She was a legendary actress with a multitude of followers around the world. So let’s examine in depth what actually transpired and what caused her death.

Barbara Thore’s Cause Of Death

Whitney Way Thore, the daughter of Barbara Thore, revealed this mind-boggling news via her Instagram account. Therefore, Whitney posted a detailed piece about how difficult it is for her to adjust to the fact that her mother is no longer with her and the cause of her passing.

According to her daughter, the reason for Barbara Thore’s death was cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Following dementia, seizures, and hemorrhagic strokes, she was forced to endure extreme anguish as a result of a disease that was regrettably incurable.

In her latter days of life, Barbara Thore endured a truly agonizing circumstance, against which she fought valiantly. According to the lengthy essay that Whitney authored, Barbara’s first stroke occurred in 2017.

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Star Barbara Thore Dies at 76: Her Cause of Death Explained

So, with prompt medical care, she was gradually regaining consciousness, but then physicians warned of the severity of her illness. Then, her family anticipated that other strokes might occur, which their ailing mother would have to endure.

So, her family anticipated the inevitable, and they were all concerned about how painful it would be. Following her first stroke in 2017, the second one occurred in December 2021, rendering her completely incapacitated. The final stroke occurred in November 2022, and this unquestionably worsened her condition.

In addition, Covid 19 and the subsequent illness took a significant toll on her health, resulting in a startling deterioration. Her health began to rapidly decline, exceeding the expectations of her doctors and her family.

Consequently, she endured incalculable misery and fought until her dying breath. Thus, this loss had a significant impact on her family. Barbara Thore was a fantastic co-star who portrayed a captivating matriarch on the show.

They soared to notoriety in the blink of an eye after amassing a massive fan base. At the conclusion of her detailed article, Whitney reminisces on how vivacious her mother was, and every word she used conveys how much she meant to her and the entire family.

Who was Barbara Thore?

Barbara ‘Babs’ Thore was one of the captivating co-stars of My Big Fat Fabulous Life who is indisputably most remembered for her role as Whitney’s mother. The captivating reality show dominated the business for nearly a decade with legions of followers around the world.

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Star Barbara Thore Dies at 76: Her Cause of Death Explained

She passed away at the age of seventy-six, and her family shared the sad news with the world. She was such a real artist and well-recognized as Whitney’s mother on the show that she finally welcomed death while suffering from severe illnesses and enduring anguish.

What is Amyloid Angiopathy of the brain?

Cerebral Amyloid angiopathy (CAA) is an incurable disorder in which proteins called amyloid to build on the walls of the brain’s arteries, causing serious bleeding within the brain.

Therefore, the patient’s life expectancy is short if he or she is in their sixties or older and has been diagnosed with a fatal illness. Nevertheless, if we consider the signs and symptoms, which differ from person to person, some individuals may have survived longer.