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Banished 2: Release Date Cancelled & Updates!

Last updated on 29 January 2022.

The BBC network has always been famous for its royal Drama shows since the 90s. The channel is one of the oldest yet successful TV channels which have been running till now. The platform is responsible for some of the amazing shows like Sherlock, the Office, Fleabag, Doctor Foster, and many more. But still, the channel has never really produced the best shows. And one of the examples of this situation is the Banished Series. 

The drama series is one of the experimental works of the BBC and it fails badly. The show has managed to release one season. After the end of the first season, the audience is wondering about the second one. But I don’t really think it will happen. There are already a lot of people saying that Banished is canceled for the second installment. 

In this article, I’ll be discussing the series and its second installment. We will also look at why the show is canceled and will it be back or not? If you are someone who has a keen interest in the show then this should be where you deserve to be. 

Banished – What is it?

Banished 2:

Banished is a British drama series that was first released on 5 March 2015 for the first time. The show is created by Jimmy McGovern, who has also worked in Broken and The Street. He is the person who has written the storyline of this show. 

The story revolves around the characters Reverend Johnson, Anne Meredith, Elizabeth Quinn. The story portrays the life of the late 1700s when there were royal families who used to rule. The story and the location look so royal and the show admirer is appreciating it. 

After the show was released, there were people who didn’t like it much. But every show got some fans and those fans were happy with it. The fans are wanting the second season after the show ends on a cliffhanger. But it’s been more than 5 years and nothing has happened. 

The Banished 2 has been with no such official announcement as of now confirmed by BBC Network.

Banished 2 – Will it happen Or Not?

Banished 2

The series Banished was ended on 16 April 2015 and after that, there was nothing officially released. The fans have waited enough for the installment news and there is nothing they can do. In the midst, the news came out from somewhere that the Banished series has been canceled for its second season. After that, there were widespread talks started and people really want to know what is exactly going to happen. 

After some time the star cast of banished, Russel Tovey has said in a statement during an interview that the cancellation of Banished was actually “a Sad day for a Drama”. 

In a tweet she said, 

“The history of Australia will have to tell its story without us – #banished on @BBCTwo has ended it’s an adventure… Sad day for drama x”

So, the series is not coming back for now. The official statement clearly indicates the cancellation. If anything happens, I will make sure to update you 🙂

Are there any chances of Banished 2?

The series, banished, is already confirmed to be canceled by the officials. The star cast has revealed that there will be no more season 2. But that doesn’t mean there will NEVER be Banished season 2. 

One of the main protagonists, MyAnna Buring, said in an interview that she wants to reunite with the cast. Well, what do we think about it? She admits that Banished was a special takeaway for her career and more than that, she made friends and memories on the set.

“I think all of us would love to rejoin this story and be a part of it again. Some stories that you tell, they become very close to your heart – and this is one of those.”

Other than her, Tovey also said that there were too many things that weren’t very clear through the show and season 1 was not enough to conclude it. In an Interview, Tovey said, 

“The natives have got to be introduced – they don’t feature in this series, because Jimmy didn’t want to just make them tokenistic, he wanted them to have their own characters,” 

He also added, “But that’s something I think he would absolutely be tempted to explore if it goes again. So this show can just grow and grow and grow – there’s no limit to where the story can go.”

The star cast is wanting to start the show again and their statement clearly indicated the chances of the second season. The cancellation news is already out yet but there is never a NO from the audience. We have to see what will be the future of Banished 2. 

Note – Any additional updates will be made to the article, feel free to comment if we missed something.

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Final words

The banished series, which follows the original drama theme of the late 1700s is ideal for someone who is very fond of dramas. The story of this show revolves around the royal life of Britain. If you are someone who loves the life of the eighteenth century then this is something you should definitely check for. Now, the show has already released its first season and the creators have canceled the second installment of this show. After the show finished airing in 2015, the loyal fans wanted to at least end the show with a satisfying ending. The story was absolutely incomplete. While the cast had shown interest for the second season, there is still no news about the renewal. 

As additional information about the potential Banished 2 comes to light, we’ll be sure to update this post, so be sure to bookmark keeperfacts page and like our page on Facebook to stay up to date.