Banana Fish Season 2: Is This Series Renewed or Cancelled?


Updated on: 29/01/2022

Will there be a Banana Fish Season 2? Many want the show but Akimi Yoshida wants to renew it or not?


According to the recent news, there probably be a season second. In this post we have added top to bottom queries about the second installment like will it happen? what about the release date? who is gonna write the plotline?

banana fish season 2

Banana Fish Season 2


Banana Fish is adapted from the Manga collection which simply states that it is a Japanese franchise. The show is penned and illustrated by the same name, Akimi Yoshida.

The Fish series is adapted from the Manga volumes serialized for about ten years from 1985 to 1994, ended up giving nineteen volumes from which the plotline is taken for the Banana Fish.

The series is introduced on our screen in 2018 by  MAPPA (Japanese version) later added on the Amazon Prime Videos in a dubbed English version.

Banana Fish starts with a story of an American Soldier named Griffin Callenreese facing a troubled full situation during the Vietnam War in 1973. The show follows some crime scenes with a lot of thrillers in it.

Will There Be A Banana Fish Season 2?

This is a very suspicious question from the side of followers of the show! Well, frankly speaking, the chances are low for renewing the Banana fish for a second because the show is adapted from the “Banana Fish” volumes that are only nineteen from which all are covered in the first season, so from this, the creators have no reference material left to make a second part.

Release Date Not Confirmed
Studio Japanese anime studio
Genre Japanese crime-thriller anime
Director Hiroko Utsumi
Screenwriter Akimi Yashida
Cast Kenji Nojima, Eiji
Scriptwriter Hiroshi Seko
Sound Director Shinichi Osawa

But maybe in the future, some more volumes would publish, if this happens then we could hope for a season second.

Moreover, there is no official confirmation regarding the cancellation or continuation of the show, so we couldn't say more about this, let's wait together for more future updates.

Banana Fish Season 2

Is Banana Fish Officially Cancelled Or Are Fake Rumours?

Many think that “Banana Fish Season 2” is officially canceled as we have mentioned above but the truth is, it is not discontinued simply the creators are taking more than the expected time to release out the show which is the main cause behind these fake rumors.

However, if the show got a canceled tagline in the future then we will update this portion right after the official statement, so till then stay tuned and mark us in your bookmark section to get the updates super fast.

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Why The Plot of Banana Fish Is Different From Other Series?

The plotline is different from the other series because it comprises six portions which are brought out from nineteen volumes.

  • “Prologue” from volume first
  • “The Mystery of Banana Fish” from volumes one to six
  • “Ash's Counterattack” from volumes seven to eleven
  • “The Return of Golzine” from volumes twelve to fourteen
  • “The Final Battle” from volumes fifteen to eighteen
  • “Epilogue” from volumes eighteen to nineteen

We have mentioned only the names of the parts but if you want a complete description of the individual portion, then let me know in the comment section.

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banana fish season 2

Where We Can Watch The Banana Fish Series?

As a substitute, if you are thinking to gaze the show again then you can simply stream it online on Amazon Prime Videos and 4anime but for Netflix, it is accessible only for the United States users, so if you belong to the US then enjoy it on Netflix and rest can watch it on the aforementioned platforms.

Last Lines-

It would be a better option for the creators to make a season second because the first one is really adored by everyone out there who has seen the franchise even the show is also nominated for the “Anime Fan Award” at Tokyo Anime Award Festival in 2019.

Now it's your turn, have you seen the show? Share your reviews with us!

Hope you find our post helpful, stay tuned for more latest updates and stuffs like this❤️❤️❤️.

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What are your assumptions regarding the show? Have you signed the petition for the second season? Comment down everything regarding the series and get all the recent updates.