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Bad Blood Season 3 Release Date: Is It Renewed or Cancelled?

Bad Blood, a crime-based series that was first released on 21 September 2017 is a worth-watching show for the people who love crime shows. The series is created by Simon Barry for the Citytv channel. The show has already released its two episodes for the people and now the audience is wanting updates about the second season. Well, social media is full of questions regarding the third part of this show.

The fans are looking for some real and trustworthy news and I am here. In this article, I’ll be sharing all the things which are out yet. You must be interested to read, right? Well, let’s find out in this section. 

Bad Blood – What is it?

 Bad Blood Season 3 Release Date

Well, the series might look similar to the favorite Taylor swift song but it is quite different. Bad Blood is based on the popular 2015’s book named Business or Blood: Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto’s Last War. The book is written by Antonio Nicaso. 

The first season of Bad blood was aired on 21 September 2017 and fans loved the series for being amazing storyline and great direction. Shortly after the release of the series, the creators of this show immediately renewed it for the second season. While many people know that the series is based on the book but only a few know that the series is not fully based on it.

The first season is based on the book but the second season is completely different and follows a different story that is fictional. The show received pretty great ratings and feedback from people all around the world. 

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Despite not having another content from the story, the creators decided to adopt another script and aired season 2. So, can we expect the third season of this series? Continue reading this article and find out about this. 

Bad Blood Season 3 – Can We Expect the Third Season?

Bad Blood Season 3 Release Date

The second season of bad blood was released on 29 November 2018 and it was the last when we saw our favorite character, Vito Rizzuto, in that hot black suit. Well, it’s been a long time since we last heard anything about the show. The fans are really waiting for the series to end on a good note. 

Shortly after the release of the second season, the show was also started to broadcast under Netflix. As we know very well that Netflix plays an important role in the development and popularity of a show. The show gained more viewers and fans started to recognize the show.

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Now the real question is when the series will launch the third season. Till now, there is no official statement for this season. Neither the series is renewed nor the show is canceled for now. But if there will be season 3 then it will release not before the winters. The history of the releasing date of Bad blood always falls during December. 

Bad Blood Season 3 – What is the Release Date of This Show?

The release date of the first season was September 2018. Soon after the release of the first season, the show was already renewed for the second season. Now, the release date of the third season isn’t out yet. 

The creators of this show haven’t released anything regarding the third season. But the fans are quite serious about the third installment and they want the series to return. 

Bad Blood Season 3 – What Can You Expect With the Storyline?

The story revolves around Vito Rizzuto, who is the head of a famous underworld and crime family. Being a criminal since the early days of his life, Vito was always a target for the cops. The story will take place in the time of Montreal and the time is around the 2000s to 2010s. Vito is always the target of the police and when soon he has to pay for what he had done. The police arrested him for multiple murders and cases. When he got arrested, he transferred all his power to his other partner Declan Gardiner. His all property and kingdom to his right hand but son all things started to mess around. When Vito got released, he was in anger and revenge.

Now, the story takes many ups and downs and a lot of turns but soon the story starts to take interesting turns. The show mainly revolves around the crime and business world of our society. You might start to question the things which have been shown in the show. Yes, they are all somewhere right, and yes all these things take place in our dirty society. 

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If there will be the third part of this show, it will again start to centralized Vito and his world. The story will tell you how Vito will finish his enemies and we might encounter more in the journey. 

Bad Blood Season 3 – Who is Going to Cast in this Season?

The third season will likely follow the same cast as it used to be in season 1 and season 2. The fans are looking forward to seeing the same cast and well me too. While there is no news about the third season, we still know that the cast will be the same. 

Talking about the cast, the Australian actor Anthony LaPaglia will be cast as Vito Rizzuto. The character Vito is the main character of the story. He the boss of the criminal world and later got arrested for multiple murders. The show has many characters which will add extra spice to the story. 

In the next few lines, we will take a look at the other cast who play an important role in the story. 

  • Starting the main character is Vito Rizzuto. The character of Vito is played by Anthony LaPaglia. He is the boss of his popular Montreal Rizzuto family, who is specially focused on the crime of the area.
  • Coming to the next in the list, Declan Gardiner. The actor Kim Coates has naively played the role of Declan Gardiner in the bad blood series. He is the second lead of the story and the right-hand of Vito Rizzuto. When Vito got arrested he gave all his empire to him. The empire of the Rizzuto family was later got under his hand. But he betrays Vito and overtakes all his powers. When Vito is released from prison, he wants to take revenge on him and also wants his Rizzuto family back. 
  • Paul Sorvino will be back as Nicolo Rizzuto. He is the real boss and founder behind patriarch and founder of the Rizzuto family.
  • Enrico Colantoni will be played as Bruno Bonsignori. 
  • Brett Donahue will be back as Nico Jr. He is the son of Vito and enjoys the oldest position in the family.
  • Maxim Roy will be cast as Michelle and he is Vito’s confidante.
  • Gio is the character that makes its way in the first season. The actor of Tony Nappo will be acting as Gio. He is the bodyguard soldier of the Rizzuto family
  • Michelle Mylett will play the role of Sophie. She is actually the mistress of Vito.
  • Ryan McDonald will be back as Reggie Ross. This character introduces us in the second season 2. He is the nephew of Declan and recently got released from prison because of the murder case.
  • Sharon Taylor will be cast as Rose Sunwind. Like Reggie, this character also comes in the second season. He works as a smuggler in the story. During the starting years, he sells and smuggled cigarettes but later Declan takes him into his company and they start their drug business.
  • Daniel Kash as Lorenzo “Enzo” Cosoleto. 
  • Franco Lo Presti will be back as Luca Cosoleto.  
  • Coming to the next character, Anna Hopkins will be seen as Teresa Langana. 
  • Gianni Falcone will be casted as Christian Langana 
  • Louis Ferreira will play the role of Domenic Cosoleto
  • Dylan Taylor as Ignazio “Nats” Cosoleto 
  • Melanie Scrofano as Valentina Cosoleto 
  • Lisa Berry will be casted as Nellie Bullock

If you have seen the second season of Bad blood then you would have known that there are a lot of new characters included as the story demands. We have seen Cosoleto brothers and sons in the story. If there will be the third season then you can expect that there will be more characters in the story. 

What are the Ratings of This Show?

The show, Bad Blood received mixed reviews in the story. The audience was happy with the show and rated it with good ratings but the critics didn’t appreciate the show. Talking about the critics rating, the IMDb rating of this show is 7.5/10, and pop culture has rated this show with a 4/5 rating. 

The honest fans are always there to appreciate their favorite show that’s why the audience rating summary of this show is 4.6.  

Lets’ check trailer for the season 3-

Final words

The criminal series, Bad Blood has not released anything regarding the third installment. The fans are waiting for the updates of the third season but there aren’t many. Bad blood has released 2 seasons so far now and both seasons contain 14 seasons. The ratings and reviews of this show are outstanding but we have to see whether it will be renewed or not.