Back to 15 Season 2 Release Date: is the Show Officially Cancelled or Renewed?

A show that touches our hearts by equating what would transpire if your present self were trapped inside of your 15-year-old self, Season 2 of Back to 15 has been extended. Here is everything we currently know about Back to 15 Season 2.

Brief Information About Back to 15 Season 2

Name Back to 15 Season 2
OTT Platform Netflix
Written By Janaina Tokitaka
Genre Teen drama
Back to 15 Season 2 Release Date Yet To Be Confirmed

Back to 15 Season 2 Recap

Anita is a woman now, 30 years old, and worn out from coping with life’s challenges and becoming an adult. Her one and only wish is to regress to when she was half her age, when she was carefree, joyful, and always willing to take chances. Her wish is now locked inside of a younger, more innocent version of herself. Strange, isn’t it?

Back to 15 Season 2 Release Date

Initially embarrassed by her acts, she gradually comes to appreciate them because they have helped shape who she is. She also becomes more cautious and assumes control of the situation because she does not want to become into the 30-year-old woman she has become.

The show is a powerhouse of emotions and a tried notion regarding age-related miracles and regressing to youth. It is a must-watch. The fans can’t wait to immerse themselves in the plot once more and relive their high school years. Keep checking back for all the latest Back to 15 Season 2 news.

What is the Expected Release Date of Back to 15 Season 2?

Unfortunately, as of the air date of the show, there is no official remake. Back to 15 has not yet provided a specific date for the season 2 premiere. This does not imply that a date won’t be set, though.

It would be premature to speculate on the release date as the first season of Back to 15 was released on February 23, 2022. The good news is that Netflix has yet to confirm the precise release date for the second season, despite the fact that we already know about it.

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Since we just know that the creators have approved the second season, it is common for the release date to be announced after the production is finished. To acquire the confirmed date, you must wait a bit.

The release date for 2023 is indicated by every hint. The likelihood of the series debuting in 2023 is very strong. The confirmed date is still a mystery to us, but we’ll let you know as soon as we learn it.

Cast and Characters of Back to 15 Season 2

The cast is fairly diverse, and the fact that two actors are portraying the same character—a younger and an adult version—increases the drama because there are conflicts of feelings even on set. The core cast will not change, however we are not currently aware of any additions.

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  • As Anita’s sister Luiza, Amanda Azevedo
  • Luiza as an adult, Mariana Rios
  • As Fabrcio, Guilherme performs
  • In the role of adult Fabrcio, Bruno Monteleone
  • As Joel, Antonio Carrara
  • Gabriel Stauffer as adult Joel
  • Playing Anita is Maisa Silva
  • Adult Anita was played by Camila Queiroz
  • Anita’s cousin Carol is portrayed by Klara Castanho
  • Young Carol is portrayed by Yana Sardenberg

The Plot: What is the Expected Storyline of Back to 15 Season 2?

Anita and her family and friends are the main characters of Season 1. Anita was able to transform into her 15-year-old self at the age of 30. How? See the programme to learn more. The season came to a close with Joel, Anita’s buddy, discovering the secret to time travel by accident.

Back to 15 Season 2 Release Date

As a result, Back to 15 Season 2 might depict how the second protagonist views his adolescence with Anita. Their verbal exchanges with one another or their small talk will make us think of our high school pals once more.

Additionally, we saw in the previous season that Joel had feelings for Anita and wanted to take her on a date, but that was unable to materialize because Anita was abroad. As a result, Joel will be the main character of this season, and his perspective will be used.

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If the plot doesn’t take any further turns and Joel tries to fully change the current by travelling to the past and perhaps even seeks revenge on Anita for missing their scheduled date, we might even witness a love angle between Joel and Anita, and they might even end up as a couple.

Is There Any Trailer of Back to 15 Season 2?

Sadly, the official trailer for the second season has yet to be released. The release date has not been confirmed, and we know that the clip will only become known after the show has revealed its production schedule. We can give you the first season trailer up till the updates for the second season are released.

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch Back to 15 Where?

The programme, formally known as De Volta Aos, is accessible on Netflix in every country, but only with a paid subscription.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in Season 2 of Back to 15?

The first season of the show consists of 6 episodes, each of which lasts roughly 40 minutes. We may anticipate that Season 2, which is currently unknown, will feature more or longer episodes given that it is relatively shorter than the typical Netflix series.

What Are the Back to 15 Season 1 IMDB Ratings?

Back to 15 Season 1 has a 6.7/10 rating on IMDB.