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B: The Beginning Season 2: a Gripping Crime Show

B: The Beginning Season 2  has a brand new mysterious glint that needs to be unraveled along with a rather intriguing conspiracy theory and this season is all about that. 

Season one of the series took place in the nation of Cremona. The story revolves around a serial killer vigilante named Killer B. The two protagonists Koku and Keith are on a mission to find Killer B while also trying to demystify the secrets of the killings that have taken place.

B: The Beginning Season 2

B: The Beginning Season two is named Succession and it is initiated with the Royal Investigation Service solving the mysteries with Koku and Keith in order to track down Killer B. With the first season’s remarkable performance, the second season seems rather underwhelming. The premise and the story is great but the unnecessary complications make the whole ordeal seem a bit too dragged. 

Cast, Characters and Direction

  • Keith Kazama Flick as Ray Chase
  • Koku as Kyle McCarley
  • Lily Hoshian as Faye Mata 
  •  Kaela Yoshinaga as Allegra Clark 
  •  Eric as Jalen K. Cassell
  • Kirisame as Casey Mongillo

The show was directed by Kazuto Nakazawa (Chief) Itsuro Kawasaki and was released on March 18, 2021 on Netflix, which is three years after the first season and thus after such a long wait, it came to surface. This doubled the anticipation and expectations of the anime fans.

The Plot 

The Second Season of B: The Beginning transitions into a new set of mysteries by following the narrative of the first season and takes up things from where is left off. This creates a continuity and a sense of familiarity for the fans of the show.

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The first season has established the terror that Killer B had spread in the town of Cremona by committing double murder. Because of this, Koku and Keith want to dwell into the mystery of these murders and stop this killer before he does something more rash.

In the beginning of the second season, we see that Koku has settled down and is enjoying a more domestic life after he solved the mysteries that were there in season one. But, when Keith gets abducted, Koku is alarmed. Koku then meets a childhood friend Kirisame who asks him to fight for a new world order and the audience are introduced to a more nuanced narrative. 

B: The Beginning Season 2

The new order here consists of an organization that is against outdated technologies. Kirisame invited Koku to join it. Then the failed experiments of the Jaula Blanca Research Institute are revealed which were mainly them trying to create advanced creatures they call Gods and further name them Promised Children.

It is also revealed that Kirisame’s intentions weren’t always pure and the plot begins to narrate a rather twisted story and further complicates the already intricate premise.But all this while, what is happening with Keith and is Killer B back for more? 

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This intrigue makes the plot more diverse and interesting along with it’s baffling complications and intelligent storytelling. Although the show consists of six episodes and ends at a note that may make the audience frustrated if they have to wait till 2024 for another season. 

But the introduction of the new character Kirisame and a set of supernatural elements with more crime mystery makes the show an entire package filled with a lot of guesswork which builds up the anticipation, keeping the audience on edge.

Review of B: The Beginning Season 2

The series is a pleasant but underwhelming continuation of the first season and will appeal to you only if you have seen the first one because of the well knit plot. No such thing as reading the premise of the first season would work. A thorough binge of the show is a must to understand the action, drama and investigation that goes on in the show. There is enough thrill to make one get addicted to the show and the animation is as always great.

But the writing is a little flawed and seems to try and reach heights but it is reduced to its own silliness. The translation of the story is not done properly which usually doesn’t happen in anime as the story progresses smoothly. But, the writers were lacking in creating the kind of excitement the first season had. But there are more evolved things in the new season in spite of just giving six episodes of an entire season which sure is a bummer.

B: The Beginning Season

The introduction of a new character Kirisame makes the show take a sinister turn which is well appreciated and works wonders for the already gripping narrative of the show.

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A new villain is exactly what the show needed and that is exactly what the season offers. Although the supernatural elements might irk some people off because of how the show leans on its true crime approach. But in the end, it does leave you wanting more.


B: The Beginning Season 2 is a gripping tale of true crime investigation that pushes and plunges a whole set of complications to make the story more interesting. Along with the peaking interest in anime, shows like this are becoming the new favorite of people and creating a niche of its own.The new season was nothing less than a twisted narrative of a simple premise and that is exactly what is expected of the show and it follows through. The new and more nuanced mysteries along with disappearance of one of the protagonists makes it more gripping and because of a short season, the excitement for season three is evidently going to increase.