B Positive: Season 2 Release Date | Plot | Cast – Why CBS Delayed A Week?

B Positive is an American tv series developed by Marco Pennette, who also serves as an executive producer for Warner Bros. Television with Chuck Lorre. The multi-camera series aired on CBS on November 5, 2020, as part of the 2020–21 television season’s Thursday night lineup.

The story revolves on a therapist and newly divorced parent who is in need of a kidney donor due to his B-positive blood type. When his family fails to provide a match, a woman from his past gives him one of hers.

The show is based on the actual experience of the show’s creator, Marco Pennette, who had a kidney transplant in 2013.

What Happened in Last Season?

Gina informs Eli at the opening of “Life Expectancy” that she’s opted to get her own apartment after the transplant instead of moving back in with Gabby. She doesn’t have a strategy in place, but she has some time to come up with one. Eli offers Gina to move in with him in the interim, but she rejects. She doesn’t want to hurry into anything because the relationship is still young.

B Positive Season 2

Drew has prepared a tasting of Swiss delicacies for Adriana at home in preparation for their journey to Switzerland, where Adriana will receive an experimental cancer therapy. She’s blown away, but she won’t be able to remain. She informs Drew that she is driving to the airport and that she has decided to travel without him. Adriana refuses to allow her partner postpone his transplant for two months, no matter how great it would be if Drew joined her. She promises him that when she returns, they will continue their relationship.

Drew has his final dialysis session the next morning. As strange as it may sound, he’ll be missing these sessions. His closest buddies are Jerry, Eli, and Gideon. Even empath Megyn, who’s only been on dialysis for a week, has grown on him. The men encourage Drew to purchase his donor a present to honor her for her sacrifice before Gina arrives for a joyous group hug.

B Positive Season 2

Following that, Gideon takes Gina to see an apartment. It’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but she maintains “everything is good.” “It doesn’t get much better than this.” Gina finds herself in the midst of an identity crisis in a matter of seconds. Gideon doesn’t sugarcoat it, he admits, but this is an opportunity to start over.

Drew’s ex-wife Julia shows up at the house to wish him luck on his wedding day. Gina’s kindness has also prompted her to consider giving one of her own kidneys, she says. Maybe she’ll be a good fit for Eli or Jerry? It will look great on her Tinder profile, whomever receives it. Drew asks Julia for advice on what present to purchase Gina before she leaves. She advises him to get something from the heart, but if he is stumped, diamond earrings will suffice.

B Positive Season 2

The night before the transplant, Drew and Gina had trouble sleeping. He informs her that he nearly didn’t go to their common friend’s wedding, where they reunited, and that his life would have been drastically different if he hadn’t gone. He then gives her a keychain that will change her life: it’s a key to the house. He wants for her to remain. She takes it with humility and tells Drew that he has given her life new purpose.

Drew gives Gina a second gift a few hours later: a limousine to take them to the hospital. Paul stands outside to record the event, then follows them inside the surgical unit, where Gabby and the entire dialysis team greet them. Following that, we witness a montage of well wishes from everyone in Drew and Gina’s circles, including Norma, who is in Italy with her kid.

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What Can We Expect From B Positive Season 2?

According to TVLine, Rosa Salazar, who portrayed Adriana on Season 1 of B Positive, will not return for Season 2 of the CBS sitcom. Michelle Ortiz, a CBS Diversity Showcase alumna, will take up the role of Drew’s significant other, as shown in newly released images from the Thursday, Oct. 21 episode – but is their love doomed?

B Positive Season 2

Season 2 of B Positive will undergo a creative overhaul, as previously reported. In the wake of the kidney transplant that ended Season 1, the series will turn its focus largely to Annaleigh Ashford’s Gina, who has decided to make it her mission to improve the conditions of the elderly residents at Valley Hills Assisted Living, where Drew’s former dialysis nurse Gideon (Darryl Stephens) is now hired as head of nursing.

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B Positive Season 2 Release Date

CBS officially scheduled to released B Positive second season on 14th October, 2021.

Why CBS Delayed 1 Week?

Season 2 of the Thomas Middleditch series will now launch on Thursday, Oct. 14, at 9:30/8:30c on CBS, one week later than its original October 7 start date.

The decision was made to give new CBS comedy Ghosts (featuring Rose McIver from iZombie) a complete one-hour premiere, with back-to-back episodes set for Oct. 7 at 9pm.

Also CBS scheduled Young Sheldon season 5 at 8 pm, at 8:30 it scheduled for United States of Al season 2. Its seems that lots of program scheduled for that date. That is why it delayed a week.

At October 14th, besides B positive, CBS also gonna release Young Sheldon episode 2 at 8pm, at 8:30pm it scheduled to release United States of Al episode 2.

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