From Rag to Riches: Austin Butler Net Worth is Really Amazing!

Austin Butler is an American actor, model, and singer from Anaheim, California. He gained notoriety in the entertainment industry by appearing in the fantasy drama series The Shannara Chronicles as Wil Ohmsford, in which he played a key part.

Austin Butler wasn’t a big movie star before Baz Luhrmann put his faith in him to play Elvis Presley in a movie about his life. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made his fair share of money over the years working as an actor in both television and movies.

In television programmes like “Arrow” and “The Carrie Diaries,” Butler made an appearance. With a leading part in “The Shannara Chronicles,” which he played in 20 episodes between 2016 and 2017, he shot to fame. He has continued to work on numerous movies and television shows ever since.

In the 2019 film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” by Quentin Tarantino, Butler played a minor but pivotal role. The actor’s career really took off that year, when he landed the role of a lifetime and made it his own. He was chosen to play Elvis in the biopic of the musical legend by director Baz Luhrmann. He most recently took home the acting Golden Globe for his work, and the anticipation around the Academy Awards is only growing. Butler’s relationship with Vanessa Hudgens, which began in 2016, has aided his career.

What Is Austin Butler’s Net Worth?

According to Celebritynetworth, Austin Butler has an estimated net worth of $4 million as of 2023. He is one of the most famous young actors and has been in a number of TV shows and movies. Most of his money comes from the entertainment business, like TV shows, movies, etc., which is not a secret.

Austin Butler Net Worth

Butler also makes a little money from music. In 2009, he put out his first single, “Life I Love You, Not,” on iTunes. He also became the newest brand ambassador for Cartier, which is the top jewellery brand. About $500,000 is what Austin Butler makes each year.

Austin Butler started working abroad when he was young, and he has fond memories of two projects he worked on in New Zealand. The first was the 2009 comedy “Aliens in the Attic,” which did not do well at the box office. According to Bomb Report, it cost $45 million to make but only made just under $58 million worldwide. But he and Ashley Tisdale at least had a good time making it. “We went to this small island near the beach by kayak.

Austin Butler Bought a House With Vanessa Hudgens

According to the Daily Mail, Austin Butler started dating Vanessa Hudgens in 2011. He met her on the set of “High School Musical,” where they both worked. Celebrity Net Worth says that the popular Disney franchise has helped Hudgens get a net worth of about $18 million, which is more than four times what Butler is thought to have.

Hudgens’s jump to the top income bracket helped her and Butler buy a nice home together in Los Angeles in 2018. According to Dirt, the home cost close to $5 million, which was more than Butler was worth at the time this article was written.

Austin Butler Net Worth

The three-bedroom, four-bathroom house was about 100 years old, and “The Dark Knight” actor Gary Oldman sold it to the couple. He let ivy grow all over the building, which gave it a quirky look. A grove of citrus trees in the backyard added to the building’s rustic charm. It also had a spa, a pool, and a guesthouse. Butler and Hudgens didn’t have much time to enjoy their time there together, though, because they broke up in 2020. WWD says that they also had a shared apartment in New York City.

We also know that Butler owned a black Audi A7 in 2019. This is because the paparazzi were interested in his relationship with Hudgens. J.D. Power says that he most likely paid between $50,000 and over $65,000 for the luxury sedan.

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