Atiq Ahmed Net Worth: When Did Atiq Ahmed Start His Career In Crime?


Former Samajwadi Party and Apna Dal MP Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed were shot dead on live TV in Prayagraj on Saturday (April 15) night. After this incident, many questions were raised about the law-and-order situation in Yogi Adityanath's Uttar Pradesh.

The opposition is also besieging the UP government regarding this incident. Let us tell you how much money Mafia Atiq had.


Who Was Atiq Ahmed?

Atiq Ahmed was a five-time MLA and one-time MP from Uttar Pradesh, who had 160 criminal cases registered against him and his family. Over time, the UP police seized assets worth more than Rs 11,000 crore belonging to Ahmed.

A few days ago, his son Asad Ahmed was also killed in an encounter with the UP police in Jhansi. According to timesnownews, UP Police has so far seized assets worth Rs 11,684 crore of Atiq and his family members.


After remaining inactive for a long time, Ahmed again came into infamy last month when his son Asad Ahmed allegedly shot dead Umesh Pal and two of his guards in an encounter that was also caught on camera.

Asad was killed in an encounter with the UP police in Jhansi. Umesh Pal, the lawyer who was shot dead outside his residence, was a key witness in the 2005 murder of BSP MLA Raju Pal, in which Atiq Ahmed was the prime accused.

Atiq Ahmed Net Worth

The police have also attached the properties of Atiq's wife Shaista, against whom three criminal cases are also registered. The Prayagraj district administration had earlier said that it had forcibly seized property worth Rs 417 crore on behalf of Atiq Ahmed's family.

More than 40 FIRs have been registered against Atiq Ahmed in various police stations of Prayagraj and Lucknow for various crimes like murder, extortion, cheating, and land grab.

As per reports, Atiq had to shut down his business of illegal tenders and contacts following the Adityanath government's crackdown on mafia activities in the state. As per reports, Atiq and the family had incurred a loss of Rs 1200 crores per year due to the closure.

Let’s read about the family of Atiq Ahmed.  Atiq Ahmed and his wife Shaista Parveen have five sons. Elder son Umar is lodged in Lucknow jail. The second son Ali is lodged in Prayagraj's Naini Jail.

The third son Asad was killed by the STF in an encounter on 13 April. The remaining two sons of Atiq are still minors, who are in a juvenile home.

Atiq chose the path of crime to get wealth and fame, and now no one is going to handle it. Although Atiq Ahmed has made a lot of wealth in the last three decades, is it unnamed or illegal? Today we will tell you how much wealth and property Atik Ahmed had. Now who will get his immense wealth, this is a big question.

How Much Wealth Atiq Shown During the Election?

First of all, let's tell how much property Atiq Ahmed had declared. Atiq Ahmed contested the election from Varanasi parliamentary seat in the year 2019. He had declared total assets of Rs 25 crore in his election affidavit.

It was revealed from the affidavit that Atiq Ahmed had a number of bank accounts. Leaving aside paper assets, Atiq Ahmed had made immense wealth illegally. Over time, UP police seized properties worth well over Rs 11,000 crore belonging to Ahmed.

Atiq Ahmed Net Worth

However, in the last 2 years, most of the illegal property of Atiq Ahmed has either been confiscated, or bulldozers have destroyed it. According to the data released by the administration, Atiq Ahmed's property worth about Rs 1169 crore has either been bulldozed or seized, or confiscated.

Out of this, the administration has taken possession of property worth 417 crores, and bulldozers have diminished the property worth about 752 crores.

Over time, Ahmed's properties were seized by the UP police, with a total value of well over Rs 11,000 crore.

When Did Atiq Ahmed Start His Career In Crime?

When Atiq was 17 years old and charged for murder in 1979, he really rose to fame in 1989 after allegedly killing a corporator Chand Baba and becoming the first person to be elected as an MLA from the Allahabad West constituency.

Ahmed began his criminal activities in Chakia, a small Prayagraj neighborhood, but he soon took control of a sizable portion of the city's Civil Lines. He started spreading his tentacles to Prayagraj's neighboring areas, even to Lucknow and then Noida.

If we consider the properties attached by the UP government are a small portion of the total wealth he had, of course, under Benami agreements, Ahmed developed a criminal enterprise worth several thousand crores of rupees over a period of almost three decades. He had authority over deals involving real estate in Prayagraj, Kaushambi, Lucknow, and Noida.

Atiq Ahmed Net Worth

Ahmed was known for purchasing houses for dirt-cheap prices by frightening the owners, which, when he wasn't simply grabbing them, was how he made a lot of money running his criminal enterprise. Ahmed must have had exponential returns if you include the ransom, extortion, and protection money he made.

In 2015, Ahmed tried to take over a sizable plot of land that belonged to a renowned businessman in the area, When Atiq’s men attempted to take possession of the land, Atiq himself was there, according to cops then posted in Lucknow.

The gang leader stormed into the trader's hotel, turned off all the CCTV cameras, and threatened him, and the police interfered and encouraged the trader to file a complaint.

In 2018, Ahmad attempted to replicate it with a trader from Lucknow named Mohit Jaiswal. In the Deoria Jail, Jaiswal was kidnapped by Ahmad's men and there, he was beaten and forced to sign the documents for his property worth Rs 40 crore for a pittance.

In 2019, when Ashraf was arrested in connection with the Jaiswal case, the Supreme Court ordered the transfer of Atiq from Deoria to Sabarmati prison.

Government contracts and tenders were another profitable industry that Ahmed worked in. His employees acquired these contracts by using force, frequently under threat of violence. Ahmad's ability to use violence was unmatched by other bids and businesspeople.

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After the Yogi Adityanath government started cracking down on mafia activities a few years ago, Ahmed reportedly had to close his business of illegal tenders and contracts. According to sources, this resulted in a loss for Atiq and his family of around Rs 1,200 crore annually.


To conclude, his total net worth of Ahmed may not be cleared by authorities yet. But as we read, around 11,000 crores worth of property was seized, and the legal owner of that massive property is not disclosed.