At NYC Premiere of “Don’t Worry, Darling,” Harry Styles Jokes About “Spitting” Chris Pine.

Harry Styles may have spit on Chris Pine during the September 5 Venice Film Festival premiere of the troubled film Don’t Worry Darling, according to a weird report. A video depicts an interaction that appears to have occurred, with Harry hovering over Chris as he enters a cinema and Chris staring at his hands in shock for several seconds.

Don’t Worry Darling, starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, has been the subject of much Internet buzz in recent weeks, from the circumstances surrounding Shia Labeouf’s initial departure from the film to the discussion surrounding the film’s sex scenes to rumours that Pugh and director and co-star Olivia Wilde are feuding. The fact that Pugh would not be doing press for the picture outside of the Venice premiere reinforced the latter speculations.

At NYC Premiere of "Don't Worry, Darling," Harry Styles Jokes About "Spitting" Chris Pine.

When questioned by a journalist to “clear the air” regarding the rumours, Wilde stated, “Florence is a force and we are so glad that she is able to make it tonight despite being in production on Dune.” “As a filmmaker, I understand how disruptive it can be to lose an actor for even a day, so I’m extremely thankful to her and [Dune director] Denis Villeneuve for assisting us; we’re ecstatic to be able to celebrate her work tonight.”

Now, during a performance, the film’s star appears to respond with a humorous quip. According to Ria Ciuffo and Fran Mariano of Chicks In The Office, Harry responded to the supposed spat with the following gem: “I just popped over to Venice to spit on Chris Pine, but don’t worry, we’re back!”

At NYC Premiere of "Don't Worry, Darling," Harry Styles Jokes About "Spitting" Chris Pine.

The message was posted to Chicks in The Office’s Instagram account on September 7, Wednesday evening. They accompanied the photo of Harry with the words, “Harry Styles can crack a joke.” “Live coverage from Fran at Harry’s tenth MSG performance.” Harry, who has been dating the film’s director Olivia Wilde for nearly two years, is presently performing a residency at the famed Madison Square Garden in New York, which began on August 20 and will run until September 3. He supposedly uttered it during a time onstage.

A text discussion on another slide of the YouTuber’s post provided additional context for the insightful remark. In a snapshot, Ria appears to respond to hearing about the remark by writing, “He said that!” to which Fran responds, “yeah.” Fran resumes the SMS conversation by saying, “Laughing. It was pretty humorous. He was like we’re back MSG.”

Olivia and the film’s lead, Florence Pugh, are rumoured to be feuding, and Harry’s witty remark comes amid tales of tensions among the cast and crew of Don’t Worry Darling. A source close to Chris stated that Harry “absolutely did not spit on/at” Chris and that the meeting “is a fully contrived exchange, and any indication to the contrary is a clear attempt to create drama that does not exist.”