Assassins Pride Season 2 : What We Know So Far?

Family is something that matters a lot. There is a saying that if you have a family, you have everything and it is 100% true, isn’t? Family accepts us for who we are, but what happens if they didn’t even like you and ashamed of you? Don’t worry if this happens there will be one person who will be definitely for you. Who is it? “Assassins Pride” is the hero in the nutshell and if you’re interested to know about him that this article is for you. We’re going to unfolds the pages of him, so stay till the end to know about this latest anime.

Not only this but we’ll tell you the summary of first part and will discuss about its second season.

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What is Assassins Pride?

As I have already mentioned that this is a novel and like many anime that is also based on a manga series. The writer of this manga series is Kei Amagi. If you’re a fan of reading manga then you can go for its light novel. The novel is still running and is quite entertaining. Many readers criticized that this anime version skip many segments from its manga for which the official’s responded that ‘they have limited time’.

Furthermore, this anime series have already released its first season for people and now fans are eagerly waiting for its second season. The best apart, which will attract your eyes will be its high level for graphics and super sound quality, well we’re in 2021 so we can accept that. Assassins pride follows the principal of finding your true self and also tells its viewer to be confident on yourself.

Although, this anime didn’t receive great critics review but Fans do like it and this potential of Assassins pride will make you believe that it will come with its season 2.

When Second Season of Assassins Pride is going to release?

On October, 2019, the first season of Assassins pride was released for the people. As you are aware of the fact that this anime is adapted from a manga series and it do skip some parts but it is still worth to watch. If you’re already a fan of Assassins Pride and waiting for its second season then we are sorry to inform you that there is no official conformation regarding the second season Release date.

So, there is no confirmed date regarding the second season but we feel that it will shortly after they have enough story for it. The author is still publishing light novel of this anime with great content.

Assassins Pride Season 2

According to some sources in the internet, we might see the second season till the last of this year, 2021.  This is just an assumption and we recommend you to wait for its official announcement. However, you can believe that there will be a second part for sure.

If there will be any update regarding the second season then we will update you. For that keep following our website, Keeperfacts.

Where can I watch Assassins Pride’s English Dub?

The licensed company of Assassins Pride is Sentai Filmworks but sadly there are no English subtitle available for the watchers. But we have an easy solution for it too. Watch this anime on Crunchyroll and HiDive because they have provided English dub for it. If you have any other site, then comment us in the comment section.

What is the plot of Assassins Pride?

This anime will follow the character Melida Angela. She is born in Aristocrat family but she lacks her mana ability. Her family, who are concern about her, sent her to an academy for learning some powerful skills which will turn her into an extra-ordinary person. In the Academy, she was assigned under the mentor named, Kufa Vampir. He is her Mana teacher and you’ll see him teaching her with great concern.

But, but, but

Here is a twist which sounds scary, if Melida Angela is your favorite character, what is it? If Melida fails to learn these supernatural skills then her mentor, Kufa, have to kill her

Personally, I love her character and after knowing this, I thought to not stop watching this anime but I was wrong. The show gets more interesting after each episode.

By the way, Kufa is a good character and he thought of saving her by any cost. He, thought of teaching her some different ways so that she can master the skill of mana. But there is something which is hiding from Kufa and I don’t want to spoil the story here for you. Watch this anime and enjoy it.

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What are the opinions of people in Social Media?

For a new anime series like Assassins Pride, who have just released its first season, I thought it would be hard for people to watch it since there are many latest popular series like Cells at work, that time I got reincarnated as a slime, but I was wrong. This series have gained popularity and we can look this by reaction of people. Let’s take a look at these –

Snow mode“I see why Attack on titan is so popular among people but I just found an OP as go with my personal taste. Whosoever is reading this tweet, go and watch Assassins Pride once. You will love this anime. Too OP.”

Floaty Incubus “Assassins Pride is Amazing anime period. I mean its my first time watching new anime and I was normally busy into Naruto and dragon ball z but this one just got my eye. I found this anime in random and never I knew that this will be this amazing. Waiting for season 2 😊

To summarize this article, Assassins Pride is latest anime and still loved by people. Although there is time for its second season to release but we still hope it to release soon. Till then, read more about latest anime from our website Keeperfacts.

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