Assassination Classroom Season 3: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!


Last Updated on 29 January 2022

As you know we cover anime so frequently because anime lovers are more as compared to other media. For the anime lovers today we have picked this lovely anime world name Assassination Classroom Season 3, wondering why I picked season three? The main reason behind this is to give you some fresh details regarding the same because I have seen so many people asking questions about the third slice.


Let's figure out about this with me but before that would you like to recall this old dialogue of the series?

“Hatred Only Get's You So Far, I Know This For A Fact. Scorning One's Enemies Is Childish. Learn A Wealthy Respect For Foes, Otherwise, Your Strength Will Be Lopsided.”

Remember who said this? Tell us your answer in our comment section. Now coming to this anime, what we know about the Assassination Classroom Season 3?




Total no. of


Originally aired
First premiered Finale
1 22 January 9, 2015 June 19, 2015
2 25 January 7, 2016 June 30, 2016

Assassination Classroom Season 3

Studio Lerche is the producing partner of the Assassination Classroom which is basically a Japanese sci-fiction series. The anime is written by a very famous script-writer name Yūsei Matsui.

Yusei has done a great job in writing the plotline which is something unique I mean how could someone think of making an Octopus-like being. For those who haven't aware of the plot…

Assassination Classroom Season 3

This is a story of an Octopus-looking individual. This strange-looking works with the Human as a teacher.

He has assigned by the school to the students who are considered by them as the “Misfits.” This story is good for kids at the same places like it teaches them how to prevent the earth.

This anime was dispatch byViz Media. The fans praised the show very much which is the main reason creators have given us a second installment right after the first one but what about its trio part? Let's check out the possibility will it happen or not…

Production Dates- Assassination Classroom Season 3

The release date is not confirmed by the creators at this time and I know this is not an act of kindness for the fans but we can do nothing in it rather than just sit and wait for some fresh news.

When we get something more about the same than the fresh details will be updated by us in the identical post.

Will There Be In Assassination Classroom Season 3?

According to Michigansportszone, There is no official announcement for this upcoming third season. But there are high chances that season 3 will be back because this series increased the sales of its source material.

The first season of this series become so popular and due to this, they released the second season was released in January 2016.  They both done so well on the viewers' hearts and minds. And they also released the two live-action movies based on this series that was a huge hit at the box office. Back in 2016, there was news that the makers of this series are on the way and working on season 3. But this was false news.

assassination classroom season 3

Another reason why fans are worried is that as you know the series ended with Season 2. Because the story was ended when the Student of Class 3-E  saved the earth from Koro Sensei. That's why Fans are worried that what will the further storyline of season 3 because the story ended with the death of Koro Sensei.

But we never know what creators will come back with a brand new storyline for the third installment. We can expect the third season soon because the rest of the season done well in the sales market.

Official Teaser of Assassination Classroom Season 3

The internet is flooded with a number of teasers who might be claiming themself as the official trailer but believe me they are just fan-made. They are made just for increasing their watch time.

Don’t get trap in those fake videos. When we get the latest one we will update the same in this post, till then check our Anime category in which you’ll see the number of upcoming and Latest animes.

For the moment you can also enjoy this informative video regarding the Assassination Classroom Season 3.

Some More Queries

Where we can watch the Assassination Classroom Season 3?

The best thing about the series is that it is available in both Subbed and Dubbed versions. Everyone can enjoy this. You can watch it online on the Funimation in full HD quality and duration.

Is Assassination Classroom Season 3 available on Netflix?

If you are looking for this show on Netflix, then go ahead. The very first season is available to stream on Netflix with its complete episodes.