Ashton Kutcher Net Worth 2022: Is He Slowly Been Stepping Away From Acting?

Ashton Kutcher is a model, actor, entrepreneur, and TV personality from the United States. Ashton Kutcher’s career has spanned the catwalk, television sitcoms, feature films, and a wildly famous hidden camera prank show. He parlayed his celebrity from “That 1970s Show” into a career in Hollywood that was only modestly successful.

Today, he is likely best recognized as an investor in technology. Ashton’s venture capital firm, A-Grade Investments, has made early investments in scores of successful companies, as described later in the article.

Ashton Biography

Ashton Kutcher was born on February 7, 1978, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He studied biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa before dropping out to pursue a modeling career in New York City, which led to success in photoshoots and on the Calvin Klein catwalk. Michael, who was born with cerebral palsy, is his twin brother.

But he had greater dreams than a career as a fashion model, so he made another job change and came to Los Angeles to attempt acting. A successful audition helped him to land the part of breakthrough character Kelso on the popular FOX comedy That 70’s Show, which catapulted him to fame.

As of August 2022, Ashton Kutcher has a net worth of $200 million


Norman Mark Reedus

Date of Birth

07 February 1978




Professional Actor

Body Measurement

6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)

88 Kg (190 lbs)

Net Worth

$200 Million

Acting Profession

The success of That 70’s Show made Kutcher a sought-after Hollywood comedian. During the span of that series, he played alongside Sean William Scott in Dude, Where’s My Car in 2000, Just Married with Brittany Murphy in 2003, and the Guess Who remake Guess Who in 2005.

During this time, he had an uncredited appearance in another studio comedy remake, Cheaper by the Dozen, and he sought to break out into more serious parts by starring in the 2004 science fiction time travel thriller The Butterfly Effect.

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With the MTV original series, Punk’d, which debuted in 2003, Kutcher made arguably his most significant contribution to popular culture. He produced and hosted the series, which featured him pulling elaborate hidden camera pranks on his celebrity friends, and he parlayed the show’s success into executive producer credits on a number of other MTV reality shows, including Beauty and the Geek, Adventures in Hollywood, The Real Wedding Crashers, and Opportunity Knocks.

Ashton Kutcher Net Worth 2022

Due to schedule conflicts with his part in the action movie The Guardian, Kutcher had to make fewer appearances on the final season of That 70s Show in 2006, instead appearing as a “special guest star.” In 2010, he returned to the big screen as an assassin in the action comedy Killers, which he also produced.

The following year, he was cast as Charlie Sheen’s replacement on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, following Sheen’s sudden resignation. The show stayed popular, and Kutcher ended up with a very lucrative position as a result.

A year after the conclusion of Two and a Half Men, Kutcher signed on for another television series, Netflix’s The Ranch, in which he played the lead role for all 80 episodes. From the animated sitcom Family Guy to the investment reality competition program Shark Tank, he has also been seen and heard. And in 2017, he appeared as a guest on the popular reality television dating competition series The Bachelor.

Ashton’s Vast Net Worth and Assets

As of August 2022, Ashton Kutcher has a net worth of $200 million according to celebrity net worth. Ashton Kutcher is one of the most successful actors and entrepreneurs. Ashton Kutcher receives up to $800,000 every episode for his television appearances.

Ashton Kutcher resides in his 9,100-square-foot luxurious home in Iowa, United States. This property was purchased by Ashton Kutcher for $18 million dollars. Ashton Kutcher’s residence has 9 Bedrooms, 11 Bathrooms, 3 large Pools, and other amenities.

Ashton Kutcher Net Worth 2022

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The holdings of Ashton Kutcher include 11 real estate properties, 8 automobiles, and 2 luxury yachts. Ashton Kutcher’s Assets Portfolio also includes about $53 million in Cash Reserves. Additionally, Ashton Kutcher possesses a $25 million portfolio of eleven stocks.

Below is a list of some of Ashton Kutcher’s stock holdings. Ashton Kutcher has purchased a $2 million Bugatti Veyron. Ashton Kutcher also owns a $950,000 USD Rolls-Royce Ghost. Several further vehicles owned by Ashton Kutcher are mentioned below.

His Other Ventures

Ashton Kutcher has also made a name for himself in the venture capital industry. Ashton has made early investments in firms such as Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Shazam, Soundcloud, Neighborly, Zenreach, ResearchGate, Kopari Beauty, and “insurtech” service Lemonade through his Venture Capital firm A-Grade Investments. One estimate indicates that Ashton and his team converted $30 million in investments into $250 million in assets.

In addition, he co-owns the Los Angeles Italian restaurant Dolce with his former co-stars from That 70s Show, Danny Masterson, and Wilmer Valderrama.

Marriage | Private Life

In 2005, Ashton Kutcher famously wed actress Demi Moore; the couple split around six years later. In 2012, he began dating one of his former co-stars from That 70’s Show, Mila Kunis. The wedding took place in July of 2015. In 2019, Kutcher testified at the murder trial of Michael Gargiulo, whom he briefly dated in 2001.

Ashton Kutcher Net Worth 2022

Gargiulo was accused of the death of Ashley Ellerin, whom Kutcher briefly dated in 2001. This tragic event brought to light a brief love engagement of Kutcher’s.

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Final Words

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As of August 2022, Ashton Kutcher has a net worth of $280 million


How much did Ashton Kutcher invest in Bitcoin?

Ashton Kutcher was one of the early investors of Bitcoin. Ashton Kutcher invested $3 Million in Bitcoin and sold off the investment in 2021 for a whopping $70 million.

How many children does Ashton Kutcher have?

Two Children – Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, Dimitri Portwood Kutcher.

During a period when Kutcher’s career was on fire and he was earning one of the highest incomes for a TV star, Ashton has been gradually transitioning away from acting to pursue an unexpected profession as an investor.