Ashes of Love Season 2: Will There Be Season 2 of Ashes of Love Release This Year?

Adapted from Dian Xian's novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost, Ashes of Love premiered on Chinese television in 2018. On August 2, 2018, Jiangsu TV aired the first episode. Two of the most important roles are played by Yang Zi (Jin Mi) and Deng Lun (Xu Feng).

The show's first episode garnered 100 million views in less than 15 minutes after it debuted. As of January 2019, the series received more than 15 billion views. The Ashes of Love series has had you hooked. This is terrific news: there will be a second show season!

There aren't many details on how the film will be made. While this is still a mystery, Ashes of Love executive producer Liu Ning has confirmed that production will begin on Season 2.

Are Ashes of Love Returning for a Second Season?

Ashes of Love Season 2

“Ashes of Love 2” will be launched on March 10, according to Youku and the production team. The first season's fans were ecstatic in the wake of this news. Several photos of the novel and artwork posters were posted on Youku. An adaptation of “Love When the Stars Fall” is in the works.

When Is the Second Season of Ashes of Love Coming Out?

Season 2 of The Ashes of Love has not yet been confirmed. However, it is scheduled to be released by the end of 2022 at the earliest possible time.

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As of this writing, the creators have made no official announcements. Ashes of Love's second season will centre on the protagonists' children from the first season.

Ashes of Love's cast

Ashes of Love Season 2

Playing Jinmi and Runyu, Yang Zi and Luo Yunxi are Heavenly Realm's eldest princes. Gentle and quiet, never making any decisions until he is confident of the outcome. Since the death of his birth mother, he has been claiming the throne as his own. (In reality, he takes on the appearance of a mythical dragon.)

As Xufeng, Deng Lun plays the part (of 2nd prince of the Heavenly Realm). Wang Yifei portrays Suite, Zou Tingwei portrays Qiyuan, and Chen Yuqi portrays Liuying.

When Ashes of Love Comes to an End, What Can We Expect?

Their relationship has come to an end due to Mu Ci's death. When silkworms attack Mu Ci's flesh, he asks Xu Feng to utilize his fire magic to eradicate them. In the end, he will die because of this. He, too, would only live for a decade.

Ashes of Love Season 2 Storyline

Ashes of Love Season 2

Zifen, the Flower Deity, succumbed to her wounds after giving birth to a daughter named Jinmi. She consulted a horoscope because she foresaw that her daughter would confront an enormous love difficulty in the first 10,000 years of her life. To prevent Jinmi from experiencing or expressing passionate love, she is given a magical pellet before she dies.

Jimmy grows up in the Flower Realm as a low-level immortal. As a childhood friend of the Holy Empress, Princess Sui, Xufeng's mother, He believes she will eventually marry Xufeng. With one look at the Heavenly Realm's fiery Fire Deity, her peaceful existence is shattered.

After persuading Xufeng to accompany her to the Heavenly Realm, Jinmi meets his half-brother Runyu, the Night Deity.

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With the help of the pellet, Jinmi finds herself in the heart of a love triangle between her two elder brothers, Xifeng and Runyu, who end up competing for Jinmi's affections. In addition, Jinmi learns that she is descended from the Flower and Water deities, making her a unique being.

Demon King Runyu, who has risen to the throne as Heavenly Emperor and plans to crown Jinmi Holy Empress, is quickly recognized. Runyu tricks Jinmi into killing Runyu and coughing up the magic pellet after Xufeng murders her father. Xufeng is reborn in the Demon Realm later on.

Sui seduces Xufeng into marrying her to become the Demon Queen, but Xufeng eventually defeats Sui He after she learns the truth about his reincarnation. It's time for the ultimate fight between Runyu and Xufeng. Jimmy ultimately sacrifices herself to stop the battle and restore peace.

Jimi was a teardrop in his eye when he finally realized it after three years of searching. Xufeng devotes the rest of his life to finding Jinmi's soul fragments in the six kingdoms. After learning that Jinmi will reincarnate, Xufeng chooses to wait for her return.
Five hundred years ago, the universe began. Jimi and her father reincarnate in the Mortal Realm. When Jinmi's wedding is set to take place, Xufeng reappears as a phoenix, and the two are reconciled once more They're off to a good start.

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Seven years after Liuying's arrival, the Demon Realm entered a new era of prosperity. In the aftermath of defeat, Suite wanders the demonic outskirts. Because they had angered her, she flung them into the same cave where she had thrown the Holy Empress's children when she mistook an entrance for the throne of the Demon King.

Consequently, she was devoured by one of the remaining males of the family. His sister appeared to have been swallowed by him at first glance. Rungu is the Heavenly Realm's Celestial Emperor. His loyal servant Kuanglu is aware of this. She makes a solemn promise to stick by his side through thick and thin.

If you were to visit Jinmi and Xufeng in the Mortal Realm, you'd find them happily married with a little son who's not afraid to talk about his parents.

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