Ascension Season 2: Possible Release Date & Renewal Status in 2022!

Updated On 27 January 2022

Ascension is an American Sci-fiction drama that is created by two high profiles names in the broadcasting media, Philip Levens and Adrian A. Cruz. The show is debuted on CBC and Syfy. Both the channels have the command of the show in their hands.

The first season has around six episodes. Each having a running time of around 42-44 minutes. The show is penned by Philip Levens. His main focus in the story is on inquiries and investigations. The principal locus inside the narrative is upon President John F. Kennedy and the U.S. government who are in cold ar with each other.

The plotline is excellent if you adore watching some kind of political drama. The first season has secured a rating of around 72% of the Audience Score and 66% from the Tomato Meter. It has got around 32 critic reviews.

According to the ratings, the series comes out an average one! This is the main reason the audience is worrying about the “Ascension Season 2.” Are you on the same list? If, so then here we have everything you wanna know about the additional season.

Will There Be Ascension Season 2?

This is the only thing the Ascension fans want me to answer, Honestly speaking there won’t be a season second. The Syfy studio has decided to cancel the show. The show originators also said that to that-

“We were very happy with Ascension as an event series, but with so much high profile development in the works, we have decided not to pursue a full series.”

Now the Ascension has become homeless and can’t find a cozy home to stay which is the reason show stars, Tricia Helfer as Viondra Denninger, Gil Bellows as Harris Enzmann, Brian Van Holt as Captain William Denninger, Andrea Roth as Dr. Juliet Bryce, and Brandon P. Bell as Executive Officer Aaron Gaul has to gather their bags and went to find some new series.

Now you might be wondering that the show will renew in the future, Umm maybe yes or maybe no! Like everything has two sides one is positive and one is negative. Let’s think positive, the Ascension Season 2 only replenishes when some supplementary platform or Global entertainment channels like Netflix or Amazon Prime videos contract to revive the show from their side.

What do you think? Do you want a second season? If, so then what you expecting from Philip Levens this time? 

When we get more about the second installment then we will surely gonna add more in the post or going to make a new sheet with present updates, so don’t forget to bookmark us!!!

ascension season 2

Season Name Ascension Season 2
Genre Science fiction,Space opera, Drama,Mystery,Speculative fiction
Release Date Unknown
Streaming Platform CBC

Wrap-Up Words

Well, the aforementioned is not in favor of the followers but still, we have to grow through this as we have done with the pandemic! Let’s find some thriller, adventure, and action web series to spend our time on, Isn’t it better rather than sticking to the Ascension Season 2 and wait for the show to get a renewal?

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