Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas: is Animated Companion Series Has Scheduled for 2022


Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is an upcoming Netflix Original action-horror anime series created by Jay Olivia and set in the Army of the Dead film world created by Zack Snyder. Army of Thieves was released in late 2021, and at least two projects, including Lost Vegas, are in development.

This anime series functions as a prelude to the action-horror feature film Army of the Dead. It is important to note that this is only one of Zack Snyder's five announced exclusive projects for Netflix, as part of his massive production pact with the streaming service.


Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas Release Date

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas Release date

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas will be available for streaming sometime in December 2022 at 12 AM PT / 3 AM ET. Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas plot, streaming information, reviews, and more are provided below.


Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas” was revealed by Netflix in September 2020. Given that a project is typically at least halfway through production before it is announced, it is likely that animators have been working on “Lost Vegas” for at least a year. However, animation can be a time-consuming medium, so if the project has only been in development for a year and not longer, it may not be complete or even close to completion.

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Who will be Cast in Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas?

In a press statement dated October 2020, Netflix confirmed the cast of “Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas” before the broadcast of “Army of the Dead.” Several “Army of the Dead” actors will reprise their roles from the film in the animated series, including Dave Bautista as mercenary Scott Ward, Ana de la Reguera as mechanic Maria Cruz, Omari Hardwick as soldier Vanderohe, and Tig Notaro as helicopter pilot Marianne Peters.

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas Release Date

The voice cast of “Lost Vegas” will also include several prominent actors that are new to the “Army of the Dead” universe. Netflix has released the names of the characters they will portray but has not provided any other information about them. Joe Manganiello of “True Blood” fame as Rose, the prolific Christian Slater as Torrance, Anya Chalotra from “The Witcher” as Lucilia, “Uncharted” video game series star Nolan North as Clemenson, and Harry Lennix from “The Blacklist” as Boorman is among the additional voice talents.

What is the Plot of Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas?

According to an interview with Ana De La Reguera, “Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas” would explore the relationships between the film's protagonists before its beginning. In particular, the series will delve deeper into the relationship between Ana de la Reguera's Maria and Dave Bautista's Scott than the film did.

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas Release Date

The first announcement of “Lost Vegas” also provides a summary of the series' premise, which Netflix characterizes as the origin tale of Bautista's character, Scott. The show will be set in the early days of the zombie apocalypse, and its heroes will even come face-to-face with the root of the infection.

Since the founding of the mercenary team at the center of “Army of the Dead” will be a crucial element of the plot of “Lost Vegas,” at least some of the series' new characters are presumably deceased members of the central mercenary team.

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Last Words

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas will expose everything that occurred before the upcoming Zack Snyder feature Army of the Dead in at least four episodes. Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is now in production, and as predicted, Netflix will debut its trailer one to two months before its official premiere. Therefore, stay tuned to see the trailer as soon as Netflix releases it to the public.