Armor Wars Release Date: When It Will Premiere?

When will Armour Wars be available? A new Marvel film starring a beloved character has been confirmed and will hit theatres, much to the delight of MCU fans. Don Cheadle is officially preparing to don his metal flying suit once more for a brand-new, heart-pounding journey.

That’s right, Cheadle is getting his own superhero film after making his acting debut in 2010 as Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes in the Iron Man cast of Iron Man 2. We’re not sure about the rest of you Stark Industry fans, but we personally can’t wait to see the Colonel back in action and kicking butt.

But you might be wondering where precisely Armour Wars fits in the MCU Timeline with so many more Marvel movies in the pipeline. Here, we go through Armour Wars’ release date, storyline, cast, and other details to give you all the information you need to know about the upcoming film from War Machine.

Is There a Release Date for Armor Wars?

Although Armor Wars doesn’t yet have an official release date, we may anticipate it to happen sometime in 2024, if not 2025.

A few changes have been made to Armor Wars. It started out as a movie in 2011, but Kevin Feige later revealed that it would instead be a Disney+ series starting in 2020.

Armor Wars Release Date

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Armor Wars is currently being remade as a theatrically released feature film. and after experiencing a lengthy development process delay. According to reports, the movie will eventually start shooting in April of this year.

“Armor Wars will start filming in April 2023 and last for 4 months, until August 2023, after 2 years in development hell.” Alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn, Cheadle will next be seen in the 2023 film Secret Invasion.

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Who Will Be Cast in Armor Wars?

A handful of MCU alums are expected to appear in the cast of Armour Wars (at least, we hope so). Don Cheadle, who plays Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes, is one candidate that comes to mind. Walton Goggins, best known for his role as Ant-Sonny Man’s Burch, is also anticipated to participate.

Other names are still being withheld at this time. The internet is rife with rumours about potential stars who might join the cast.

Many believe that Justin Hammer, who was last seen in Iron Man 2, will appear as Sam Rockwell in Armour Wars. This is because the movie’s name alludes to a certain arc in the comic book we referenced previously that stars the character.

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Riri Williams by Dominique Thorne is another option. It makes sense to have Riri, also known as Ironheart, in the forthcoming action film as she is Iron Man’s spiritual heir and has a similarly stunning costume.

Another character that might appear in Armour Wars is Sharon Carter, who is portrayed by Emily Vancamp. She appeared in the television show The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which was also Rhodey’s final outing in the MCU during the time his friend died and he was still grieving.

In conclusion, Armour Wars has a tonne of possible cast members even though only Cheadle has been confirmed. As soon as official announcements are made, we’ll let you know.

What Will Happen in Armor Wars?

We do have a general notion of the Armour Wars scenario because of an official synopsis made available by Marvel, and spoiler alert: stolen Stark technology is involved.

The plot of Armour Wars, according to the company, is “what happens if Tony Stark’s technology slips into the wrong hands? In this classic Marvel narrative, War Machine, also known as James Rhodes, must deal with these technological repercussions. Don Cheadle reprises his role as War Machine.

Armor Wars Release Date

The premise of the next movie is provided by this description, although, let’s be honest, it is very light on specifics. The stolen “tech” might be anything from Stark Industries as there is no mention of the movie villain. Many MCU fans, however, now think that the Armour Wars story will be based on a seven-issue Iron Man arc with the same name after conducting some research.

In the comic books released in 1978 and 1979, Tony Stark learns that Spymaster stole his technology and subsequently sold it to Justin Hammer. Tony Stark obviously passed away after the events of Avengers: End Game in 2019, therefore if this theory is correct, Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes will assume the role of the main protagonist.

Regardless of the primary storyline, Armour Wars will also be conveying a story of sadness since James is still figuring out how to deal with his friend’s passing and what his next course of action will be.

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Cheadle said in an interview with Phase Zero that “[Rhodey is] at a very different place in a way that is something that I can’t talk about, but it’s going to be extremely surprising to a lot of people.”

And the best part is that there will be a tonne of opportunities to learn about him, for him to learn about himself, and for us, ideally, to really understand what makes him tick.

If you are familiar with the lore and have read the comic books, you are aware that the plot of the series revolves around Tony escaping with his Stark Tech and Rhodey assuming responsibility for recovering it from the villains who stole it.

Therefore, it appears that the comic book storyline notion has some merit based on Cheadle’s own statement. Whether Justin Hammer is involved or whether a brand-new Marvel villain will arise instead will only become clear with time.

Is There Any Trailer for Armor Wars?

As we know there is no official announcement on Armor Wars. So there is no trailer yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do the MCU’s Armor Wars Entail?

An upcoming superhero movie by the name of Armor Wars is based on the same-named Marvel Comics tale. The movie is a follow-up to Ironheart and Secret Invasion. There will be a Marvel Cinematic Universe episode.

Has Armor Wars Been Postponed?

According to the showrunner, Marvel’s Armor Wars series is not being cancelled.

Is a Movie Now Planned for Armor Wars?

But now we have a justification when it was revealed a few months ago that Don Cheadle’s Armor Wars, which was once planned to be a series on Disney+, is now being developed as a movie.