Are You Excited to Watch Keeping Faith Season 2?


If you are a fan of Welsh drama, then you must have heard about Keeping Faith. The story revolves around the lead actress who struggles to find her missing husband and comes to know the truth of his disappearance.

Keeping Faith is on its last season right now and has already disappointed its fans with this news.


Here is everything you need to know about the series.

Keeping Faith, also known as Un Bore Mercher (One Wednesday Morning), is a thriller TV series that originated in Wales.

Matthew Hall is the creator, and Pip Broughton & Andy Newbery are the directors of the show.


Pip Broughton and Nora Ostler are the producers, and Adrian Bate, Maggie Russell, and Shane Murphy are the executive producers of Keeping Faith.

The show got released on 5th November 2017 on BBC One Wales in English version and on S4C in Welsh version.

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It consists of three seasons with a total of 20 episodes and 57 minutes of running time.

The Plot Of The Series Keeping Faith Season 2

Keeping Faith Season 2

The story of keeping Faith revolves around a lawyer named Faith Howells, the protagonist of the series. She is the mother of three and the wife of Evan Howells. The story deals with her struggles to find her disappeared husband.

Evan vanishes on his way to work, which was at the family-run law firm. Faith is on maternity leave at that time and was unaware that her family business has declined. As she dives deep into the investigation of her missing husband, she discovers that it isn't a typical missing case.

During the investigation, she gets stuck into a criminal world and gets arrested, fighting to protect her family.

During her search, she fells in love with Steve Baldini, a client of the Howells. He was helping her to find her husband. Later, it becomes clear that Evan had developed contacts with a local crime family, the Glynns. He wanted to fix the financial problems of his family by drug and money laundering.

The second season of the show started after 18 months when Faith got reunited with her missing husband. Evan was halfway into his four-year prison sentence when he converted money of criminal property for the Glynn family.

He surrendered to the police after an emotional reunion with his wife and family. The judge asked him to be a police informant and provide evidence related to the crimes. On the other hand, William Vaughan gets killed with a gunshot, pointing a finger towards his wife, Madlen. Faith tries to find out the truth about his death. Unfortunately, everyone gets exposed in the last episode. Madlen admits to the murder, and Evan gets exposed for his wrongdoings.

After the release of Evan from jail, Faith gets entangled in an intense argument with him in the kitchen. He tries to stab himself with a knife, but Faith insists not to do so in front of kids. Evan packs his bag and leaves his family once again. In the last scene, Faith is seen with his friend and love interest, Steve, on a beach.

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Viewers want to know about the progressing relation between Faith and Steve, which will be revealed in the third season.

Release Date Of The Series Keeping Faith Season 2

Keeping Faith Season 2

Just a year had passed when a hit drama named Keeping Faith finished airing on BBC. Soon the broadcasters announced that Season 2 would drop. Keeping Faith Season 2 aired on 23rd July 2019 on BBC One and ruled on the fans' minds. The timing of the show was around 9 pm.

The show already got premiered on Welsh TV at that time, with the name Un Bore Mercher. Currently, the series has completed its three seasons. Keeping Faith Season 3 came into existence on 27th March 2021 on BBC One with all six episodes. The episodes are available on BBC iPlayer right now. US viewers can stream it on Acorn TV. All the seasons of the show are available on Acorn TV. You can subscribe and watch it there.

The Cast of the Series Keeping Faith Season 2

Keeping Faith Season 2

  • Eve Myles playing the character of Faith Howells
  • Bradley Freegard playing the character of Evan Howells
  • Demi Letherby playing the character of Alys Howells
  • Lacey Jones playing the character of Megan Howells
  • Oscar & Harry Unsworth playing the character of Rhodri Howells
  • Aneirin Hughes playing the character of Tom Howells
  • Hannah Daniel playing the character of Cerys Jones
  • Betsan Llwyd / Suzanne Packer playing the character of Delyth Lloyd
  • Eiry Thomas playing the character of Susan Williams
  • Steffan Rhodri playing the character of Judge Gwyn Daniels
  • Matthew Gravelle playing the character of PC Terry Price
  • Mali Harries playing the character of Bethan Price

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IMDb Rating Of The Series Keeping Faith Season 2:

7.1 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the series Keeping Faith Season 2.

Where Can We Watch The Series Keeping Faith Season 2?

  • You can watch it on Prime Video.
  • You can watch it through Just Watch.
  • You can watch it on Amazon Prime.
  • You can watch it on Sky.
  • You can watch it through Flicks.
  • You can watch it through Hoopla digital.

You can stream it online through the above links or download it from various platforms to watch it offline.

FAQ Related To Keeping Faith Season 2

Are the actor and actress playing Faith and Evan married in real life?

Eve Myles playing Faith and Bradley Freegard playing Evan are happily married in real life. Their characters, Faith, and Evan, unfortunately, faced a lot of trouble in their relationship. But in real life, the couple is living their life happily.

Is Faith pregnant at the finale of the series?

At the end of Keeping Faith, a memory strikes for both Evan and Steve reminding them of all the previous events. Just before the end of the final episode, it is revealed that Faith is pregnant. It is likely to be Steve's baby.

Is Keeping Faith Season 3 the last season of the show?

The BBC has confirmed that Season 3 is the last season of the show. Fans are very disappointed after hearing this news. However, we can wait for the upcoming projects of the makers.


Keeping Faith Season 2 has left the audience with suspense about the relationship between her and Steve. The audience will come to know about it after watching season 3.

However, Season 3 is the last season of the show officially. To know the complete story, must-watch Keeping Faith and pray for a next season as well!

If you have any queries regarding Keeping Faith Season 3, you can comment in the comment box. We love to answer.