Are the Members of One Direction Still United or Split?

Five gorgeous young men from England and Ireland stormed the pop music scene in the early 2010s. Despite the fact that some critics were quick to trash the boy band, One Direction was almost comically likeable.

They were humorous, easygoing, and possessed unique personalities, ranging from the moody and brooding Zayn Malik to the flirtatious and rogue-like Harry Styles. In fact, disliking the band was comparable to disliking a litter of adorable puppies.

Is One Direction Group Still United or Not?

Despite their busy schedules, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall appear to support one another when it matters. After Louis sadly lost his mother in 2016, the other members of One Direction (excluding Zayn) came to support him during a concert he was originally scheduled to play.

Since Harry won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album and the coveted Album of the Year in 2023, fans have rekindled their interest in their friendship.


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When asked about each other and their time in the band, the boys have generally maintained a dignified demeanour over time. Zayn, who left One Direction in 2015 and has since voiced his concerns about his time in the group, has been the most vociferous critic.

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He has stated that he found One Direction’s songs uninspiring and that he “didn’t really make any friends from the band.” The remaining four members of One Direction have maintained contact with Zayn over the years, some more frequently than others.

According to appearances, Liam, Louis, and Niall are still close friends who converse frequently, maybe most frequently between Liam and Louis. In May 2022, Liam stated that Louis was his “best friend now.” And shortly after the band’s dissolution, Niall stated that he and Louis lived close to one another in Los Angeles and socialised frequently.

Are Zayn Malik’s Ex-Bandmates Still Friends?

For those who have forgotten, Zayn Malik startled the world in March 2015 when he announced his departure from the band. Afterwards, he threw significant shade at the rest of the guys in interviews, and, get this, he said he never wanted to be a part of the group to begin with.

Ouch! In November 2017, when asked about his relationship with the other guys, Malik stated that he was no longer in contact with them.

Are the Members of One Direction Still United or Split?

In a November 2018 interview, he added, “We went from theatres to arenas to stadiums, but there was never a bridge in between. Just boom, boom, boom. I suppose that kind of mental development impacts you somewhat, especially when you are 17, or 18 years old.

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People interpret things differently, particularly when there are five distinct personalities involved. The relationships had disintegrated. Sincerely, I haven’t spoken to any of them in a long time. That is simply the case. There are things that occurred and words that were spoken after I departed… Insensitive comments. Small things that I did not anticipate.”

Are Harry Styles and His Former Bandmates Still Friends?

In February 2020, Harry Styles and Horan reunited at the Brit Awards. And the “Slow Hands” singer subsequently revealed to GQ Magazine what it was like to see his old bandmate.

Are the Members of One Direction Still United or Split?

“I tracked down Harry. It was nice to see him again after a lengthy absence. Every time we go to Los Angeles, he tends to go one way and I go the other, causing us to miss one other. “It was fantastic to watch him, and he slayed his performance,” exclaimed Horan. “He was certainly nominated for a few awards, so he had a fantastic night. It was a pleasure to see him.”

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As far as we are aware, the last time he and Tomlinson hung out was in December 2016, when the “Walls” artist’s mother tragically passed away from leukaemia. All of the members of One Direction flew to London to be with Tomlinson during his first performance after his mother’s passing, and it was an emotional occasion.