Are Love is Blind Couple Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee Still Together? Love Triangle Explained

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee are two of the most prominent stars of the popular reality television show Love is Blind. With Shayne Jansen’s upcoming participation in the new Netflix reality series Perfect Match, viewers are understandably wondering about what transpired between Shayne and Natalie on Love is Blind and Love is Blind: After the Altar.

Are Shayne and Natalie from Love is Blind season 2 still together?

Shayne’s appearance on another Netflix dating show should have made it clear that he and Natalie Lee are no longer together, but just in case: no, Shayne and Natalie are not still together. Given the available facts, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when Natalie and Shayne ended their relationship.

According to People, the pair attempted to make things work after the conclusion of season 2 of Love is Blind, but they were not together when Love is Blind: Season 3 premiered. Season 2 of After the Altar was filmed throughout the winters of 2021 and 2022.

Are Love is Blind Couple Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee Still Together

Natalie revealed to E! News in November 2022 that she had moved on and was casually seeing other individuals. As far as we are aware, she is not signed up for any future Netflix reality projects.

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Shayne and Natalie do get engaged in season 2 of Love are Blind. Throughout the season, they appeared to be one of the strongest couples and an absolute lock to get married in the season finale.

However, there were minor speed bumps. Shayne’s relationship with Shaina, Shaina’s insistence on interfering in Natalie and Shayne’s relationship, and Shayne’s decision-making were all significant plot points in the show.

The pair were married during their season of the popular Netflix series. While Shayne said “I do” on their possible wedding day, Natalie effectively said, “I don’t.”

As revealed in the season finale and since the end of the season, Natalie and Shayne had a major argument the night before the wedding, and their relationship continued to deteriorate. Still, Shayne stated that he was ready to wed, but Natalie determined that the moment was not yet appropriate.

In the second season of Love is Blind, they split up at the altar, but that was not the end of their story.

The Love Triangle of Shayne, Natalie, and Shaina Explained

While the cast gets acquainted in the pods, viewers observed Shane create an instant rapport with both Natalie and Shaina. Shayne eventually asked Natalie to be his girlfriend, while Shaina chose to pursue her relationship with fellow participant Kyle Abrams.

Are Love is Blind Couple Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee Still Together

After Shayne and Natalie became engaged in episode 3, they joined five other engaged couples, including Shaina and Kyle, in Mexico for a romantic getaway. Shayne and Natalie’s friendship only became stronger once they arrived in Mexico.

Shaina and Kyle’s 32-year-old hairstylist decided she wanted time to consider their future and departed Mexico, never having the opportunity to meet Shayne.

When Shaina and Kyle returned to Mexico, it was evident that their theological differences were insurmountable, and they parted ways. Following this, Shaina joined other finalists in Chicago for a beach barbecue, when she and Shayne finally met.

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Although they both agreed to find each other attractive, Shaina questioned the viability of Shayne’s relationship with Natalie, suggesting that it would not survive.