Are Lindsay and Stravy Still Together? Latest Updates 2023!

Lindsay Hubbard is one of the three main actors who have been with “Summer House” since the beginning. Stravy Traversie entered the house for the first time in the 2020 season four. On the other hand, Stravy's connection to the cast of the reality show came before he was on Bravo. In the fifth season, there were some awkward moments between them that were caught on camera.

Season 5 featured Des Bishop, who is now Hannah's boyfriend, Robert Sieber, who is Danielle's boyfriend, and Stephen Traversie, who is no longer Lindsay's boyfriend. Yes, the couple was no longer together. Since the news came out early this year, it's clear by now.

Here, we'll talk about everything about why they broke up. Lindsay's breakup with Stravy, her rumoured hookup with Luke, and the fact that she might be pregnant were some of the best things that happened this season. All of these rumours, are they true? Here's all the information you need.

Are Lindsay and Stravy Still Together?

As of 2021, Lindsay and Stravy are no longer together. Lindsay and Stravy no longer talk to each other. When promoting the start of the new season in February, Hubbard made it clear that she and Stravy were no longer together. During the interview, the Summer House singer said that being together during the coronavirus outbreak last year hurt their relationship.


Lindsay and her then-boyfriend Stephen Traversie, who went by the nickname Stravy, went through a lot of ups and downs in the last season of Summer House. Even though they got back together after splitting earlier in the summer, they decided to end their relationship.

Are Lindsay and Stravy Still Together

In season 5, Lindsay told everyone about her boyfriend, Stephen “Stravy” Traversie. After the fifth season ended in October 2020, they stopped making the show. Hearing that Lindsay had slept with Luke made things even worse. Lindsay made a plan for when she and Stephen would reach important points in their relationship, like getting married in June 2022 and getting pregnant by August of that same year, as seen in the fifth season.

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Lindsay and Stravy were also fighting to stay together, but Danielle stuck up for her best friend Lindsay. Hubbard, on the other hand, chose to put her money into herself and her career after the breakup.

Relationship Timeline Of Hubbard And Stravy

In the summer of 2019, the two people who used to be together started dating on season 4 of Bravo's hit show. They first got to know each other at birthday parties and helicopter rides over New York City. Stephen then made his first appearance on reality TV. In Season 5 of Summer House, Stravy's relationship with Lindsay got worse in front of the cameras, which gave him a bigger role.

Are Lindsay and Stravy Still Together

In 2020, Stravy and Lindsay had a hard time getting along while they were on vacation in the Hamptons. The couple never found their footing in the most recent season, whether it was because Lindsay was said to be dating Luke Gulbranson or because Stravy and Lindsay fought at birthday dinners and left the house in Ubers. Stravy probably won't be invited back to Hampton's house because he can't win Lindsay back or keep in touch with any of her friends.

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Stephen and Lindsay aren't together anymore, but fans think Lindsay has moved on with Luke Gulbranson. One of the show's actors, Paige, has said that she thinks Lindsay liked Luke and Luke liked Lindsay. Paige went on to say that the two look at each other in different ways. The other actors are sure that they are more than just friends. Some people thought this was the case, but it's not.

In Summer House, Was Lindsay Pregnant?

In Season 5, Lindsay told the viewers about her boyfriend, Stephen “Stravy” Traversie. But it didn't seem to work out for her because their relationship seemed to get worse over time.

During the fifth season, they had some awkward moments together. You may remember that Lindsay and Stephen broke up in episode 5 of the season because things had gotten so bad.

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There were also rumours that Lindsay was dating Luke, which made things even worse. In the ninth episode of season 5, Lindsay missed her period and took a pregnancy test.

Since this happened after she broke up with Stephen, Lindsay was seen talking to Danielle about what the future would be like if she did have a baby. Later in the episode, they were relieved when Lindsay's pregnancy test came back negative.