Are Lauren and Nate Still Together? Latest Updates 2023!

Fans of The Ultimatum can’t wait to find out what happened to Nathan Ruggles and Lauren Pounds after the show ended.

In the second episode of the Netflix hit show, Nate asked Lauren to marry him. Nate got down on one knee because he was afraid that “big cheese” Colby Kissinger could win over his girlfriend and always “push the envelope.” Nathan asked Lauren to marry him before Lauren could say yes to Colby’s offer to spend three weeks with her. Lauren said yes, and the couple left the show quickly after that.

But other cast members host Nick and Vanessa Lachey, and viewers didn’t like the proposal. Nathan gave Lauren an ultimatum: she had to agree to have kids or the relationship would end. Nathan wanted a big family, but Lauren didn’t want to have kids. But Nathan and Lauren got engaged out of the blue without solving that problem. Fans are now wondering if the engaged couple broke up after the show or if they are still together and maybe married.

Are Lauren and Nate Still Together?

Sources say that they are still together. Lauren and Nate are still engaged when the reunion episode airs, and they talk about how they went to therapy to work through their problems.

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Even when it comes to kids, it sounds like they’ve found a middle ground. They say they’ve agreed to have one child together…at some point.

When Did Lauren and Nate Marry?

 Lauren and Nate got married in a small ceremony in Colorado six months after the first episode of the show. Nate asked her to marry him in a park in Austin, Texas, six weeks after they left. He knew, just like I did, that the way we looked on TV was wrong and needed to be changed.

Are Lauren and Nate Still Together

The couple got married in Colorado at the “ideal venue” they found. About 100 people were there. Lauren said that she never said she didn’t want kids. Instead, she said she wasn’t sure right now. One of the actors in The Ultimatum said that the couple gave in and decided to only have one child.

In the Ultimatum, What Happened Between Lauren and Nathan?

Lauren loves craft cocktails. She even has an Instagram account called Shake Shake Pour where she says she is a “craft cocktail creator, consumer, and enthusiast,” and she doesn’t see how kids would fit into her life in the future.
In the show, Lauren said, “I don’t want kids.” “Sometimes it’s hard for me to know what to do when I’m around kids. I’m just… I’m not sure. It’s not something I’ve ever really thought I needed in my life.”

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Lauren also said that she doesn’t think anyone should have to give up something for another person and that Nathan knows exactly how I feel about children.

Nathan, on the other hand, made it clear that he wants to get married and have kids. He said, “If Lauren isn’t ready to marry me, I’m going to find someone who is.”

Why Did Nate and Lauren Left “The Ultimatum”?

Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles, who have been dating for two years, just joined the cast of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On on Netflix. He wanted to get married and have kids, but she didn’t want any. This put them in a tough spot.

Are Lauren and Nate Still Together

She told him she didn’t want to have children, and he seemed to understand right away. Lauren said she was worried that Nate’s busy schedule might keep him from helping her with parenting, leaving her to do everything on her own.

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Nate said that he didn’t trust Colby’s intentions when the Texan chose Lauren to be his trial spouse for the next three weeks. Then, he made a proposal out of the blue, which almost everyone was surprised by. People didn’t understand the change because the couple always talked about how hard it was for them to agree on have a child.