Are Harry and Beaux From Too Hot to Handle Still Together?

During season 3 of Too Hot to Handle, there were a lot of couples who made things hot in the villas. However, one couple, in particular, won our hearts with their sweet moments. Harry and Beaux didn’t realise they were meant to be together right away, but in the end, they were the only ones from season 3 to become boyfriend and girlfriend by the end of the show.

So, after leaving paradise, are Harry and Beaux still together? What we know is as follows.

Are Harry And Beaux Still Together?

Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson from Too Hot to Handle are no longer together. During the January 26, 2022 reunion episode, Harry and Beaux said that they are no longer together.

Are Harry and Beaux From Too Hot to Handle Still Together?

“When we got home, it was hard to go from seeing each other every day to not seeing each other at all. We stay in touch, and we always have. We’re also really close, which is nice “Beaux revealed.

Even though they are no longer together, they are going on vacation to the Maldives to celebrate their win, and they are open to getting back together.

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What Did Harry and Beaux Do After the Season Was Over?

We’re crossing our fingers that they’re still together, but after the show aired, they surprised fans with some news. During the Too Hot to Handle reunion, Harry said, “We’re not together right now, but we talk every day.”

But don’t give up on them yet. They still seem to be optimistic about the future. “Who knows what might happen? We haven’t seen each other yet, and I think the distance made it hard for us to get along. When we got back to the UK, we were on lockdown,” he said. “Never say never.”

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From their most recent Instagram photos, it looks like they might be back together. We hope this means they’ll soon tell us good news.

Who Is Harry Johnson?

Harry Johnson is a well-known TV personality, tree surgeon, model, social media influencer, and media face from Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom. He became well-known in the country after he was on Season 3 of the popular reality show “Too Hot to Handle.”

He won the show’s grand prize with the beautiful Beaux Raymond. Harry’s great personality and cute looks make women want to be with him. Let me tell you that “Too Hot to Handle” started on Netflix on Wednesday, January 19, 2022. However, the show finished filming in February 2021.

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Who Is Beaux Raymond?

Beaux Raymond is a well-known model, legal secretary, reality show winner, media face, influencer, and social media star from London, England, United Kingdom. She is well-known in the country because she was on Season 03 of the popular reality show “Too Hot to Handle.”

People are crazy about how beautiful she is. Official reports say that she and a partner named Harry Johnson won the show.

She has to work to make a living. After she won the reality show, many big brands and fashion designers asked her to be their model. She has also put some pictures of herself modelling on her social media accounts.