Are Colby and Madlyn Still Together? Latest Updates 2023!

The Ultimatum is a new show that combines all the dating drama you know and loves from Netflix’s hit show Love Is Blind. Both shows are made by the same team, in case you didn’t know, so you know things are about to get messy.

The rules are pretty straightforward: Six couples show up at the start. One person in each couple is ready to get married, while the other isn’t. The person who doesn’t want to get married is given an ultimatum: get married or break up.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey are the hosts. They lead all 12 contestants through rounds of speed dating and then pair them up with someone else to try living together for three weeks. Then, they’ll get back with their first partner to see if the connection is still there.

In the end, each pair will decide if they want to stay together and get married, break up, or (gasp!) move on with someone else in the group.

Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger both came into the show on pages that had nothing to do with each other. Colby was more than ready to marry Madlyn, but she wasn’t sure if she was ready to take such a big step. On the show, they had a lot of ups and downs, but was it all worth it in the end?

Colby and Madlyn sat down with Women’s Health to talk about all things (reality) dating, including a big update on their relationship. Here’s what you need to know about their current situation:

What Happened Between Madlyn and Colby in ‘The Ultimatum’?

In the first episode, Colby was head over heels in love with Madlyn. But she wasn’t sure if she could really pay attention to him. After a week, Madlyn went to speed dating, and she and Randall, who was also there, hit it off right away. After Lauren got engaged on the show to her long-time boyfriend Nathan, Colby’s feelings for her quickly went away.

Madlyn and Randall had fun living together, but by the end, Madlyn was ready to try again with Colby. On the other hand, Colby and his new partner, April, were getting closer. Both of them found it hard to move back in with each other, especially after Madlyn saw Colby’s texts to other women that said they were in an open relationship.

Are Colby and Madlyn Still Together

After Colby proposed to Madlyn in the finale, they got married right away, but their marriage wasn’t legal. So, the next day, they went to a courthouse and made it official that they were married.

In April 2022, a week after the reunion aired, Colby posted “unseen” footage of their big day to Instagram. Set to Pastis’ song “Give It All Up,” the minute-long clip showed the happy couple walking into court together, where a judge married them.

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Before the judge gave them their marriage certificates, the couple said their vows, kissed, and exchanged rings. They showed them off in more than one photo.

Colby also shared the video on his Instagram story, where he wrote, “Check out our second wedding and stay tuned for the third (Colby’s dream wedding).” The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is available on Netflix.

Are Colby and Madlyn Still Together?

They are still together for sure, and they’re even getting married and having a baby! Madlyn says that getting married is a whole new ball game for them. Then she told us the big news: “We are going to have a baby!” We’re 35 weeks pregnant.”

Are Colby and Madlyn Still Together

Madlyn was worried that her dad would be upset that he couldn’t be at her wedding, but she says that he’s been “very happy” and “very supportive” of everything. She said, “Colby did drive up to Houston and talk to him about it first.” So, my dad is very happy for us, and he’s even happier about our new baby.

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At some point, the couple also wants to have a bigger wedding that won’t be on a reality show. “Right after filming, I went and got my dress,” says Madlyn. “I thought, ‘My dad needs to walk me down the aisle.'” I can’t wear it now, but as soon as I can, we want to get everyone together and do something to celebrate or renew our vows.