Are Cam and Emily Still Together? Latest Updates 2023!

Which Too Hot To Handle couples from season 4 are still together and what else the season 4 cast is up to currently are topics of fascination for many Netflix show viewers.

But longtime viewers of the show are curious about which couples have remained together after their stint on the programme.

In season two, one of the most well-liked couples was Emily and Cam. On the first day of the retreat, they started to develop feelings for one another.

Even though they appeared to be happy as a unit as they departed the concert, there were whispers earlier this year that they might not be together. So, do Cam and Emily still have a relationship? Find out now!

Are Cam and Emily Still Together?

Yes, Cam and Emily are still together. They appeared to have broken up for a short time in April 2022, but they reconciled and have been together ever since. In Too Hot to Handle, Emily and Cam were drawn to one another right away, but Cam struggled with commitment.

Are Cam and Emily Still Together

He explained to Christina, a newcomer, that he and Emily weren’t “serious.” However, Cam finally admitted their love for one another by dropping the L-bomb and asking Emily to be his girlfriend at the end of the performance.

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Cam also said that he believed his parents’ disagreement had a negative impact on his ability to find lasting love, but despite improving himself on the show, only he and Emily from season 2 were able to maintain their connection in the real world.

Who Is  Cam Holmes?

Cam Holmes, one of the characters of Too Hot to Handle, was born in South Wales. His birth took place on October 20, 1997. Right now, he resides in England.


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He works as a model, actor, and personal trainer. His most well-known work is from Too Hot to Handle’s second season. He also created the short film “Bloody Mary: Possession.”

Who is Emily Miller?

Emily Miller is a London-based model. She works for Robert Wilson, who runs FOMO Models. Before she was on the show, she went on a lot of trips. She’s been to Australia, Ibiza, Amsterdam, and a number of other locations.


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Photos from Emily’s vacation to Portugal have also been uploaded. On her TikTok feed, she frequently uploads images of her dog. Emily is quite active on Instagram, where she frequently uploads pictures and videos.

Breakup Rumours for Cam and Emily

Yes, in the spring of 2022, Emily and Cam briefly split up. For some time, there had been rumours that they were no longer together, and Emily’s posting of a TikTok with the message “Me realising I’m single af” appeared to corroborate this.

Fans were startled by the revelation, especially considering that Cam had just wished Emily a happy birthday on Instagram with the words “My love.”

Are Cam and Emily Still Together

According to Mail Online (opens in new tab), the split was caused by Cam cheating on Emily when she was on vacation in Thailand. According to the post, Emily spotted him having a second woman by his side.

However, Cam and Emily confirmed their reconciliation in a YouTube video from September when they discussed the rumours of their breakup.

We’re in such a fantastic place right now that we can, Emily stated in the video. “I think it’s time we finally talked about it,” she continued.

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Cam continued, “We didn’t discuss it at the time because it was challenging to say the appropriate thing. We didn’t want to discuss it because our relationship is genuine and not for public relations.

Where Are Cam and Emily Currently?

After a month and a half of dating, Emily and Cam moved in together and are now residents of London. On their YouTube account, they also broadcast vlogs and videos of themselves experimenting with different foods.

The reason they decided to move in together so quickly, according to Cam, was because “it seemed like the next step for us to live together. “It was peculiar since you often text someone when you first meet them, spend time apart, and go through that stage.

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But when we went back, we texted each other instead of meeting up in a conventional manner. I just couldn’t survive without her, and it wasn’t the same. Recent statements made by Emily regarding her ectopic pregnancy and subsequent fallopian tube removal at the hospital.

“So, a few weeks ago, I found out I was pregnant,” she wrote in an Instagram post from June 2022. Even though it came as a surprise, I was overjoyed nonetheless. “However, on Tuesday, I blacked out while shopping. I can’t even begin to describe how agonising it was; it felt like my entire gut was collapsing. I was immediately taken to the hospital.