Are Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Dating?

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper immediately spring to mind when thinking of American television celebrities. Thanks to his work at Bravo TV and his late-night talk program “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” Cohen’s contagious enthusiasm and sharp humor have made him a fan favorite.

Cooper has become a dependable anchor for CNN due to his journalistic skill and composed attitude. However, their long-standing friendship—which has given rise to suspicions about their relationship—is what genuinely distinguishes these two from one another.

Their friendship has exploded in popularity thanks to their joint presentation of New Year’s Eve specials and social media postings of their travels. Fans can’t get enough of this dynamic duo, which is understandable.

How Did They Meet?

The history of enduring friendships is always intriguing to read about, and Cohen and Cooper’s tale is no exception. The two first met in the crowded city of New York in the early 1990s while each was working for a different TV station.

It was a typical instance of an introduction through a friend, and it appears that their personalities just clicked. They soon found they enjoyed the same things, and they started spending more time together. The thought that their friendship has endured for more than 20 years and is still going strong is heartwarming.

Their Friendship Over the Years

Cohen and Cooper have, unquestionably, one of the closest connections among celebrities. Over a quarter of a century has passed since the beginning of their friendship, which has endured. Together, they have experienced innumerable adventures along the way, visiting far-off places and making lifelong memories.

Are Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Dating

They frequently go to gatherings and parties together, showing that their connection extends beyond simply their private interactions. Cooper has frequently been a guest on Cohen’s talk program, which has delighted fans of both personalities by exposing their chemistry and friendship on national television.

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How Did the Rumors Start?

Numerous years ago, suspicions about Cohen and Cooper’s potential love connection first surfaced. But because of their repeated public appearances on television and social media, they have acquired greater popularity recently.

One of the first clues that there might be more between them came from Cohen. He writes about his friendship with Cooper and their years-ago blind date in his memoir Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture, published in 2012. The date resulted in a deep friendship that has remained since its establishment, even if it did not result in a love connection.

Evidence of a Possible Romance

Cohen and Cooper have both been secretive about the nature of their relationship, but there have been countless occasions when their interactions have fed the allegations.

Are Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Dating

One of the most noteworthy instances was during a Watch What Happens Live episode in 2016. Cooper was questioned by Cohen if he had ever “swum in the lady pond,” a colloquial expression for a woman who is drawn to other women. Cooper said that he had not, but he continued, “I will say, I have always thought of myself as being just like a little gay.”

Another incident happened during a 2017 interview with People magazine. When asked about his connection with Cohen, Cooper replied, “We’re not dating. We frequently get together and are really good friends. He continued, “But the fact is, we’re not dating, and I’m not looking. I am 50 years old, unmarried, and content with my situation.